The very best slot machines for Football Fans

Best Online Football Slot Machines

The 2018 world cup in Russia is still fresh in most football fans’ minds. Germany exiting the tournament in the group stages was surprising. Croatia reaching the world cup final was fantastic. The football spirit during the three weeks before France finally lifted the trophy proved why football is still the best game.

If you are a fan that also enjoys occasional online gaming, consider playing these football-themed slot machines. They have game plays designed to fit UEFA tournaments, local league games, and the world cup.

Football Star

The game is a five-reel slot machine by Microgaming. It was designed in 2014 at the time of the Brazil world cup. With 243 ways to win and low wager amounts, Football Star is built for everyone that loves the beautiful game.

Speaking of low betting amounts, the minimum bet is $0.5. The maximum amount is $50. The return to player (RTP) amount is an impressive 97%.  RTP refers to the amount the slot releases as wins to players in the long run. The low bets coupled with great graphics and an interesting storyline keeps you hooked into the game.

The game’s symbols are what you’d expect: a referee, football boots, and the football star logo. To represent real-world football, matching winning symbols is celebrated like scoring a goal.

With so many football features, it’s no surprise Football Stars is one of the most popular slots around the world. Form New Zealand casino online platforms to Canadian gambling sites, you can enjoy the game worldwide.

Football Mania

Like Football Star, football mania is designed to simulate your average game. It’s based on classic themes but promises multiple bonuses and numerous ways to win. The game’s background is a football pitch and a stadium full of fans.

Symbols you must match to win include football boots, a referee and a hat. There are more symbols but the above mentioned are the most common. Matching the goalkeeper and a few other symbols come with bigger rewards but these symbols are rarer to match.

Football Girls

If you were hoping football girls is a slot machine that celebrates female players, you’re forgiven. Benchwarmer’s football girls focus on the beautiful women that grace stadiums occasionally. They come wearing national teams’ jerseys or sassy clothes.

The game goes a little over the top using women clad in inner pants and sexualized tops. But like most slots, the game has five reels and 30 pay lines. The pay lines are adjustable and the bet amounts begin at $0.5. If you match three symbols, your wins are multiplied by 10. Matching five of the symbols earn you a maximum of 10,000 times your wager amount.

With the idea of sexy women in slot machines declining in popularity, you may not find football girls in many casinos in 2019. But if you love its storyline and the benchwarmer girls, find it before it finally wanes in popularity.

Football: Champions Cup

Inspired by the EURO 2016 tournament, Football: Champions Cup is a game you can find in almost every modern casino. A product of Net Entertainment, the game represents the great graphics, impressive game plays and entertainment NetEnt is known for.

Football: Champions Cup brings to life the Euro Games on a slot machine. The background is a huge stadium full of fans. The pitch looks real and the blue clouds make you feel like you are attending a live match. With five reels and 20 pay lines, the slot offers multiple ways to win.

Shooting and scoring goals in a penalty shootout earn you bonuses that can be multiplied up to 16 times. Saving penalties also win your bonuses or real money. Of course, winning is done by matching symbols and not actually kicking a ball. However, the game’s storyline takes you through four rounds of the tournament to match a real championship. You stand to win multiple prizes the more you advance.

Ultimate Dream Team

The game is designed by Push Gaming and looks slightly old schooled. While a few footballers symbolize the game, most of the symbols are letters. Additional symbols include a football game and real-world star lookalikes. Some players resemble Cristiano Ronaldo while others resemble the goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

With 25 fixed pay lines and five reels, the slot provides enough chances to win whenever you play. You may not always win real money, but there are lots of bonuses and free spins to be won. Matching the Golden shirt scatter three times triggers a feature to reveal one of the unique players.

If you match the manager scatters, you get a 12-man team each with a specific coin prize. Matching the Ronaldo look-alike promises wins of up to 800 times the initial bet.


This game was designed to celebrate a popular UK magazine under the same name in the ‘70s and ‘80s. It’s, therefore, a classic game with football stars of the time. The slot’s graphics aren’t advanced but it has a storyline that screams of nostalgia if you once read the magazine.

The football stars covered on the slot are also world icons like Diego Maradona and Brazilian Pele. The minimum betting amount is $0.5 while the maximum is $150. Like most games, matching scatter symbols earns you multiple free spins. Each bonus amount can be multiplied twice, which helps increase your earnings by two.

Football Rules Slot

The slot’s title best describes what many fans think about football. The game rules both the sports world and many gaming platforms. If you are a fan, Football rules offer the thrills and ways to win you would want in a slot game.

The game features five reels and 25 pay lines. You win by combining specific symbols like jerseys, the goalie or a referee in three or five reels. There is a jackpot that awaits you once you feel ready to risk more. You must meet the minimum requirements though, which can differ from one casino to the other.

To Conclude

If you love football and casino games, join the world of football-themed slots. They are fun, modern and bring out the beautiful game’s atmosphere. There are games inspired after every major tournament. Some slots feature world-famous players while other focus on the graphics. Consider playing some of the reviewed games above. You might be surprised to win playing in the slots than with any other online games.


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