The unbelievable difference in attitude between Ramsey and Aubameyang?

It was very interesting to see the difference in the reactions of PE Aubameyang and Aaron Ramsey when they were substituted during Arsenal’s win over Newcastle on Saturday. Twenty minutes before the end of the game, with the Gunners winning 2-0, Emery decided to swap Henrik Mkhitaryan for Aubameyang and the Gabonese hitman was visibly annoyed with the coach.

When Emery was asked about it after the game he said: “It’s normal. I want the players when I change the team or when I decide them not to start them in the first XI to be angry and have ambition to play and help the team and stay on the pitch. For me it’s a normal situation.”

Just ten minutes later it was obvious that one player didn’t want to “have ambition to play and help the team and stay on the pitch” as Aaron Ramsey asked to be replaced because he was tired. But Emery still defended him. “It’s also normal.” he said. “He played with the national team two matches and then he played 80 minutes with us, so he asked us to change him. It’s not a big problem but he was tired. I think it is no problem.”

I think it is a big problem if a player that earns in excess of 100,000 Pounds a week (and wants more) can’t play two 90-minute games in a week, with three days rest in between, because “he was tired”. If he was injured or got a knock on the head I would accept it, but in my opinion that just shows Ramsey’s level of commitment to the team, especially when directly compared to Aubameyang!

Darren N


  1. Steve says:

    Personally would sell Ramsay, not a bad player but not good either. Flashes of goodness very occasionally but flatters to deceive in my opinion. Not rounded enough for the modern game and doesn’t excel at any one thing. Highly replaceable and if we can get 30 mill in January take it.

    1. AshburtonGrove says:

      Absolutely. Get rid of him while we still can.

  2. robert pritchard says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Steve. The guy is vastly overrated – he’s a useful squad player but nothing more. He’s often caught in possession and often runs into trouble. Get rid of him for a tidy sum and reinvest it in a committed player.

  3. Maks says:

    My honest opinion: Ramsey is SHIT!
    I am telling you… he is off to Milan where he belongs as a overrated but limited player who is still at Arsenal just cos he is from U.K. and he was a Wenger’s boy!

    1. Maks I’m glad you not a footballer because you know nothing about football. Ramsey is clearly our best midfielder and has either scored or assisted triple the amount of the other midfielders. Ramsey for life!

      1. AshburtonGrove says:

        If Ramsey is the best midfielder we have then we are in serious trouble.
        He’s been s**t for years, just like Wenger and Theo etc but people seem to be blind to our own faults. This is a new era and mediocracy won’t be tolerated.
        Ramsey is so overrated (which is great when it’s comes to selling the waster), he can only pass sideways or backwards, the most wasteful player we have after Bellerin and only scores goals because he ends up out of position and exposes our defense. He has good stamina – that’s it. And after the weekends performance when he asked to get subbed…
        Say no more.

      2. Graham says:

        I think you are the one that knows nothing about football , Ramsay is over rated and had one good season.
        He does not want to play for Arsenal football club and is no way near our best midfielder.

      3. mrAce8in_spade says:

        not true, mesut has 6 times more assists than ramsey…

      4. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Ramsey is clearly our best midfielder? With an average of 3.6 Premier League goals a season over ten years for an attacking midfielder Laughable. Neo, your football knowledge is zero. Do yourself a favour sonny, get another hobby

  4. Durand says:

    I wouldn’t give Ramsey too hard a time for being tired because of position as a midfielder.

    I would give him a hard time about demanding top wages and only producing average performances. We have players ready to step in and deliver; Torreira and AMN when he’s healthy.

    Better for team to sell him (we can do without him) and bring in a true winger that we desperately need. Time to be ruthless and build the best team and squad we can.

      1. Jeremy says:

        I think level of commitment clearly defined the best from the good.

        I seen people defending Ramsey but why didn’t he ask for substitution when he was with Wales?

        Did he forget who pays him?

        He should just go if he didn’t want play for us. The contract saga is affecting the club.

        As far as I remembered, I had not seen Henry asking for substitution after international duty.

