The two types of Arsenal supporters – Which one are you?

Arsenal’s fall from grace (or perceived fall from grace) in the last two decades has had a marked impact on the fan base. This has led to a division as fans find themselves on opposition sides which can be classed as follows:

These are those fans who despite genuinely loving the club have come to the REALisation that it it not our divine right to win every game, trophy or be in the top four. They understand with the club management on the challenges it faces and are being very optimistic to see the club’s process come through. These understand that the management are made up of human beings who will make mistakes and give room for them to learn. They accept that there are things going on behind the scenes which fans may not be aware of, and therefore have employed patience as a tool with which to beat the management and players.
These show their love for the club by emphasizing that they love the success of the club above any individual in and around the club. They demand that the club return to it’s previous heights as title challengers or winners, and believe that the monies spent over the last few years should have been enough to compete.
They look to the demanding nature of fans of some of the biggest clubs in world football and have adopted that same approach in order to push the club towards success. They believe that since the club is a multi billion dollar global brand, the margins for errors should be minimal, and players and management should be up to the task of challenging for honours, or at least be no more than a touching distance away from that level. They scrutinize every player bought or sold and compare it to how other clubs of similar stature have succeeded.
Which is your part?

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  1. I’ve been grateful of what Kroenke’s been doing to support Arsenal and I’ve also been enjoying our games since Arteta took over

    1. GAI

      You seem easily appeased when it comes to the the Kroenkes making you happy
      Won’t go there but the last 2 doesn’t make up for the wasted past 10 to 15
      I have supported great and no so great manager at our beloved club over the past 50 years
      Seen dark days and seasons and glory days
      We all live for that winning feeling and when it happens there is nothing better
      I want the easy on the eye free flowing football that we can play but overall
      Need the fix of the 3 points bagged and should we look great then that’s a bonus
      Playing fluent free flowing football feels great but at the end of the final whistle we havent claimed the 3 points then its a sinking feeling.
      Like you I have also been enjoying MA and that’s because we are winning more the and I can see 👀 the change for the better

      1. Alan, Kroenke didn’t have full control before 2018. FSG needed nine years and four managers before winning their first major trophy, so I bet Kroenke needs five more years to do that

        1. GOI
          understand but full control 100% share holder if I understand it correctly means you don’t need to show full accounts and only abbreviated where as less then 100% means you need to show and disclose everything
          He didn’t need all the shares to spend
          Any one out there who can clarify this
          MAYBE HE has the winner bug but don’t think so
          Can’t teach an old dog new tricks
          Maybe it is josh leading the charge on behalf of his dad the fair play and hats off to him
          What some people forget is the we have been on decline for over a decade and a few windows doesn’t undo the wrongs
          Shame he didn’t give AW a fighting chance but saying that maybe AW didn’t want to do it that way…who knows

          1. If I were Kroenke, I would also not spend a lot of money to support collective decisions. If Arsenal win a major trophy in the next five years, Kroenke will take the credit as the sole owner

            As for Wenger, I suspect he didn’t want to deal with big egos in the dressing room. Or maybe Kroenke didn’t trust Wenger anymore and needed younger people

          2. Alan, I don’t forget the catastrophic Wenger decision to buy Ozil, when he could and should have brought back FABRAGAS, who as the Amazon Prime episode shows, was dying to return .
            That stupid decision made a massive difference in harming our team, AND CLUB!

  2. This makes it seem as though all the optimists are realists, when actually there will always be the blind followers, who will determine that every event or decision is either good or the best that could be done in the circumstances, even when it’s clearly not true. They’ll also come up with excuses for every bad occurrence.
    Both groups described in this article could be called realists – they just have different expectations, and both have validity. We really could have brought in a better manager and spent our money more wisely and be in a better position than we are – of course we could! – it’s fine for me though, I’m happy and excited with how things are going currently and interested to see how we can do

    1. @Davi,you mean we positive fans who know we can’t magically and all of a sudden start challenging for tittles are “blind followers” and you lot demanding instant success are also realists??? Alright,thanks a lot.

          1. Interesting – why am I not allowed to reply? Seems a bit unfair seeing as I’m being accused of things for no good reason.

              1. OK short answer is I’m not part of “you lot” , which is evident in the comment. So the accusation of bias is not a fair or well-founded one.

                I actually said both “sides” have validity, so I’m not sure what you two are playing at

  3. As far as it goes, this is a thought provoking piece . I’d have preferred a litlle more flesh on the bones so to speak, though as a piece it describes rather well the two distinct types the writer discusses.

    Personally, I think there are many more so called “types” of supporter.
    For example, there are those who call themselves fans and indeed ARE fans but whose every waking moment does not focus on AFC. That type is simply one among many other “classes” of fan.

