The two strikers on Arsenal transfer short list?

While it was a brilliant team performance from Arsenal in the final of the Asia Trophy; with Theo Walcott having proved to be in great form after our young striker Chuba Akpom hit a hat-trick in the opening game, the issue of the Gunners needing to sign a striker was highlighted once more.

One of the few player4s against Everton on that final who struggled was Olivier Giroud and that will not have escaped the attention of Arsene Wenger. I am not going to be too hard on the big Frenchman because he has played some great games for us but it does show once again that we can not always rely on him, as Thierry Henry suggested.

So assuming that the boss is planning to strengthen his striking options, could the two Arsenal transfer rumours in the papers this weekend indicate his targets. The Daily Star reports that Edin Dzeko, who is thought to be on his way out of Man City, would prefer to stay in the Premier League and that Arsenal are seriously considering making an offer. He is a Giroud sort of player and so would be a similar focal point for our attack.

The other forward, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund, is a different sort of striker with bags of pace. And the fact that the Daily Star has revealed that the German club´s director Michael Zorc has spoken about their reluctance to sell tells me that there really is interest from Arsenal.

He said, “We rely heavily on Aubameyang – that is no secret.

“I’ve heard a lot about this (a transfer to Arsenal) but I can say very clearly that it is blocked for him. He is simply not for sale.”

The report claims that we have already had one bid rejected and that Wenger may go back with a better offer, unless he decides that Dzeko would be the better fit. Which would you prefer?

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    1. Benzema,Lacazette, Cavani, Aubermeyang,Higuain…..all very good option upfront for us IF we actually manage to nab anyone of them, something that looks very unlikely now…if we get any I will be happpy but am not getting my hopes up, Dzeko looks a more likely prospect and whilst he is very much like Giroud he is lot more clinical a d given playing time will far do better than Giroud…..and Chicarito is another realistic option imo…..its alright dreaming of all these world class striker but we should be realistic in our expectations lest we feel let down…..

    1. can’t wait for the Emirate cup to begin. will be nice to test ourselves against quality teams like Lyon and Wolfsburg. I also want to see first hand qualities of players like Fekir and Lacazette. Can’t forget the “RETURN OF OUR GREAT WARLORD” LORD BENDTNER.
      #ExcitingTimesAhead #COYG

  1. Aubameyang will not leave Dortmund, atleast not this season.
    Dzeko is a striker I’ve always liked, even long before he came to Manchester City.

    Power, Pace, and is a very under-rated in my opinion.
    If Arsenal could sign Edin Dzeko, we’d definitely be stronger for it.
    I’d say we’re almost certain to sign another striker, being that Giroud has even welcomed the idea of having more competition.

    1. Pace??? Dzeko??? Which premier league have you been watching mate? Lol.
      If Benzema becomes available in the latter stages of the transfer window then we should break the bank for him and I know Mr Wenger will. Benzema and Cavani are the only tow traditional strikers out there with an arsenal of both raw pace and power. But I doubt Cavani’s ability to succeed in the PL. Benzema is the ultimate solution. He’s all round play is good. He’s a good passer. Skillful. And he got loads of big game experience!!!

      1. Cavani played in Italy so i would not be concerned about him failing in the Epl. I would rather be more concerned about Benz.

        Dzeko is not fast at all :))

        1. Oh sorry on that mate, was doubting that myself since i haven’t really watched him closely… Benzema is the man with the raw pace and power, he could easily become the focal point of our attack if he opts to leave the shadow of ballon d’or chasing cr7 and join us. Much like Sanchez did when he left Messi’s Shadow.

  2. Honestly I really don’t understand why we’re getting linked with Aubameyang as he (imo) is nearly identical to Walcott and I’m all for a little diversity upfront. I don’t know if Dzeko would be a good signing because of his lack of playing time but he was so good in his first years at Man City. Personally I think Wenger will just wait it out on the market to try and sign a world class player all we can do is just wait it out alongside him.

    With Flamini on the verge of leaving I think a solid DM will be priority as for the coming weeks.

    1. Aubameyang is actually a striker and a player who knows how to use his pace to cause havoc and beat defenders with ease. Walcott not so much.

    2. it is obvious. well at least to me it is. Walcott is negotiating better terms and to strong arm his agent arsenal leaked the false rumor.

  3. how deluded can some people get? Dzeko over Giroud?? OG ain’t world class but saying ED over him is totally so out of it. Aubameyang ? yes please if its possible, am more interested in making our attack deadly and the fastest in the leauge if possible,fastest in the world (Walcott + Sanchez+Aubameyang)… plus Why should we need him if he’s of no use to city? ya’ll talk bout Welbeck not being needed and we got him, is Dzeko needed at city?? Giroud better than him…if its the black gabonese who single handedly carried Dortmund on his shoulders last season, please it would be great, not Dzeko.

    1. Eddy,
      Dzeko when playing regularly is better than Oliver Giroud. The stats are there, Dzeko when playing week in week out for City was superb.
      He’s of no use to City, as Alexis was no use to Barcelona. And look how that turned out, Alexis being a massive signing for us.
      My point is; signing players that don’t fit in can be a gain for Arsenal, and I do believe Dzeko would add to our fire power.

