The TWO strikers Arsenal want for January transfer?

The chances of Arsene Wenger adding another two forward players to the current squad of Arsenal players are slim in the extreme. In fact it would probably take at least two more players on the injury list for that to happen and even then I would have my doubts.

But there is a chance that the Frenchman will decide to boost our strike force by one new signing when the January transfer window opens in a little over a month. And according to the lastest Arsenal transfer rumours in the press, there are two early favourites for the move to north London.

The first, according to The Sun, is the Inter Milan and Argentina striker Mauro Icardi. The report claims that the Gunners had a bid of around £32 million for him turned down in the summer but the 22-year old has continued to impress in Italy’s Serie A and Wenger is planning to go back with a better offer.

The other transfer target, according to an Evening Standard report, used to play in Serie A. But Alexandre Pato is currently back playing in his native Brazil and he seems to have put the personal and injury problems that were wrecking his career firmly behind him and is producing the goods on the pitch again.

Arsenal are apparently one of a number of clubs interested and the transfer fee of just over £10 million would certainly appeal to our manager. Meanwhile another report in The Mirror says that Wenger has asked Pato’s manager Edu, who played under Wenger around 10 years ago, about the forward.

Can you see either of these strikers joining Arsenal in January?

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  1. It’s not a striker we need, it’s a DM. But Flamini just came out and defended Wenger by saying “he know what he’s doing”.. You know what that means ? Yep you got it right, we’re not buying one this winter.. Might as well not have our hopes high for a title challenge..

    1. I agree, Morata would be awsome. I think I read, however, that Real can recall him and will do so if/when Ronaldo goes.

    1. Arsene now has BIG reason to spend. His plan A was a bit ruin by Coquelin’s injury. Don’t take further gambling on Arteta and Flamini’s fading away form or on rookie Bielik . They still can play but shouldn’t be our main plan B. Arsene can still save our campaign at the prem. No one can guarantee that we will win the league if we spend this January. But at less, Arsene must try farther and much much better than his usual act.

        1. Personall, I think we might have seen a little of Wenger’s thinking already. He has probably realised that Arteta is probably cannot deputise as a CDM any more. He will need Flamini to do the role until January, but he will try out Chambers to see if he can become Coq’s understudy during that period. Hopefully, Chambers will develop well as he showed a lot of promise at Southampton. It is, however, a big ask for a young lad if he steps into that role, and he is bound to make mistakes.

  2. I think CL qualification will play a major part in his dealings. Get through and he will be looking for players that are not cup tied. Get knocked out and it changes things. Also need to look at who is cup-tied for CL. We currently have a full quota of a list players for CL so it will mean players being dropped from the CL squad to make room for any new signings.

    Wenger will need to manage that carefully so as to not send out the wrong message. Reine-adelaide is the most likely candidate as he eligible for the YCL meaning it wouldn’t be too much of a blow. 3Rd choice keeper Macey being the next candidate as we also have Huddart available and Iliev should be back from injury by then, both are b list players.

    The other 2 candidates could be club captain arteta and long serving rosicky. I have a feeling Rosicky might be released so that he can find regular football somewhere to have a chance of a last farewell at the euros. Whilst arteta really should now just focus on his coaching career.

  3. If we are really looking at strikers then why not look at Domenico Berardi or Alexis Teixiera??They look much better options than Pato.

  4. The most sensible thing to do is to forget about the January transfer window and if by some miracle wenger does sign someone then we can consider that to be a late Christmas present from Wenger… Either way don’t hold your breath!
    His gift my be worse than a pair of knitted socks ?

  5. I don’t think we will sign anyone this winter with the amount of players coming back Wenger wont see the “need” to spend. I pray we don’t live to regret his decision

  6. I do think in the summer we need 3 signings to complete the team

    1. Striker- We need a goal machine to be putting in those crucial goals be it a new young striker or a mature (not to old) striker…if Theo and Giroud can replicate what they have done so far this season next season any additional goals would push us closer to the title (or retaining the title)

    2. DM- I think could be our biggest worry we need a replacement for Coquelin I don’t think Wilshere will be up for the physical task with they way he gets injured.

    3. CB. we need a replacement for Per i know we have Gabriel but I think him and Kosh are to similar in playing style and we need a talk strong rock at the back (with decent pace).

      1. So you are telling me for next season you have full faith in Calum Chambers abilities as centre back and you believe that per will not get slower and less response..mate your the one that needs to think of the team not I said IN SUMMER not now… because it will be fans like yourself that will start complaining about our defence next season…

        We have to look at who we have the weakness..the ages and think what we want for our next season!!

        so give me more thumbs down I will remind you all of this when people start complaining next season!!!!

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