The two quality midfielders Arsenal should sign instead of a striker

Arsenal may concentrate all of their efforts on bolstering their midfield after losing out on top target Benjamin Sesko. Though it is claimed that interest in the Slovenian international will just be cooled for now, to be revisited in the future.

That said, I’d prefer to have two midfielders signed. I’d like the club to sign Benfica’s 19-year-old Joao Neves (who might cost up to £100 million) and Everton’s 22-year-old Amadou Onana (who may be available for roughly £50 million).

Neves, Onana, and even our Declan Rice are all hybrid No. 6 or 8 midfielders. If they’re all at Arsenal, Mikel Arteta may have the pleasure of rotating them between the two positions based on their opponents.

Having said that, I would advise Arteta to reorganise his engine room by playing Martin Odegaard as a 10, which would enhance his offensive impact. Meanwhile, Rice should form a midfield pivot with either Onana or Neves, allowing one player to roam freely forward when in possession.

With Odegaard at 10, Fabio Vieira and Ethan Nwaneri might be his backups. I believe João Neves and Onana In this transfer market are more valuable to Arteta’s ambition than a superstar striker. Certainly, they offer longevity, adaptability, and availability. What do you think?

Jack Anderson


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  1. I agree with you entirely. Vieira can go out on loan.
    Arsenal would also need a winger, especially if the likes of Nketiah, Nelson and ESR were to leave

  2. i agree attention may be turning away from a big name big money striker – i think the priority has always been midfield though, but as you say may be two now if not going big on striker

    not sure Neves has shown enough at 19 years old to justify £100m, especially with a massive step in pace and physicality to the PL, and particularly at #6 (just think Vieira)

    Onana is opposite in build to Neves and PL proven, certainly in the mix, particularly if Douglas Luiz goes to Juventus

    Zudimendi long been linked to Arsenal but doesn’t look to be coming either

    Guimeares also in the conversation, and if we have a bit more money to allocate to midfield I would go there for immediate impact, straight in to starting XI, considerably improves the squad

    Nwaneri promoted to first team for sure, independent of names above as is much more of playmaker Odegaard #10 understudy (Odegaard is already our #10)

    let’s see what happens…

  3. Or keep Jorginho and Partey for one more year and buy two of the following three: WIRTZ, Olise and Musiala.

    1. Did you watch Jorghino’s first half effort. He was totally out of his leaving a disgraceful Italian performance. Not his fault that coaches keep selecting him . Italian football especially is almost dead and buried if that’s the best that is available but from this game it should be clear that Jorghino cannot compete against speedy, energetic and skilled younger players . My take is that we should ditch Harvetz, sign Osimon, Onana and a full back. Also release Viera on a free, he cannot improve, while keeping Partey as a fresh pair of legs to come on around the 70 minute mark. Not a popular hypothesis, just saying.

  4. Not for me we need a top striker,plenty of options,Havertz is not a forward .
    Maybe if there is funds left get in Onana.

  5. Disagree.if we are to beat citeh we must sign out & out striker and one who can play on defenders shoulders,stretch them and free up more space for your odegaard,saka,
    Martinelli class striker,midfielder and left back essential for me.

  6. Have any of you people championing Onana actually watched him play at Everton?

    He just is not an Arsenal player. I would suggest he would not look out of place in that old Wimbledon side

    1. Onana is a “beast” but he would be our beast and be able to exert maximum pressure on cutting down opposition attacks and providing a crucial link with Rice, Odegaard and the two wing backs.

      1. two wing backs? Arsenal don’t play wingbacks?

        like you I am satisfied Onana has the power to very good defensively (primary role of #6), however less convinced Onana has the technical ability going forward

        that said, there are definitely games in the calendar when absolutely closing down the opposition, e.g. Man C and Liverpool, is central to our strategy, i have more faith in Onana doing that than a Guimeares type

  7. Guimeares is less of a risk than signing them both. I would go for Bruno if we want a more combative midfielder. I still think we should try and replicate what the plan for Havertz was in midfield. A goal scoring midfielder supported by rice and Odegard would change the dimension of the team. I feel we are one of a few clubs in world football who could tempt Wirtz or Musiala to join however would take a massive offer for either. Eze could also play this role and could cover left wing if required and is more realistic.

  8. We need another option at striker, Havertz cannot play every game.

    Nketiah and Jesus are failed experiments, Nketiah can go, and Jesus can backup Saka on RW.

    Don’t need to spend 100 million, but it’s naive to think we don’t need another option at striker.

    1. Nketiah is a failed experiment, but I don’t agree Jesus is. His injury caused his downfall basically. When he was fit and able, he took our game to the next level immediately. If he was how he was when he joined Arsenal, I wouldn’t look at another striker at all. Jesus and Havertz would be great.

      So, putting Jesus into a failed experiment bracket just goes on to put Arteta in the crosshair as being guilty of making a wrong decision, which it wasn’t at all by any measure. Jesus’s impact that season before being injured was substantial and game changing. If Jesus hadn’t been injured, we wouldn’t even be talking about it right now.

  9. I don’t believe Jesus with be able to replicate his early season form of 22/23. He has copped too many knocks and I would be surprised if he could once again find that acceleration which made such a crucial impact in the first part of that season. However as a big club we should be able to sign an alternative while still keeping Jesus as a valuable squad player.

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