The TWO top class players that Arsenal boss says he wants?

I don’t think that you will find many Arsenal fans to disagree with Arsene Wenger about what he said on the subject of the summer transfer window, or at least not with the part about the sort of quality he wants to bring in to the club before the end of next season anyway.

As reported by Sky Sports, the Frenchman declared this week that he is looking at quality rather than quantity. With a strong squad and starting XI already, I can see why the boss is not desperate for wholesale signings but just a few key players to improve on what we already have.

He said, “We have a big squad – the basis is there. We do not need to buy a number of players.

“If we can get top, world-class players we will look at it, but we have a very strong squad already in number and we want to stay together and start well next season.”

So we are looking at players like Marco Reus, Cavani, Hummels and Khedira then yes? Well no, not according to the Metro report linking us with the central defender of Monaco Aymen Abdennour and the winger Nabil Fekir of Lyon.

The defender was impressive as Monaco knocked the Gunners out of Europe but he is not exactly in the same league as Hummels and the £15 million rated Fekir looks a good player as well but would either of them really be an improvement on what we have already?

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    1. “Dybala” no longer among the Top 5 goal scorers in serie A….. What does this now mean?

      1. That we should buy Icardi instead! ^^

        French bulldog Lacazette still going strong in Ligue1 though

  1. How many articles will we publish on this site for transfer rumors? Every article is almost same.
    “How many players we want? Whom we should sign? Which position needs more importance etc.” and all has same content

    Please give readers a break. If you don’t have anything new, please don’t write.

    1. Wenger will not buy a defender. I’m certain of that. Fekir would be a good signing as we so desperately need a natural winger, we should get wanayama and a world class winger. That would be couple of good transfers. I think lecoq should be our first choice DM as he has proven that he is pure quality. We need a backup for him and wanayama is the man for me. Winger, fekir is not bad but since we have the cash let’s get a bigger player. We can sell poldi,Campbell and yaya plus the 50 mil would be somewhere around 70-75 mil…we can buy a 50 million attacking player and wanayama or someone better than Wanayama.. I hope Wenger spends all he has as we need 2 world class players. Fkin fingers crossed

  2. Fekir will be great in a few years but don’t see how he’d fit in team atm. Hoping for Lacazette instead!

  3. Abdennour did very well vs Arsenal, but playing center back for Arsenal involves more than just moving in and around your own box all game. I just don’t know if he would suit the high lined, ultra dominant style of play Arsenal play in nearly every game. Is he worth the gamble? Maybe, but I think there are better targets for us if we’ actually went on to sign an extra cb.

    1. We don’t need abdenoor…just not the right player for us and we have 4 cb already, boss Gabriel per calum. Wenger will never buy another defender. We already purchased Gabriel and paid 12 mil for him, 12 mil for a defender is not a small amount

  4. Hope in the next 10 years arsenal will be the biggest the top 3 clubs in the world

  5. Before you buy, you gotta SELL, and SELL we must. Too much deadweight eating up my wage bill.

    1. agreed we need to get rid of Arteta,Flamini,Diaby,joel Cambpell,Podolski and maybe Rosicky

      1. Why selling Joel Campbell? The lad is one of the best players in the last world cup even during the pre-season, we all saw what the young guy is capable of doing. Wenger only need to show some level of confidence in him and give him some runs of matches to prove himself just the way Wenger did for Ramsey, Oliver Giroud, RVP, even Mesut Ozil

  6. I say lets us buy either a CDM or buy a CB. If we buy a CDM then we can have Chambers as 4th choice CB. If we buy another CB then play Chambers as CDM.

    Also for RB spot, Debuchy being the first choice, recall Jenkinson, and send Bellerin to half season loan on any PL side…. for more experience… Doing that, we can evaluate Jenkinson as well as improvize Bellerin

    Defence sorted….

    About attack, I don’t think we require anyone… Just to suggest names who can “win us the league” looks cool and requires some money, but if that transfer fails to perform (whom we were suggesting) then we will again start blaming Wenger saying he should have known about this, he is the manager, he should take responsibilities of whom to take in and send out, blah blah, blah….

    Sanchez,Welbeck, Walcott, Ox, Giroud, Podolski, Campbell…. How many forwards do you want ?
    And I guess it is not only the responsibility of main striker but other forwards too should and can contribute to that….

    ST Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom, Sanogo
    LW Sanchez, Podolski, Campbell
    RW Walcott, OX, Gnabry
    plus wellington silva

    I think we should loan Wellington Silva to PL team for getting him experience… Loan Gnabry if required…..

    And rotate Sanchez, Podolski on left wing position and Walcott and Ox on right wing position…
    Give chances to Campbell and Gnabry in Carling Cup….

    Also we were lucky that Sanchez played the whole season without being injured otherwise anything could have happen… That’s why we can keep Podolski either for super sub or for injury reasons…
    Same for Theo and OX….

  7. 1. Schneiderlin or Kondogbia
    2. Lacazette
    3. young LB

    I would be ecstatic if we got those three
    If we added Reus, I would soil my underwear and urinate uncontrollably

    Wenger says he wants top or world class players and Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, lacazette and Reus are at the very least top players

  8. Sorry! Only kondogbia, Lacazette. Looks ideal and perhaps we could just pick your nabil fekir for fun(not that we need him anyway)…care to find out how old higuain is and how much he’d cost?… What do we need abdennour for?…. Get someone versatile instead who could play across the back line…point blank!

  9. Also if you are considering Lacazette for goal stats then please consider him after removing his penalty goals because we have other specialists for that… I think he might have scored 6-7 penalties in that….
    If Giroud would have taken penalties instead of Cazorla then he could have had more goals than Costa…
    Also many of his goals were easier tap ins with terrible defense positioning helping him
    whereas in PL you would have to work very hard against some teams like saints, eagles, clarets, etc…

  10. I think Santi is ok there but let your striker take them. Yes OG might have 5 more.

  11. Maybe Wenger needs to get his south american scouts to work and get us a good cf rather than waitin on this overhype europeanz ppl aclaim world class. I personally don’t see any world class striker likely to be available in the market except cavani if reports are through about his willingness to leav psg. Others are doing fine in their clubs and will not want out

    1. Higgins. Is world class he was better than benzema when leaving real although the later has developed really well I the last 12monts

      1. …Higuin ….
        South American? Yes
        World class ? Yes
        And half French as well

  12. Def nd wing isnt our prioritt..Maybe Wenger needs to get his south american scouts to work and get us a good cf rather than waitin on this overhype europeanz ppl aclaim world class. I personally don’t see any world class striker likely to be available in the market except cavani if reports are through about his willingness to leav psg. Others are doing fine in their clubs and will not want out

  13. Fekir is top quality. He needs a top club to take him to the next level. I think he would flourish in our team. I’d like us to sign umtiti aswell. He’s a strong young cb.. A much cheaper varane.

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