The WHOLESALE changes that Arsenal need

My Arsenal revamp by Dboy

Hi Gunners, please allow me for a few minutes. I’m thinking of a complete revamp in the Arsenal team. If I would have it my way, I would certainly get rid of some underperformers and some weary legs in the team.

My OUT list would be as follow:

1.Debuchy – hasn’t contributed in anyway, was not effective enough. And especially since his sulking about leaving anyway.

2.Mertesacker- His legs are not keeping up, look like he has outrun his course.

3.Gibbs – Had more than enough time to prove himself. Inconsistent

4.Rosicky – the PL has taken its toll on him and he can’t cope with injuries. Needs an easier league.

5.Arteta – I think he’s been played in the wrong position. He never looked good in the DM role, he reminds me a bit of Arshavin stuck on the wings. But like Mert the pace of the PL is too much for him.

6.Ramsey- Inconsistent. Gives the ball away too much and his passing is not good. He lacks skill and pace. Has not proven himself. If Barcelona really want him we should cash in fast.

7.Cazorla- Although he has the skill, like Arteta and Mert he can’t cope with the EPL physicality and pace.

8.Flamini- He should never have been here in the first place. Just never seemed to cope, He has had glimpses here and there but should never have been signed.

9.Walcott- Has had more than enough time to prove himself, he is inconsistent. With his pace he definitely should be an impact player.

10.Sanogo- Don’t know what went through Wenger’s mind. Not Arsenal material.

11.Campbell- just not been convincing especially in bigger games.

Now my IN list. I tried to be as realistic as possible.

1.Right back -Brazilian defender Danilo Luiz da Silva, the 23 year old has been in great form for Porto and has been highly rated.

2.Left back- Jetro Willems is good defensively and has the crafty wherewithal to cut in from the flanks, as well as using his sublime close control to beat his markers to the end-line before rifling in some wondrously deadly crosses. He would be reaching double figures in assists.

3. Centre back – Jose Giminez of Atletico Madrid. He’s exceptional in a positional sense, quick to react to sudden changes and clearly reads the game rapidly. He is young and strong. Should cope better than Mert….

4. Defensive Midfielder – Etienne Capoue from Watford. He has been a revelation in that role. Has really come out of his shell after his disappointing move to Spurs. With Elneny also able to play further up field, Capoue could reinforce that position.

5. Winger – Marco Reus . He has great pace and his ball control is exquisite with both of his feet. Reus can play on either of wings and can be lethal on both of them. Imagine him inter changing with Sanchez, they would make a deadly combination.

6. Midfielder/playmaker – Koke of Atletico Madrid, great array of skills to dip into such as his vision, timing and persistence.

7. Mauro Icardi & Alvaro Morata – both highly rated young strikers would add potency to the Arsenal frontline instead of Walcott and Sanogo. They might just keep Giroud on the bench.

With youngsters like Iwobi, Zelalem and others coming through the ranks and others coming back from injury we should make up for a formidable team that can actually challenge for the PL.

On paper this is what the first team would look like:



Wilshere- good talent if not for injuries


This list could give us some options for team rotation. Strength especially in midfield and some pace and finishing in attack.

So Gunners, what would your revamp look like?



    1. CECH/OSP/ SCH





    2. These guys are quick to forget how good Ramsey is when in form, literally everyone was calling for him when he was out injured earlier this season. Cazorla out ? That’s how you know the author doesn’t know how to analyze football and is simply going on a typical fickle fan rant. Cazorla is one of the best passers of the ball in Europe, with him we retain so much possession, with him on the pitch Ramsey can attack all he likes, which is his main strength, NOT defending. And with both of them on the pitch alongside Coquelin we NEVER concede stupid goals. It’s evident that Arteta and Flamini need to go and we need to bring in one more midfielder for the DM position that will complement our midfielders like Coquelin does. Campbell out ? Does the author even know the reason we’ve coped without Sanchez was due to Campbell’s quality in the first place ? Theo has been invisible all season meanwhile Joel has been getting better with each game on the RW, he has the vision and the skill to be an Arsenal player, he’s already gotten assists and goals for the team in less than half a season playing for us and he’s still only 23.

  1. You know that feeling of having so much to say but you don’t know where to start and how to even put all your thoughts across…so you just decide to keep quiet and not say a thing..this is one of the moments,!!!!

  2. Looks Like u are so hell bent on Athletico madrid!

    Hell i would agree with half ur List of Deadwoods……..but what have u done to urself with that shisha?

  3. Can I kindly ask the admin to remove this article? I visit justarsenal to read good texts related to arsenal, not fantasy fan fiction.

