‘Then make the decision’ – Ornstein predicts timeframe for Willock’s future

David Ornstein believes that Arsenal will not have made their mind up on Joe Willock as of yet, and will use the full pre-season to decide.

The midfielder joined Newcastle on loan in January, but returned to North London with a seven-match goalscoring streak in his pocket.

Willock became the youngest ever player to score in six consecutive Premier League matches, before extending that run to seven, and the Magpies are believed to be exploring the chance to return him to St James’s Park this summer.

Mikel Arteta’s comments claim that he will be returning to join up with the rest of the squad, but if you analyse any answers to questions on potential outgoings, his comments are forever the same, that they are ‘contracted to the club’.

David Ornstein doesn’t believe that any decision will have been made yet however, despite the youngster’s thoroughly impressive few months, although you shouldn’t discount his input for our side in the Europa League earlier in the season either.

“You mention Willock there. It’s an absolutely fascinating dilemma for Arsenal ahead,” Ornstein told listeners of the Ornstein & Chapmans Podcast.

“He’s scored seven in seven and it’s been a really successful loan, which would have been Arsenal’s plan.

“And in normal circumstances as an academy graduate you’d expect that player to come back and slot back into the team and have a really successful career with Arsenal, which may still be the case.

“But as I understand it, relatively recently, if an offer of £10 or £15 million – no chance, wouldn’t even consider it.

“If it comes in for £20 million or £25 million, then there may be a conversation to have and they really need to weigh it up.

“They don’t know for a fact that Willock is going to work within Arteta’s system – it might be that it was perfect for him at Newcastle.

“There is a potentials scenario that he comes back to Arsenal, he gets given the chance that all the fans want to be given now, and it doesn’t quite work and they bemoan the club for not cashing in for £20 million.

“I’m sure they will get him back in for pre-season and then make the decision, I don’t think they’ll be a rush on Joe Willock.”

Has Willock more-than earned his chance to play for the senior team next season?


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  1. Yes. He should be given a chance next season and positioned same as in Newcastle. He’s proved that he is capable of playing well for us

  2. Sell for £22. He won’t fit the ‘arteta’ system. Better invest in players like Buendia who will.

    1. Tolu, please explain the “‘Arteta’ system”, because I have not been able to ascertain what it is?
      In my view it is up to a coach/manager to adapt a system of play, to best maximise the capabilities of the players at their disposal to optimise the team’s performance. Arsenal is not in a financial situation, where they can totally overhaul the playing squad to suit Arteta’s “system”, whatever that is.

      1. Even I wonder what that system would be. A system that can not use Martinelli, Saliba, Willock ….smh

      2. I think his favoured system evolves around a central midfield duo supported by a creative number ten.As you say Ozzie, it’s up to the Manager to use the tools available to him to get the job done, and you only have to look how Pep at Man City tweaks his system to suit the occasion and the oposition.In any event Willock has proved he can be effective as a right sided b to b operator , so surely Arteta can adapt accordingly when necessary.It will be very interesting to see how events unfold with young Joe.

        1. I think he should give Willock a chance Grandad. There’s a lot of our fans want Aouar but I’m not convinced. He’s had a poor season, in comparison to Willock who contributed in the early Europa League campaign and finished strongly with Newcastle. Willock also has experience of playing in the EPL. Quite a few players from Ligue 1 have taken time to settle upon moving to England, Pepe is another example of this. I am aware of the argument that was because MA didn’t play him often enough but that’s an argument for another day?

    2. Where exactly does Buendia fit in Tolu? As a right winger or as a number ten and at who’s expense?

      1. Thank you Grandad. Everyone is convinced we must sin Buendia but where will he play? He wants to play middle and we are already full in that department and I’m tired of having CAMs playing wing. Arsenal have done that for decades and it just doesn’t work.

        1. I think, if he actually has one, the Arteta “system” is garbage. The style we play and the thought process of the team is putting the brakes on any progress we should be making. It will be a complete travesty if Willock, Saliba and Gouendouzi are not given a fair crack to prove themselves. If Arteta has a system, HE NEEDS TO CHANGE IT,because his last one didn’t work!

  3. Arteta’s system is back and sideways passing
    Willian,ceballos and elneny fits well in it
    Prolific strikers like aubayameng become anonymous….trust the process

  4. Sacrificing a player of such quality, one that has been with us for more than half his lifetime because the Coach doesn’t know how to bring out the best in him will be the stupidest thing to do because the Coach is not guaranteed to be there indefinitely, another coach may come in tomorrow and see the best in the child, he wouldn’t have spent all these years with us to end up in Newcastle fc with all due respect, never mind what the child said, he needed to put the pressure on the bosses. No one can tell me that he is ready to walk away from the assembly of child stars that are to be unleashed in the coming seasons. Arteta has made mistakes in the past and this should be another huge one if they sell him without giving him the opportunity to prove that Newcastle was not an accident, we have seen Arsene Wenger make such mistakes in the past only for it to come and bite us big time. Give Joe his days in the sun and let him shine for the club that built him.

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