The votes are in – Here is the JustArsenal EPL Team Of The Season

Thanks to those who took the time out to vote for their EPL Best Team Of The Season. 39 players got at least one vote. CM was the position which had the most votes shared. Dias by a considerable distance got the majority of votes.

So based on the majority, here are our Justarsenal team of the season ….

Ederson GK

Wan Bissaka RB

Dias CB

Stones CB

Shaw (LB)

Gundogan (CM)


Fernandes (CM)

Mahrez (LAM)

Kane (Striker)

Salah (RAM)

Do you think we have missed any stand out players?

Dan Smith


  1. Mason Mount or Tomas Soucek instead of Gundogan. Simply because Gundogan hasn’t started that many matches (because of Pep’s immense rotation no doubt).

    And maybe, just maybe, Martinez instead of Ederson.

  2. Based on that list, the players I want to see at Arsenal are:

    1. Harry Kane
    2. Luke Shaw
    3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka
    4. Dias

  3. If you’re playing Kane at CF then Son must play with him, perhaps instead of Mahrez. Martinez has to be in goal for me, best keeper in the Prem by miles.

    1. Its premier league team of the season has nothing to do with villareal and Saka doesnt cut it

  4. I agree with the list 100%.

    Someone is saying Martinez in goal, be true to yourself and don’t just banter Arsenal at the slightest opportuinity.

    Ederson has the most clean sheet in the league, can setup a goalscoring opportuinity with one pass out from the back(watch the game against PSG, and he does it over and over again), has an assist to his name, tell yourself the truth, for me there’s no argument there

    1. You talked about ederson’s one pass from the back creating a goal scoring opportunity…. so hasn’t Martinez done that for arsenal before…. plsssss …..all these over hype of a keeper playing a long pass to create a goal scoring opportunity isn’t new to football….I see Pickford playing those kind of passes as well….that shouldn’t be the basis of being a good goal keeper….and about clean sheets , I will love to see him keep for Aston Villa and still rack up same amount of clean sheets….he is definitely helped by the team he plays in…..go to the fantasy league where points is being 5 awarded for performance and see where Martinez lies….he is heads and shoulders above other goalkeepers….even with ederson’s more clean sheet…..that’s statistics used in proving whose a better goalie not just because someone punted the ball high in the skies and created a goal scoring opportunity from that then he should be the best keeper….it should be on overall performances through out the season and for me Martinez comes top….

  5. Peeps to clarify this is not my list but what readers picked
    Those saying mount, Foden , etc
    They needed one more vote
    So ironically the majority now writing where’s ….: did you vote ?

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