  4. sometimes it hurt me ……….i just feel like i could let many of these players go for free

    even if some of em are placed in the market, nobody comes arnd to buy em instantly

    even Aston villa is having mixed feelings of purchasing Debuchy….. L()L Arsenal materials?

    1. Hahaha
      And that’s why Sunderland are trying to hijack Debuchy from Villa’s move for him and maybe its because Arsenal are putting in a call back clause in any loan deal for Debuchy,
      Which would explain why Villa are hesitating on him,
      What with our injury problems.

  5. The only thing that needs to change for Arsenal to successful again is for Wenger to identify the limitations and weaknesses of our team and deal with them accordingly.

    His trust in his players is his biggest strength but at the same time his biggest weakness. He needs to learn when to let go on some players and dropping others based on their form/our opponents.

    Here’s to teaching an old dog new tricks.

  6. i would gladly offer crewe alexandria a million £ + per mertesacker in exchange for nothing

    But would they accept?…..highly doubtful!

    1. What have you got against Crewe? They have a great uni there. Mert would not even get a place in the Indian Premier League

  7. I really like Willian. When he has the ball it seems impossible to get it off him. He’s strong, works hard and is versatile. At the moment we don’t have any player that does what he does for Chelsea.

    1. Totally agree. His a bright light in a dark Chelsea side. Always liked him even before he joined them. Theo, Ox, Welbz should take notes and watch a guy his uses his pace and brains at the same time.

      ON another note Theo needs new boots in the next game, he kept sliding around the entire and could stand even without contact. If its not the boots then I say he hard a hung over.

      1. Agreed, an excellent all round player. I used to think Ramires was a good all rounder but must say I really like Willian good on the eyes.

  8. D boy is back from rehab! ?
    But … I think that the damage, is well beyond repair! ?

    I will happily send to your donations,
    Cos, your obviously two bob short of your bus fare!
    And a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic!

  9. We all know Sanogo
    Flamini Rosicky Arteta and
    perhaps Debuchy (7 mill) will go.
    Wilshere Theo Ox Gibbs Wellbeck
    will be given another season
    plus we need them for the English quota.
    If we win the EPL just about all the rest will stay.
    If big money comes for Theo Ox Jack or Ramsey
    then the club might take the money.
    Otherwise the club will use the youth players to
    replace any one leaving.

    Squad 2015/2016.

    Cech Szczesney
    Bellerin + (10 mill RB)
    Koz Mertz Gabriel Chambers
    Gibbs Monreal
    Elneny Coquelin
    Cazorla Ramsey Zelalem
    Walcott Chamberlain Sanchez Iwobi
    Ozil Wilshere Adelaide.
    Giroud Wellbeck Akpom
    Net spend 3 mill.

  10. Ive heard people mention how Chelsea is Arsenals bogey team, not true. For me a bogey team is some opposition in theory you should be very capable of beating due to them being on paper more inferior.

    The problem we have with Chelsea is that they love to play us, their strikers always get chances, their defenders love playing against Giroud and do own him I must say and lastly but most worrying is how their midfield just bosses our midfield. Their midfielders love to play against Walcott Ramsey Ozil and if you add Arteta or Flamini to that well I can only ever see the battle for dominating game play going one way.

    Alexis they don’t like playing, when he got thrown into the mix I seen some nerves last time out and also Coq was crucial, we need these two and more if we are going to stop this Chelsea hoodoo BS.

  11. Well, they say it’s good to dream big right? Unfortunately, no wholesale changes will ever happen in Arsenal as long as Wenger sticks around. Now permit me to dream along with you. For me Carzola, Ramsey, Gibbs and Walcot will remain. Carzola and Ramsey has been great for us over the past few seasons, so I don’t see we should get rid of them. For me, Arteta, Flamini, Debouchy, Rozinsky, Mert, Sanogo,Welbeck and Ox should be let go and Wilshere sent on loan while we bring in Abumayang, Icardi, Reus, Gotze/Cortinho, Krychowiack and Varane. While the likes of Iwobi and Adelaide make it to the bench to learn from the more experienced players or during an injury crisis. So the new players will fit in as follows:
    (1) Attack-Abumayang: top striker, Giroud and Icardi battle for second place.
    (2) Wings- Rues and Sanchez while Walcot and Cambell come in as subs.
    (3) Play Maker- Gotze/Coutinho will be sub for Ozil.
    (4) DM- Coquolin and Krychowiak battle it out.
    (5) CD- Varane replaces Mert.
    (6) Jenkinson return from loan to replace Debouchy.
    With this kind of squad I believe we will be strong enough to challenge for any trophy including the UCL. But I got wake up now, its just a dream!

