The whole Arsenal squad is waiting for Theo!

Despite the arrival of Alexis Sanchez this season, Arsenal have looked short of pace up front and are having trouble getting in behind determined defences, we according to our newest right-back Hector Bellerin, the reason is because Theo Walcott has not been available to introduce more speed into our play.

“Hopefully we get to start a game together and hopefully then we can show people that pace on the right-hand side and obviously just help the team,” Bellerin told

“Theo is a really important player for the squad. He showed it last season before he got injured and he’s been showing it for a few years now. The whole squad is waiting for him to come and help the team with his pace and we’re really happy that he’s going to be back really soon.

“A lot of people speak about our friendly rivalry but for me, we’re team-mates. We’re here to help each other and the team, so whether he’s quicker than me or I’m quicker than him, what we need to do is just use the pace to beat other teams.

“There’s a lot of banter about it but I’m just happy that we can play together.”

It’s not just the Arsenal team but all the fans as well are desperate for Walcott to come back and improve our conversion rate. It will also be interesting to see who Wenger drops to make room for the England international and my money is on Danny Welbeck.

And as for our two speedsters playing together down the right flank, Bellerin certainly seems to be improving but he is hardly Arsenal’s first choice right-back, so by the time Theo comes back we probably won’t see them play together for months. Oh well it’s nice to dream….

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  1. will be great when hes back, theo alexis ozil ramsey – carnage

    can mince pies give u a hangover?

    feel rough

    1. I am hoping to see much of that next season. It will be even sweeter if by then we have had our defensive issues sorted out, so them cheaters can run and run all the way….

      1. fvck! I meant to say CHEETAHS! lol

        If our players were cars, which model would Alexis be?
        A LEXUS!!!

        *please don’t judge just yet. I too know it is still too early in the day to get drunk*

  2. Schez
    Debuchy Chambers Kos Gibbs
    Arteta Rambo
    Theo Ozil Alexis


    Ox Ozil Alexis

    Those would be the best line ups I can think of or this inform Carzola for Ozil

    Carzola on fire last few games, hope he keeps it up and gets that elusive goal

  3. Bring in 1 CB and DM in January

    In the summer

    Sell Mert get replacement
    Let Diaby go
    Loan Bellerin and bring Jenks back

    Use Jenks for smaller games, he being great at Westham

  4. Some of the things ppl are saying in here is nasty. First BFG played most games? Look at other teams you won’t find one playing the games he has so thanks BFG a. Why can’t you just surport yr team get behind them. First change I would put sound speakers in the clock end so our players can have a 12th man.

  5. Quick question for you gooners. If I wanted to get away tickets for West Ham, what would be the best way to get them? And would I need any kind of membership to get into the stadium? Thanks!

  6. I dnt get gooners.. Why bench Welbeck? Why play him outta position in the first place?
    Why not try Giroud on the wings let’s see if he will play half as good as Welbeck.

    ——-Welbeck ..

    Merry Xmas Ozil

  7. Schez
    Bellerin- Debuchy- Chambers- Gibbs
    Arteta- Rambo
    Sanchez- Ozil- Podolski

    I’m stubborn. I want a Podolski start (maybe he will for Inter??).

    or a front three of Walcott- Cazorla- Alexis/ Walcott- Ozil- Alexis… Don’t play Ozil or Cazorla on the left! Let’s please buy a quality DM…. jeeeeezzzzzzzzz

  8. THEO: Open the Glass case take the cotton wool off him and dust the sugar from him and SELL him as quick as possible.

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