“Then you should play” Pundit reacts to postponed Arsenal match

Kevin Phillips is unimpressed that Arsenal’s match against Wolves has been postponed as Premier League fixtures continue to pile up.

The Gunners had announced via Twitter that their game against Wolves has been postponed because there are several covid-19 cases in the camp of the West Midlands club.

That isn’t the first game called off for a similar reason and we expect many more to follow suit.

However, former Sunderland man, Phillips doesn’t think it makes sense for the EPL to keep postponing matches, especially because there is hardly space to reschedule these games.

He argues that clubs should instead be made to field their youngsters who are being paid and trained.

“Everyone is going to have their opinion on this.” He tells Football Insider.

“The last thing we want is a fixture pile-up or a massive backlog of games in the New Year. 

“You become a professional footballer to play football. If you’ve got professionals at the club on a contract, enough to put on the pitch, you should play the game.

“Of course, people need to isolate. If you’ve got 18-year-old’s available – it doesn’t even matter if it’s five on the pitch – then you should play.

“What’s the point in them signing professional contracts or having them at the club if they’re not going to play? This is an opportunity to play them, through the circumstances.

“If you make that rule for everyone then games shouldn’t be called off. Every club should have 20 or 30 professionals at the club.

“You can’t keep postponing games.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Phillips has a good point. Some clubs have fulfilled their fixtures by giving first-team chances to youngsters.

That should be the case for every club in the competition, as we all desperately try to avoid a fixture pile-up.

Next year, the FA Cup joins the list of competitions English clubs will compete in, and there would be more games on the international front.

It is hard to predict when these games could be played, and the earlier we stop calling off matches, the better for everyone.

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  1. Havyn says:

    Edu trying to do his thing again. Making all efforts to bring in Kia Joorabchan player Coutinho to Arsenal this January from Barca.

  2. Reggie says:

    Agree, whats the use of having squads if you can call off for 6 positive tests. They test every day, players are available and Leeds had 9 players out with injuries and still has to play. If the prem are allowing games to carry on then teams should field players from their squads eligible to play.

  3. Kev82 says:

    At this rate it’s hard to see the season being completed! If one team is missing 2 or 3 players they will now ask for a postponement. With FA cup, league cup and Europe plus internationals coming up in 2022 there will be no room to play these postponed games!

    1. Reggie says:

      Its unworkable, we either play or cancel the job til next season. Clubs have many players they all can play, if they are not going to use them, cancel this season.

      1. Kev82 says:

        Exactly Reggie PL clubs have many players to call upon but they would rather create a massive backlog than use the squad! Might as well forfeit the season now.

        1. Reggie says:

          Then when a backlog is created Kev, they will moan there is not enough time between games and the players are tired. Teams are allowed squads of 25 so 15 tested with covid would arguably create problems so set that as a limit and games can still be played. Its the same for all and if not cancel the season.

          1. Argooner says:

            Why cancel the season? The world cup is already messing up next year’s schedule, so why not roll the two seasons into one?

            1. Reggie says:

              No need to cancel anything if teams were told to utilise their squads instead of whats happening. My point is cancel the season if the clubs dont want to do that. Why have a squad of 25 plus youth products and stop games when 5 or 6 are out due to covid.

  4. Argooner says:

    Given that AFCoN is coming up, and then the winter world cup, how about taking a break until February/March, then completing the season until November with a break during the “hot” summer period, and starting the next season in 2022 after Qatar? Is there any reason that the English season couldn’t run Feb-Dec with a summer break, other than tradition?

  5. jon fox says:

    KEVIN PHILIPS IS SPEAKING NONSENSE. Unles there is some sort of fair as possible competition through the Prem , then you are better off not playing any foorball at all. Without fairness – at least as much as possible, given the vast financial discrepancies between clubs – the game itself is pointless. To play a loaded and lopsided PREM would be ridiculous.

    1. Argooner says:

      Perhaps his comment goes to fairness. If teams have enough professionals to play, why aren’t they? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency regarding which games get canceled, and the fixture pile up that will follow may also be unfair as teams that were able to fulfill their obligations are punished by having to play multiple matches in short periods.

    2. Phil says:

      Jon- I have looked very closely at the English Dictionary and I cannot find the word “Unles” that you have included within your post.
      I would wish to point how just how important it is on this site to ensure your spelling is always correct. I believe the Admins are wholly responsible for allowing your post to appear with such an alarming mistake. FFS this is an Arsenal Football Blogsite. There is no excuse for words being incorporated within ANY post that are either wrongly spelt , or in your case, do not exist. The word you most likely intended to use was “Unless”.
      Please pay more attention next time and ask somebody if you feel you are unsure either the correct word to use or how to spell. – Sigh

      1. Admin Pat says:

        Phil, If I am not mistaken I think you have taken the word “alarming” and misused it. I think the word you were looking for was “glaring”….

        1. Argooner says:

          Shhhh Pat, your agenda is showing 😋

          1. Admin Pat says:

            sorry as you get older you start forgetting to do up the buttons!

        2. Phil says:

          AdPat- please accept my most sincere apologies. Now, looking back at what I wrote, the word “Glaring” should have been included and not “Alarming” which as we all know is the word for when we are turning on the burglar alarm as we leave the house.
          I am myself alarmed and the most glaring mistake I made. It must not happen again

  6. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    There are many reasons to stop in COVUD19 outbreaks. One of which us to keep opponent’s players/camp uninfected.
    As Arteta said, leave decision to professionals but there has to be a clear rule or set of rules to the decisions.
    Leeds played with many absents…
    Anyways, any decision made will be controversal.

  7. Val says:

    i cant agree with play your youngsters instead of postponements.

    with the state of competition in the league, money involved and its alot, it just wouldnt be fair to any club if they are repeatedly told to play with u21’s or younger to make up the numbers.

    I’m sorry but that takes away competition and could cost clubs their league status, positions etc.
    especially when the circumstances are not in your control.

    i would rather call the league off completely than tell clubs you have to field your kids every game if you have covid issues.

    Philips needs his tiny pea brain tested

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