  12. Was this article written by a 15-year old? Danilo plays for REAL MADRID.

    And you want to sell our home-grown, SECOND CHOICE left-back because he is inconsistent? By the way, the author is aware of the home-grown rule in the Premier League, right? No? Oh yeah because that doesn’t exist on FIFA 16.

    Jesus Christ, I’ve seen all kinds of stupidities on this site but this tops it all.

  13. So ox stays and campbell goes? Cazorla goes while Chambers stays? Rosicky goes? Ramsey needs to go play golf, football is not good for him. I’ve been saying this, bar injury Willshere is better than Ramsey. If you are looking for Cazorla’s replacement, it wilshere. A midfielder scoring goal is not the most important thing, a midfielder must be able to control midfielder and have a decent dribbling ability and ball control. Ramsey lacks both. His only concern is to bomb forward and score a goal. Count how counter attacks we’ve had ever since Ramsey assumes the midfield position. It is uncountable. Him and flaamini is not good pairing for our middle. They go forward a lot. Watch Cazorla ever since he partnered le coq, team don’t see openings to counter attack us a lot but flamini and Ramsey stays upfront as false nine and false 11. Boring boring all the way.

    1. @emmnuel neci
      Spot on dude. Ever since these 2 muppets were plopped down in our midfield tams have been having a field day there. What gets me is, AW and Bould don’t seem to notice or don’t seem to care…

  14. The analysis of Cazorla is ridiculous. He is top quality. He totally owned the b2b position. That’s why Wenger played Ramsey on the right because Cazorla was too good

    1. @Davros
      And many here were crying about Ramsey being played out of position on the right. Saying his best position is in the middle…Lmfao

  15. Look the guy has a right an opinion even if i do say so myself is quite funny reading tbh ? il throw my 10pennys worth in on this subject of what i would like to see happen and realistically could.

    Cech stays, Ospina leaves.
    Martinez/Shez back from loans battle for no2 and learn from Cech, they will have come back better.

    Bellerin no1, Jenko back and Degurny gone!
    Gabriel needs to learn Pers job and has a chance now hes suspended which might just get Per out if 1st 11 and bring in a new DF… if love Varane!
    Gabriel, Boss, New Player, Per.
    Nacho and Gibbs im ok with. Gibbs is happy enough being no2, not alot of players would, so just needs to focus abit more.

    Coquelin, Elneny stays obv. Flam, Artet,Ros gone! Bring in another midfielder – Carvalho or Xhaka.
    Coq, Eln, New Player, Rambo, Wilsh, Santi.
    No10 role is Ozil and id integrate Adelide in there with him to learn from mesut and Santi, he can play no10 also.

    LW & RW
    Sanchez & New player – Iwobi,Campbell and Theo cover. Im happy for them as cover! Ox, Silva, Gnabry and maybe chambers need a season loan just for Exp.
    ST – New Player – Giroud, Welbz and Akpom cover. Maybe Akpom needs another 6month loan to Jan also.

    Our youth team has so many talents that will all be playing their first full season at Arsenal together as a team in the youth league and cups so they will be graduated up through as we normally do so with these 4 new signings, 4/5 youngsters loaned, 5/6 deadwood gone… we could have a complete club not needing to do much more business in the future, spending wise, as that money we have now would cover the damage needed to spend and plus with players leaving balances the wages.

    New DF – Varane??
    New MD – Carvalho or Xhaka??
    New RW – Greizzman or Reus??
    New ST – Morata or Aubameyang??

    How much would they cost!

    1. Maybe to end it all a new manager and No2! Peps available whatever happens we as a club are fine so why not take that oppurtunity this summer to get him in? I watched a MNF as Henry explained peps instructions to Jamie Clueless. As an Arsenal hero and Legend, knows the club inside out like its his own and love Arsenal and Peps philoshophy who better to be hos no2 than the king himself?

  16. Your list sucks what a d–k you are. Carl back from West Ham and chambers out on loan. As for our SC well he’s great. Your list of strikers lol you need world class sorry but you do. OG is not world class but a great team member who doesn’t want to leave so that’s good. Just paid for a DM but again AW should have played him last week wrong move. As for our cup game you put the best team out first half because we want to keep the cup. Try and Nick 2 goles and close the game. I do think BFG is far from world class but a good bench player coz I could run faster then him. We just need to out 4 players get 4 in and 2 loan players back

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