The worst transfer window ever for Arsenal fans?

It all seems so long ago that Arsenal signed Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona, beating Liverpool into the bargain. We Arsenal fans were really happy and could hold our heads up and even take the mickey out of our Premier League rivals. Well that did not last very long did it?

In fact, that early flush of hope and expectations make this, for me, the most frustrating transfer deadline day ever. At least in recent years we were told that there was hardly any money so when we signed some unheard of player it was not too much of a shock.

What I want to know is what is going to happen to all this so-called money that Arsene Wenger would be spending this summer. Back in the safe Stan? So we are left with the football equivalent of Bambi on ice to fire the Gunners to the top of a very tough Champions League group and keep us in the hunt for the Premier League. Yeah right!

Wenger has passed on plenty of forwards including Balotelli and Remy, only for Chelsea and Liverpool, who already had better strikers than us, to snap them up for peanuts. You cannot tell me that Arsenal could not afford the prices paid for those two. And losing Falcao to Man United this morning just completes the misery. You certainly can’t say that Wellbeck is a better buy than any of the above…

And no defenders or midfielders coming either Arsene? Back in the stocks, Arsenal fans, the laughing stocks. And forget about winning anything this season! Worst window ever? It’s embarrassing…..

Brilliant Wenger Parody of Transfer day deadline – POKER FACE!

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  1. RWRW says:

    Can we all agree: WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!

    1. ebemka says:

      Getting welbeck is better than Wenger Telling Us He Didn’t Find any1 in d mrkt to buy… Get behind the team, we hav been in dis for abt 17yrs now.. Evrything will be fine

      1. JoJo says:

        Why should we accept it if its been the same sh*t for 17 years?

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Not even remotely close to our worst window – sad, but true. Surely someone in admin knows this without having to stir the s**t even more. Best 3 players for the last 4 or 5 games have been our new boys, shame on our regular first teamers. However, biggest differential between expectation and reality – well we have set the bar really f>>>ing high on that score.

    3. Budd says:

      Well, every transfer window is the worst window ever. Some people want it all. No, Wenger stays. Not like he gives a fu ck about some avatar going by the name of RWRW.

  2. JoJo says:

    Welbeck, Giroud and Sanogo VS Van Persie, Falcao and Rooney.


  3. Arsenalover says:

    just wait 6-0 , 5-1 , 6-3 , 3-0

  4. RSH says:

    surprisingly, there have been worse…. When we’ve sold all our star players.

  5. Goontz says:

    No it’s not, author. You’re just going by the flow. We’ve done worse. But we can do much better.

    1. WembleyMay71 says:


      There are more than 1 way to look at this:

      1. Compared with some previous transfer dealings, you’re right. We’ve done worse.

      2. Compared to this window’s transfer dealings, having signed Alexis early and with Gazidis coming out assuring fans that the Alexis signing was “only the tip of the iceberg” and failing to mention that Chambers would be the last, and Wenger’s (SoAG) failure to bring in “top top players if available” (and available they have been), this must be the worst transfer window anyone of us has experienced. The positions that needed to be filled and the blatant overt lies told to the fans make that evident.

      This IS the worst transfer window from Arsenal.

  6. red14 says:

    I’m screaming for signings, like a 3 year old for santa, and i’m 22… as it stands i would be pleased with welbeck, and matuidi for example, at least we will have a chance to defend our FA cup title..if we wont meet chelsea beacuse they will knock out us for sure.. sad to say this but time to wake up

  7. Gigi2 says:

    Not the worst, but definitely the worst end of a transfer window.
    And the worst missed chances.
    and the worst missed good timing for having a striker……(and this comes from a Giroud and Wenger fan!)

    1. WembleyMay71 says:

      Missed chances are when we tried to take the chance but failed to meet the target, like we did last season with Higuain and Suarez.

      In this window, we didn’t even try to take the chances that were there for everyone. Others took those chances, while we sat and watched. Up until a week ago, Wenger (SoAG) believed we still had no need for a striker. So, what good timing did we miss for a striker, when we weren’t even for one?

      Definitely the worst transfer window (for us.)