    1. Durand says:

      Would have been great opportunity to start Torreria when Ramsey just played 90 min for his country’s side.

  5. zuksSAfrigunner says:

    ramsey always gives his all. if he felt he was a passenger / not helping ,then he had the right to tell the couch. unai can then decide to change him or tell him to hold on

  6. John Rambo says:

    Ramsey runs a lot in 90 minutes. His whole game is based on this. He could be telling the truth.

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah I don’t mind Ramsey.To be fair if he was feeling it then he did the right thing for the team.Cant really criticise him for that can we?
      Not signing his contract and holding a gun to our heads is a different matter.But I don’t believe Ramsey is the type to come off for no reason

    2. Namo says:

      I’d rather have a tired player ask to be substituted, than for him to stay on and be a passenger, make a costly mistake or worse still, pick up an injury. Any of these could happen when a player is really tired.

  7. Th14 says:

    Come on guys, Ramsey was tired physically and mentally. He is also a human being like everyone of us. The guy just completed 90mins for his country side and was able to play 80mis for Arsenal. Don’t let sentiment cloud your judgement. He was right to ask for a substitution rather than stay on the pitch and make a mistake.

  8. Antwan says:

    So many times we are so fickle minded one minute a player is good the next minute he’s terrible and offers nothing, from the very first minute all Aaron does is run and he never stops mostly till he’s done his hamstring or something else, he covers every blade of grass and he’s asking to come off when someone else could come in and be more beneficial to the team than a liability and we still complain come on lads

    1. NB says:

      Agreed. it depends on your point of view. I like this comment.

  9. Stupid article. So do you want our best midfielder to get unnecessarily injured when the game is already won. Good for him for reaslising what his body can or can’t take. All you people just hate Ramsey. What did the guy do to All of you? He is clearly our best midfielder and according to the stats he is in the top 10 or 15 for all time goal scorers at Arsenal. He also won us 2 freaken fa cups with his late goals. So please everyone listen up..Ramsey is not going anywhere!

    1. Durand says:

      What did he do? Beside holding club hostage to his wage demands?

      Not our “best” midfielder; that’s based on your opinion, not based on facts.

      Most people applauded him for coming off, so another with fresh legs could help push team on.

      His career stats at Arsenal aren’t flattering over 10 years either. Be interesting to see what you base your opinion of “best midfielder” on.

      I have quite a different opinion, just curious as to why you make that claim.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Because Neo doesn’t know what he’s talking about Durand. Top ten to fifteen all time scorers, since when, since he’s been watching Arsenal, for the last 6 months. He’s off his head.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          I told you before Neo, I feel quite sorry for you so I’m going to try to Educate you. Are you ready?
          Van Persie
          and my idol as a youngster
          Joe Baker
          You’ve probably never heard of these players but all of them scored over 100 goals for Arsenal. Now in the future don’t make stupid statements.

    2. Oduli benard says:

      Ramsey at no 10,doesn’t score. Or create enough, at no 8. He doesn’t assist in controlling the midfield and distributing the ball as well as xhaka or torreria, at no.6 not defensive enough, so his a jack all trades and a master of none.
      I would put him on the wing and have ozil,guendozi,and xhaka as our midfield

      1. GunnerJack says:

        He’s always proved to be even more useless on the wing than he is anywhere else!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Right Gunner Jack, Wenger tried that and he was a disaster.

  10. So Wenger plays Ramsey,Giggs plays Ramsey, and now Emery plays Ramsey. Either these three managers dont know anything about football or they do and that’s why the always play Ramsey. All you people that say Ramsey is shit don’t know what you talking about. Otherwise all these managers wouldn’t play him. They would play elneny or Maitland Niles. All you people just need to stick to your day jobs. #Ramseyforcaptain

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Yippee! Keep it up Neo! 🙂 Have you ever thought about becoming a stand-up comedian?

      1. ken1945 says:

        Funnily enough I agree with Neo, based on Saturdays game.

        I saw Ramsey give everything for 80 minutes, while Abe was hardly to be seen at all.
        THAT was the difference between the two of them on Saturday.
        100%a versus 25% from Abe in my opinion.