    Actually, I prefer not to think of fans by” types, groups or classes” but as individuals. Though, in common with most of us, I DO SO on JA in my posts, mainly for convenience , when describing certain people on here. THAT OUGHT NOT TO HAPPEN THOUGH, I FREELY ADMIT.

    I passionately believe that each and every one of us is an individual with individual takes on life and on our club.

    JA, being itself social media, has, rather sadly, divided us all into supposed “groups or types” and we really ought not to let ourselves keep falling into that rather lazy trap.

    I am as guilty as anyone in so doing and MORE guilty than most, disappointingly for myself.
    On a wider picture when discussing “groups ” or people in any walk of life , I counsel against so called “grouping” humans by ANY one label.

    I recall, when just a little boy back in the late fifties how my own parents generation would routinely stereotype ethnic people by groups, instead of as individuals. That was wrong then and it is wrong now!

    Many liberal thinkers, esp among the current younger generation, have mercifully come a long way down the freedom road AGAINST such stereotyped “grouping”.

    So I think it is up to all of us who believe in the individual to support anyone who is unfairly stereotyped by “society”(society is of course by itself a stereotype BTW!)

    Such a deep and nuanced subject and I apologise to those I HAVE BORED.
    But I believe a number of us will think about and hopefully agree with the broad concept of what I say here.

  4. I am of the Relativist and patient type..
    Give managers a bit of time then start moaning and whining when there is no progress..

  5. Life is real with many viewpoints, many angles and we all have to live together on this small planet. There are hundreds of types of Arsenal supporters. I have supported Arsenal for 63 years but am much older than that and don’t ‘specialise’ in criticising people on JA. I like JA because there are many points of view, as there should be. Luckily there are only couple of ‘egoistic drama queens’ on here who spend their days undermining others. Keep all the freedom of speech as long as it is not racial or personal. To edit would to lose creativity, spontaneity. Veer on the side of freedom.

  6. I haven’t been this excited about a season in a long time, since sometime in 2010s maybe.
    I think the club and the kroenkes are smart and are taking Arsenal in the right direction. It takes time and a number of transfer markets to mold and build a team, some people have no sense, let alone patience. I blame to younger generation who have everything at their fingertips and demand instant gratification.
    Man, I’m excited! We will lose games we along the way but hopefully have more luck with injuries this season and I think we have a squad very capable of achieving champions league football. Bring it on baby!!!

  7. I Am the demanding fans..I get the club is trying to get back to the top but the way the owners are going about the processes is discouraging cox they don’t put pressure on Arteta n edu to give the fans the best..We get it that Arteta n edu are not there like the top managers n technical director but they tend to lower the club’s expectations by doing things that suites them and coming out to sell a fake processes that it was best for the club…The fans are the club n not them, and that’s why the fan base is divided…The owners should set the standard and clear vision of where we ought to be and if Arteta n edu do not meet up after spending all these funds then they are GONE..Theres no room for Mediocrity in arsenal FC.Why must players suffer when they fail to deliver n the manager goes Scot free…From top to bottom,if there are any lackies then that person should be shown the exit door…So it’s time for Arteta n edu to deliver or be kicked out.. This ARSENALS FC n not
    Arteta Fc..thanks

  8. We were a top 4 club and a title challenger for as long as i can remember. We had bad times and we had good but we always returned to the top to challenge. Until we do again, i hold everyone responsible for not being good enough to do it again, the owner, manager and players. We are not at the level we should be and until we are i am not blindly crediting anyone who hasn’t achieved what they should have. We are way below what we should be at this moment and i dont do mediocrity and i wont defend it. Im a true supporter of excellence, that what this lot get paid all that money for, so earn it.

  9. Virtually everyone on here can tell the category i belong which is that of the foresighted and intellectually sound people,enough said.

  10. I know that I haven’t enjoyed the few years of slow decline.
    I know that I believed that once we successful in the early years of the premier league that it should have continued due to the income generated by CL participation and that so few clubs had the power to topple us for top4
    All that changed with Abramovitch and co. Now, more and more clubs have owners who want a piece of the pie and some clubs will get there. Newcastle will due to the enormous wealth of their owners – it’s a matter of time.
    As this goes on there becomes a more level playing field.
    How long will Klopp and Pep continue?
    Would a new manager with success elsewhere automatically keep the momentum?
    As a fan of more than 55 years I’ve seen enough ups and downs to have tempered my expectations
    I do not now expect top4 as a right and nor should any team’s supporters because surprising things do happen.
    Look at Nottingham Forest for goodness sake!

    1. Sue P, YOU are possibly the single most consistent TRUE realist on JA! You always show such natural perspective!

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