The usual knee-jerk reactions to Arsenal result come flooding in

It started with the loss at Liverpool and has moved up gear following the home draw with Tottenham, the over the top knee-jerk reactions to a couple of disappointing results.

But let’s put those disappointing games into some sort of perspective, they were against the Champions League finalists.

That little fact seems to pass people by, for some reason they expect Arsenal to go from a team that has not finished top-four for three seasons to a team capable of beating two teams that battled it out for Europe’s top prize.

Now, let me make this clear, I am not talking about Arsenal fans, we have the right to go over the top because our emotions are raw, we live and breath this club but pundits, they have to be objective and balanced but they are worse than us fans.

Just today I read about Talksport pundits, one who is a former cricketer, calling into question the amount of money paid for Nicolas Pepe, they obviously know more than Jose Mourinho who praised our record signing.

There are others doing the normal condemnation of our players but I cannot be bothered to go through them one at a time, especially when you get the likes of Paul Merson slamming the Arsenal man of the match Matteo Guedouzi.

It is now so predictable, before the game Merson was claiming Arsenal would rip Spurs to shred 4-1 and every pundit went with either a draw or Arsenal win, now they attack the players, I mean, one game and their opinions change so drastically and it is us fans that are accused of being fickle.


  1. Pundits are like fans…mostly using emotions more than reason to analyse games and rate players.

    Why bother to take what they say seriously?

  2. If those pundits are overreacting it’s because Spurs were weak and there for the taking. As usual we pulled the yearly Arsenal stunt and messed it up.
    I don’t really get this crap of saying we played UCL finalists.
    We played UCL finalists, so what? Are we supposed to lick their áss and will the rest of the word lick their áss because they both played the final?
    Really, everyone who saw the game knew it’s a game we should’ve won.
    Well if it will always be this way how about teams that play in the UCL final, how bout they get their own different two horse race competition then?
    At least the rest of us average and mediocre clubs won’t have to put up with losing to them or giving them our points.
    you guys tho, it’s depressing honestly.
    how long before we start using UCL semi finalists as excuse also then?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with having some humility and being honest with yourself

      Making the finals of Champions League is not “Crap” as you put it. They also finished 2nd and 3Rd in the Premier League, while we finished 5th and didn’t even make Champions League

      So even though “we don’t need to lick their ass” again as you put it, Liverpool and Spurs are better teams than us and it’s highly arrogant to believe we should have won those matches

      Btw I predicted BOTH results CORRECTLY (1-3 and 2-2). The two reasons was 1. Luck and 2. I accepted that they are better teams than us.

      It’s not the end of the world. We can still finish 4th, maybe even 3Rd. We just need more matches to get our starting lineup right and for Luiz, Ceballos, Pepe and eventually Tierney, Holding and Bellerin to integrate or adjust better

      We will improve over time

      1. Here we go again with this sh** words of UCL finalist.

        I know of a 3 straight UCL finalist who were beaten by Ajax and came 3rd in there league.

        Chelsea was UCL finalist and they were 6th in the league and they don’t even make the round of 16 the following season.

        UCL finalist my foot…

        How about “nearly to relegate team who beat the UCL finalist at there home?

        Some Arsenal fans are becoming mediocre by the day. What a shame

        1. Exactly.

          Meaningless fact.

          The fact is that Spurs at the moment are not very good at all. I’m not saying they can’t be top 10 in Europe again within a few months time.

          But – their current form is the worst comparing to other times we played them in recent years.

          I was somewhat okay with the Liverpool defeat. I mean they are brilliant at the moment. But Spurs were there for the taking this time and when we meet at their stadium they will be much much better and even if we improve, this result could be the difference again at the end of the season…

      1. Here we go again, someone who’d rather throw fits than discuss football, first twas Ken you told he’s angry for replying a comment, now you’re on my comment telling me I’m angry.. I don’t know though but seems you’re the odd one here with no brains and all you try to do is try to make others feel odd.
        but well what do I know?
        You ain’t worth my time so
        okay Dad, I won’t be angry anymore??

  3. However in other news…

    Guendouzi has been call up to France National team.

    Who was our last midfield to be called up by France(Diaby?)

    That is to show all Guendouzi critics that the boy is better than there favourite players and yet he’s still learning.

    Go boy and make it big.

  4. A 400+ M squad like Arsenal deserve all the sticks if they fail

    Liverpool and Tottenham were CL finalists, but the ways they play are more predictable than Man City. Even common fans know that Klopp likes to use wide players to break through, but Emery chose to defend against that tactic instead of taking the game to them

    He instilled low self-esteem and overcautiousness into his players again, by playing three defensive-minded midfielders at the Emirates. Luckily he has plenty of time to change his and the team’s mentality, due to the international break and the smaller matches afterwards

  5. I wouldn’t mind being termed a frkle if I condemn Emery for his guiding Arsenal to collect only 1 point out of the 6 that was at staked in last Arsenal 2 back to back PL matches. After all he cannot run away from being responsible for the Arsenal poor showings in Arsenals last 2 PL matches. To use the Arsenal consecutive 2 high profile PL matches away to Liverpool and home to Tottenham Hotspur the last UCL winners and runners up as excuse for Arsenal failing to beat team or at least collect 4 points out of 6 show how is mentally weak and inefficient head coach Emery is. I don’t think Emery is an Arsenal standard coach us Gooners can depend on to lead us back to the promise land of the PL title win us are desperate to return to.

  6. Think what he’s saying is that it is a process. Within the process we are currently behind Liverpool and have caught up with Sp*rs. I’m not just saying that because of the results, i’m looking at our squads. I think we have made positive steps with the way we now do our business off the pitch. Think we will get better on the pitch. I know everyone wants us to go out and destroy everyone but I think Emery is looking at the long game. We’re still missing a few players but takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day IF we get the support we need and we keep refining the squad I think we can challenge in a year or two. I’ll give my support regardless though!

  7. On our day we can beat ANYONE. Off it we can loose to ANYONE. This is football. More chance of being on our day if the fans start forgiving mistakes and showing the players love! Remember that slip when Gerrard lost Liverpool the league. Didn’t mean he was a crap player. Could be worse we could have just lost to Palace! Lol?

    1. Thank you, Charloh, that’s exactly right. We’re in a building process and the players are learning to play the way UE wants them to play. Last season he did not have the players, now he has, buildup play much improved from beginning of season already. Give it a chance, and people, don’t let your hatred of Spurs get the better of you.

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