        I’m not saying he is our best midfielder, but answering the article written by Darren.

        In actual fact, if I was picking the team Ramsey wouldn’t have been in the squad.
        Until he signs a new contract, let him stew in the reserves and then put him on the transfer list for January.

        If we are going to compare the two players over one perceived incident, that’s crazy, (Darrens article, by the way, does just that). So let’s be honest and do the complete game.

        OT Pleased to see you got through the hurricane Durand.

        OT Kenny, thanks for the replies regarding Shearer etc. What I should have added was, apart from Wrighty, the rest are all FAILED MANAGERS, trying to tell us simple folk what current managers and players are doing wrong!!

        1. Durand says:

          Thanks Ken much appreciated. Lots of damage in SE north carolina, and waiting to hear on a friend; we last spoke thursday. His city had 10 feet water surge, over 800 rescued.

          Arsenal not televised again on thursday, but against everton is on sunday. Guess Utd and Liverpool bigger draws, they are always on tv. Even against minnows never fail to put those 2 on tv.

          Guess I’m finally getting a taste of what all of you must face in England. If I am being honest, Liverpool do play exciting football though, I’ll give them that. Wolves aren’t bad to watch either, made Burnley look like the promoted club.

          1. ken1945 says:

            It’s hard to comprehend a ten foot surge, must be terrifying to be around that kind of thing.
            Hope your friend is o.k. and things get back to “normal” quickly.

            At least you could debate all things Arsenal…it looks like Jon and I might be having another session under the “Have we sorted out our defence”? heading.

            Funny how two life long gooners see most things the same, but one subject disagree on so vehemently…..well maybe you as well!?!?!?

          2. Durand says:

            Ha ha Ken I saw that. I read his comments and when I got to the Wenger part I knew a debate was coming.

            I’ll periodically check that thread, but I’ll sit this one out if you don’t mind. You never disappoint in your comments, so I shall eagerly await your responses to Jon. Onward my friend!

          3. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I second that Durand, Hope you and the family stay safe.

          4. jon fox says:

            Durand, I am remiss in not also having shown concern for you and all folk trapped in that awful hurricane. We Brits who also live here, so often take our mostly clement weather for granted. Ken is clearly a far more humane Gooner than I am but even so, I am far from being the ogre, that some who read my “forceful, to the point” comments think me to be. IT IS GRATIFYING TO KNOW THAT far from our shores, many millions of keen and intelligent Gooners are well ahead of some of the other woeful IQ’s on this site. You are certainly one of the more interesting and readable of all who post regularly on here. I wish you Godspeed and a safe future. To read some of my comments to Ken, one might well conclude that I have little time for him. The polar opposite is the actual truth. He is one of the prime reasons I like this site and debating with real thinkers, as he most certainly is.

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Ken1945, Especially the flop Neville. With my seat behind the TV gantry I recently had the chance to tell him so, after all the stick he gives Arsenal. The steward had to restrain me. LOL

          1. jon fox says:

            My money is on you if there is a rematch!

        3. jon fox says:

          Ken, for context- and though I feel RAMSEY IS WAY OVERRATED BUT ONLY BY SOME , AS MOST, RIGHTLY, SEE HIM AS DISPENSABLE- I agree with you that Ramsey usually works very hard. More importantly though, since I strongly suspect Ramseys time here is fast drawing to a close, is how LAZY Aubameyang constantly looks. He is playing way below his reputation when he first signed and seems uninterested in working hard, esp when playing wide. Now THAT is a far more real problem to solve. As you will know from my constant accurate criticisms of WALCOTT, I consider ALL idle players a total waste of our shirt and their wages too.

  11. RSH says:

    SO you’d rather him stay on even tho you know he’s tired and wouldn’t be able to contribute much for the final ten minutes? If you’re mad about his wage demands then be mad about that. Stop reaching and trying to paint him as lazy. His entire game is based around running and he often presses the opposition by himself. You can’t call him lazy. Maybe selfish,
    fine. Lazy, nope.