      1. WembleyMay71 says:

        * weren’t even looking for one?

  8. RWRW says:

    In fact you know what, I am happy considering we could of signed nobody.

    still: WENGER OUT!!!!

    1. Gigi2 says:

      Oh no, he HAS to deal with this mess now

  9. GOONERGETYA says:

    What happened to us signing only top top players ??? if wenger thinks welbeck is top top quality then that says it all, for 3 years i have been calling for wenger to get the sack and every time i get shot down, but now i hope most of you guys wil support my claims, WENGER OUT !!!!! He is a Fu_king Joke !!!!

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      They will support you until we win a game then they will hate you and the Wenger love in will start again.

      That is why the fans can’t influence change at this club, no conviction and don’t stick together.
      Could you see UTD and Chelsea fans taking this sort of sh1t?
      No chance, there would be hundreds if not thousands outside the ground burning effigies!

    2. spanishcockney says:

      i dont think ive ever been soo disgusted and outraged to be an arsenal fan and this is definitly the final straw with me and wenger , sanogoals doesnt score welbeck doesnt score and giroud only scores against small teams , there have been genuine quality p[layers on the market and due to pig headedness stuborness and lack of ambition weve allowed ourselves to watch them go elsewhere and sign a man u reject ! if you are happy with welbeck coming frankly you no nothing about football and have no real ambition so you may aswell be a spurs fan !! #wengerout

  10. alexhare says:

    Not the worst ever but not the best ever. Welbeck isn’t what I wanted but now that I’ve calmed down and thought about it, we could do worse. The shame of it is is that a striker isn’t all we need. Now that it’s getting later in the day, I am worried that we will only get Welbeck today. That would be a travesty when it’s blatantly obvious that we need a DM. I love Wenger but if he doesn’t bring something special before the end of the transfer window, it’ll be hard to defend him.

  11. RWRW says:

    I am just going to youtube Danny Welbeck to cheer me up. Those videos make anyone look good

  12. chimchimgiroud says:

    Our defence is such a crisis, the most worrying thing is that wenger was playing monreal as cb in preseason suggesting that if we got an injury that’s the solution! We have 3 cbs, one is 19 and i still believe the other is just too slow for the pl. arteta is pure bs and flamini will miss a load of games through suspension so we need a cdm. And a striker is obviously also vital. After sanchez i thought this was going to be the best window ever(there was even an article saying it was) our team is just so physically weak we can’t possibly win the league

  13. ranger says:

    wenger is right and we 100 million arsenal fans are wrong,now its time to say goodbye to mr arsenal to not goodbuy.

  14. Goontz says:

    Rumors in Berlin say we have activated Huntelaar’s release clause. lol

    1. RSH says:

      Huntelaar deadly finisher, great player. I’d love to have him. But when a world class player like Welbeck gets offered…

      1. k says:

        With hold-up play like Welbecks who needs to be able to finish

  15. Dan.M says:

    Klaas jan huntelasr .. He will bang in the goals for a season???????

  16. Renard says:

    Jesus people, get a f*cking grip and behave. Disgraceful behaviour from some Arsenal fans. And the window’s not even closed yet …

    1. RWRW says:

      Does that mean you will shut the fcuk up and apologise when the window is shut and we havewnt progressed?

      1. No10 says:

        Apologize for what? Being behind the team whatever happens?

        We may disapprove of the manager and board, we are still Arsenal fans when the whistle goes.

  17. Cal says:

    Clearly its not what we wanted and perhaps it is slightly embarrassing.

    Having said that I don’t think Welbeck is bad, I am willing to give him a chance to show me something in an Arsenal shirt. He does improve our squad.

    Welbeck and a dm would be so much easier to take than welbeck alone, don’t see it happening mind.

  18. macgooner says:

    I think last January when we needed a couple of players to push us in for the league when we had a very good chance of winning it and ended up with Kim kallstrom now that was one pretty miserable window

  19. mortal says:

    this is the reason those pundits never take us as a serious title contenders.

  20. ButtFlaps says:

    Mr Wenger say only top top top qualities!?? WELLBETS is top qualities?!?! WHY!!!