  4. Dzeko – uhhh, I’m caught in two minds on this one, is he an upgrade from what we have (OG, Theo, Sancez, Welbz)? If so then hell yeah to him.

    From the recent links his the most realistic as other clubs seem to be reluctant to sale. I personally would prefer a more mobile striker like Benz, Lewy or even Aubameyang. If non of these are willing to come then Reus, Draxler, Pedro or Grienzman would to an alternative forward player we could add.

  5. None of them. What’s the difference between aubameyang and walcott? Same body type, they both have speed ( walcott is even faster), walcott is more technical because arsenal is a more technical team than dortmund and he has been here a long time. The only edge aubameyang has over walcott is fitness. And for dzeko, he doesn’t score too many goals. Still prefer him to Giroud tho. If we can’t get any1 better, then dzeko will do. He is very good in the air and I don’t think he ll miss the type of chances giroud would miss

  6. Dzeko is a good player, better then Giroud for sure, but we have already to many Welbecks in the team. We dont need good players but special ones.

    1. Dzeko only scored four goals from thirty odd games last season. I know allot of games he came off the bench but that never stopped Giroud from getting a decent share.

      The last time we were linked with this player I wanted him but now not too keen. We have gotten players of top quality over these last three windows so I think we can do better. I think Arsene would have made Dzeko a better player if he had of signed for us that time but he didn’t so its time to move on.

      1. Yes, Dzeko is a mystery. He has shown he can be great and he has shown he can be very ordinary. And he is a similar style player as Giroud so he is not offering something different really. It would be a gamble to get him. Would it pay off?? I honestly don’t know.

    2. @KS-Gunner. Exactly. It will really only pay off to get a striker we are certain is significantly better than Giroud or Walcott. Why pay 35mil for a striker to get 25 goals instead of Giroud’s 24.

  7. Which report is that that says we had a bid rejected for Dzeko…how much was the offer?

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    1. wow, didn’t know so many guys play fantasy league on here…
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    1. Anyone who thinks Benz is superior player to Cavani are looking through Royal Madrid tinted glasses. Sure on the wing is were Cavani played and he bettered the man, when he played same position he destroyed the man.

  8. Alex Pato? Still 25 and Wenger has no pressure of of becoming a flop, Falcao at MU was the biggest. His Milan career was affected by his relationship with Berlusconi’s daughter. If he can get back to fitness and sharpness he will surely be world class.

  9. Aubameyang is not for sale

    I question the choice of Benzema as he would not create a great atmosphere at the club. Not through his personality but due to the competition with Giroud both at the club and the French squad. Wenger did say it would not work last year.

    Dzeko as plan B? It does not so it for me. He is a solid player but we are looking for exceptional talents should they become available. He does not fit in that category.

    Lacazette could possibly be done if Henry picked the phone, we’d have to break the bank though.

    Cavani looks like he will get the central role at PSG so he has no reason to move now.

    If central options are getting tight we should be looking at a top RW player.

  10. “He is a Giroud sort of player and so would be a similar focal point for our attack.”

    Ibrahimovic and Lewandowski are Giroud kind of players as well :-/

  11. We have one top quality striker (Sanchez) one decent striker (giroud) one dillusional striker (Walcott) one aspiring striker (welbeck) and one novice striker (Akhpom) = 3rd place finish at best (if one of Manchester teams falters) … Need a quality option on front line somewhere … Wenger knows it but afraid of hurting bottom line of his paymasters

      1. nice goal from morgan schneiderlin, danny ings, samir nasri…..ridiculaous that we are even contemplating paying a whippet 100 grand a week

  12. Am tired of everybody underatin Giroud…..He went to injury came back n still did sumfin good couple wit His assits, n you say dzeko is beta…….I want a new world class striker to, bt sayin dzeko is an upgrade is insulting to Giroud, if messi was playing for arsenal everybody would scream go get hazard cos he plays on the other side (where the grass is always greener) or wenger out

    1. @Dante.

      You must understand. Many fans see the need for a top striker. Most of us want a better striker. This is all very understandable and logical.

      But there is also an irrational negative hysteria attached to Giroud from many fans on this website. It is some kind of psychological mania that sends fans into a delirium and disrupts their reasonable thought processes. Giroud is a 25 goal per season striker. Statistically Benezema and Costa are about the same. But in this irrational state those stats always will mean Giroud s#cks to those afflicted with the anti-giroud syndrome.

      I have no special love or hate for Giroud. And if we get a better striker I will love it . But this anti-Giroud hysteria is so deeply engrained that we will need to live with it or hope for Giroud’s replacement. Giroud could score 30 goals this season and nothing would change. They hate him and that is it.

  13. tbf we should be happy with the squads we are having because we all know that wenger will not buy anymore. so stop all the blah blah..

  14. I heard both Alexis and Gabriel have learnt the basics of on pitch English. i.e ”PASS” ”SHOOT” ”COVER” ”DEFEND” ”RUN” and so forth…. Their language is not a major issue as players like Cazorla, Moreal and Arteta help them out. #COYG

    1. I read somewhere there are approx. 35 key words needed to communicate well on the pitch. Most people can get a good grasp of the 35 terms given some time and help.

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