    1. MikeSA says:

      He’s not lazy, but he’s nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

      He’s too slow, both mentally and in movement.

      As someone mentioned earlier, he’s not a good 10 at all because he doesn’t keep his head up so turns in circles and wastes any element of speed or surprise and therefore passes too late and nice the defense have had time to get in position.

      He lacks the passing ability of a number 8 and once again, is too slow to pass quickly and sustain fast attacks.

      He hasn’t got the faintest clue about defending and is way too much of a glory boy to have defensive discipline and stay or get back when required.

      He gets in the way far too often by trying to be “the man”, and he fvcks up too many movements trying to be unnecessarily clever with flicks and tricks that are inappropriate anyway.

      He also tends to shoot straight at the keeper or sky it.

      Watch him directly after Ozil scored, he was p1ssed off it wasn’t him.

  12. Baller says:

    I dont mind him asking to be off the pitch when he is tired. But clearly he is not the best mid field we have. I will be very happy to see him go and get the cash to get replacement. I have seen too many time that he loses the ball in mid field and turned into a goal against us.

  13. foreverinourshadows says:

    I think he’s time is up at Arsenal, he doesn’t seem to fit in with the new coach, too many wasteful chances, don’t believe he is consistent enough for us, the same goes for Xhaka, we need midfielders who have that little bit extra who can hold and attack when needed. Ramsey gives away too many free kicks in dangerous areas, don’t believe he is worth double his wages, he has been okay for us, but I wouldn’t put him our top twenty midfielders

  14. ade says:

    Hate hate hate everywhere,everyone knows Ramsey for his hardworking in d team n if is tired n call for replacement is anything bad abt DAT? Ramsey is one of our best players believe it or u leave it

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Stupid statement, nobody hates him, the majority of people on these pages just don’t rate him. Why do people like you and Neo always talk about hate. A horrible word and an over the top reaction. I for one don’t rate lots of player from all different clubs but I don’t hate them. Just like with Neo, GROW UP

      1. jon fox says:

        Kenny, You took the words right out of my mouth. “Hate” is so often and childishly misused by some . I only hope and trust that they will never have cause to know what real HATE actually is and how much harm it does to our race and globe. Mere football opinions, however strongly made, are just that; opinions. Would that more knew the vital difference between mere different opinons and actual hate!

    2. jon fox says:

      ade, An ignorant and childish misuse of the word “hate”. Mature adults, which hopefully you may even be one day in the future, know full well that “hate” is something far more sinister and evil than merely not rating any one particular player. As a Brit and a lover of our own rich language , I hate to see it misused , though I suspect English is not your first language, judging by how you write, mis spell and fail to properly punctuate. I can live with all those minor matters but cannot let “hate,” so woefully misused, go by unchallenged. Our English language is a wonderfully rich language with many accurate and fine descriptive words, so why bastardise and cheapen it?

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Jon, just about summed up perfectly.

  15. Crispen says:

    I have said it for years.. Ramsey is crap.. Should have kept Jack and sold Ramsey

    1. ken1945 says:

      Crispen, what and have Jack on the treatment table yet again?
      as much as Jack was a gooner, the club did what so many wanted them to do.
      They were ruthless, sold him and now sit back while WHU pay for his rehabiliation.

      Ramsey? sign up or shift out…simple really.

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken, Yet another of OUR MANY agreements , on which I usually find nothing I want to add( “Oh , I so agree” being so darned boring!) Jack and his injury caused failure to become the player that we all, I guess, were once virtually certain he would become , is one of the saddest tales at Arsenal in modern times. Esp. as he was one of the very few modern dyed in the wool Gooners to play for us. But realists know that Emery had little real sensible choice, other than to let him leave. He is now WHU’s problem, and no longer ours. If I were to add” but he won’t ever starve”, some would think me heartless, but I have always put our club and it’s future health way above ANY player, manager or even fan.