  21. ymoola says:

    I’m glad its coming to and end! Every transfer window I try so hard not to get my hopes up, but I cant help myself from checking the transfer rumours.

    Every season we are 2-3 players short of winning the league and then Arsene does it again!!

    Sanchez left Messi and Neymar for Sanogo and Welbeck!!

  22. Cartman says:

    Arsenal fans are the best fans in the world to put up with this rubbish for years and pay highest ticket prices in the PL

    Either that or we are complete MUGGS

    Probably both

  23. PaddyGooner says:

    Rumours. Rumours. Huntelaar or Welbeck? Looks like Wenger caught with his pants down. He didn’t intend to sign anybody till Olly got injured, in spite of the dogs in the street knowing we needed CB cover, a beast at CDM and cover for OG.

  24. dilla says:

    no need to worry about the title guys, there is another striker signing. apparently wengers in rome for a charity on deadline day, AND he’s gonna bring Gervinho back with him

  25. PaddyGooner says:

    Is Welbeck signed?

  26. Cartman says:

    4 hours left for a Wenger Special

  27. Adienl says:

    Contact wenger if you are struggling as a striker elsewhere.

    A club without an experienced striker challenging for the title!! How contradictory.

  28. Maltese Gooner says:

    Are you effin kidding me?

    Sanchez, Debuchy and Chambers have done pretty well till now and we’ve bought them during this summer. I know we need a defensive midfielder and a striker pretty badly, but to call it the worst transfer window ever? Jesus dude, take a chill pill or something because you’re being stupid.

  29. Sumo says:

    Welback is a decent cover upfront. Better than the injured greedy piggy nose Falcao.
    Also valuable EPL experience.
    Bervatov and Veron broke ManU transfer records. Both were sh#t for United.
    Be content. Not greefy like Falcao.

  30. Brada b says:


  31. Arsenalover says:

    What is the difference between Welbeck and Sanogo ??!!
    if Welbeck was good striker Manure would not let him go to Arsenal

  32. No10 says:

    Falcao reportedly on £346k a week….speechless…

    They gave Moyes a fiver but LvG gets all the toys he wants, disgraceful!

  33. pubgooner says:

    Fans please stop dreaming and brace yourselves:
    – Fourth or below
    – Maulings by top teams similar like last season
    – Early exit, continental cup
    Just cannot trust Wenger after he have gave a stupid example of stoke winning at city, with city having top 3 strikers. He has short memory forgotten the six they shoved up his a*se.

  34. Cartman says:

    I wouldnt say it’s the worst transfer. We got Sanchez and Calum

    But watching Chelsea get Fabregas, Costa and Remy, watching United get Di Maria and Falcao, Liverpool getting Ballotelli, it’s definitely the most disappointing end to a transfer window

    We MUST now rely on Sanchez, Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck to score enough goals.

  35. PaddyNPardy says:

    Yeah, i’m done, i just can’t understand this. But i’m slightly relieved with the Welbeck deal, he’s better than Sanogo and might improve like Sturridge did after leaving Chelsea, though still quite embarrassing business, from being linked with incredible strikers to nothing. I just hope we can get a decent CDM too, doesn’t have to be world class, just able to do a better job than Arteta and Flamini.

  36. sollygunner says:

    so apparently now we were never in for welbeck and arsenal dont know anything about it wtf
    maybe its being used as cover for another player ,,,, secrets ,,,
    heard a little tinkle about hunterlear

  37. Arsenalover says:

    we don’t need new players … just Wenger Out

  38. jonm says:

    Just been reported on sky sport that welbeck to arsenal is a done deal, but its an unconfirmed report. So who knows

  39. kanaka says:

    Not the worse but the probably the most damaging.

  40. aderaw says:

    Third choice striker of MNU is gonna no.1 in our club. What does this tell us???????? Without world class CF, without proper DM and with only two CB. Look at MU, MC and Chlsea–Van, ROONEY, FALCAO; mc—Dziko, Aguero,jOvetich; Chls–Costa, Remy, Drogba. Just compare them with sanogo, Welbeck. Really the worst transfer season compared with big clubs

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