  16. Babasola says:

    Let’s be true, the Arsenal team has no well-rounded and completely good midfielder
    Xhaka has his deficiencies
    Elneny average
    Guendouzi still learning
    Ozil good at only 1 thing and too weak
    Mhki also weak with a lot a lackadaisicals
    Ramsey has his deficiencies too

    But with Stamini and ability to run everywhere, every time, he’s that midfielder that we have that is OK to start every match

  17. Babasola says:


    for good money and better replacement, I’ll let them all go.
    So …ranking our best midfielders accordingly:


  18. RealArsenalFan says:

    Stop fueling fire Darren N, does getting over 100,000.00 pounds stop you from being tired? he (Ramsey) played 80 minutes out of the 90 with us leading 2-0, I certainly dont see anything wrong the coach agrees.

  19. lekan gunner says:

    I think emery played auba too close to the wings.
    auba is a striker.( should stay close to laca like a support striker. auba is not a winger.
    emery should play two strikers and then tweek the full back to give width. using torerria as the midfield base( to provide cover) with ramsey or iwobi doing box to box.
    my opinion.

  20. Boluwatife says:

    Honestly speaking some articles should be banned. So 2-nil up and he realized he couldn’t carry on anymore….bang he has no commitment. Yeah he could have gone into hiding like the magical Ozil and some fans will still call him names. I get some pointing out his contract issue but the truth is Ramsey has always being hated by fans on this site long before now. I think his greatest detractors are those Wilshere fans who see the two of them as rivals. You guys should give it a break. This guy is loved by a greater section of the fan base so take a chill or keep ranting

  21. Belemo says:

    How’s this article making any sense?
    One player was angry he got replaced and another asked to be replaced. If anything, it shows Ramsey is a team player and wants to give his best. You’ll find any possible means to slate Rambo. Get real

  22. LancingGooner says:

    Having never commented on Owt before I feel at 60 and a life long gooner it’s high time . This Ramsey subject is heading for a conclusion as January approaches . in my humble opinion although a fan of Ramsey I would rather have Ozil play in the no 10 role which leads me to the conclusion that cashing in and re-investment is a quite an attractive proposition . I don’t think that there is a gooner out there who wouldn’t agree that one of our few difficiencies in attack is our lack of width . There’s a player out there that would cost us a tidy sum but is Premiership proven who’s expense would be worth it to us 100% that’s Wilfried Zaha , it’s a sure fire thing that Palace won’t keep him for eternity lets be the one’s to get him

  23. Rahaizad says:

    No one ever notices that Ramsey and Oezil can never play in the same team. Both excels as No 10 if given freedom to roam. Just watch how Ramsey plays for Wales and you understand what I meant. The only difference between Oezil and Ramsey is that the latter works harder. I’ve never understood Emery’s proposition that he wants the team to be build around Ramsey. To me it’s either Ramsey or Oezil. Well, the results were positive so far when both of them played together. But they won playing against average teams. Play against any of the top four teams and you’ll find Arsenal playing narrower as usual and both full backs will be terribly exposed by speedy counter attacks. Why? This is because Arsenal is relying on the full backs for width. It’s Arsenal exchange Oezil or Ramsey with a world class winger.

  24. Kieron Blandford says:

    Childish article fuelled by contract emotion.
    He did the responsible thing to call for a change.
    You don’t always feel yourself tiring sometimes your legs just go….boom! At that point he’s in effect injured and we’ve 10 men in the pitch.
    He’s not demanding to come oft he’s just giving emery valuable information to act or not act upon.
    Mature and valuable input as a team player.
    And whether we keep him or not I’m on the fence sometimes the amount and rate of change is alarming to me.
    It doesn’t seem too Long ago we had giroud jack theo ox cazorla and rosicky producing some phenomenal movements and orchestrated goals and now ALL of them have gone yes i know we need change light a fire under them etc etc but it can become disruptive and destabilising if not managed incredibly well.
    Im excited but nervous that with all the changes including.manager support staff and now chief exec we are in fact a completly new club.
    Maybe that’s whats needed? I hope so, I so hope so!

  25. kenya01 Ars fan says:

    May be the contract thing is winding him up lol!!????

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