Theo convinced Arsenal will challenge for the League

Arsenal have recovered from their frustrating defeat to West Ham on the opening day of the season and have steadily climbed up the table and are now joint third with Manchester United. Although the team has not been firing on all cylinders we have been creating the chances and have been scraping by in all our wins, but as Theo Walcott says, it is getting the points that matter at this stage of the season.

Walcott said: “It’s important to see Arsenal in the top four [in the Premier League]. When people say we’re not playing great, we’re starting to get to where we want to be. That’s the sign of a good team, if you’re steady going but you’re getting the results.

“It’s all about results at this moment in time, getting the three points. No one is going to remember the start of the season. When we do hit form people will be more and more worried. I’m sure of that. So this Arsenal team can go far if we really actually believe in it, and a lot of the players do at the moment.

“Every game is going to be tough but I believe in this team and I think that’s important. We’ve had seasons where we’ve had very bad injuries but there’s a lot of competition for places now which is healthy for the team.

“We’ve got a lot of competitions which we are in and we want to compete in those, compete in the Premier League, to challenge for the title this time. You can sense that Chelsea are starting to struggle this season but they’re the champions and I’m sure they’ll bounce back from this. We just need to worry about ourselves and we’re slowly climbing up there.”

Next Saturday’s test at Stamford Bridge will be our biggest test so far, but the Gunners are hitting form while Chelsea have already lost three games (as many as they lost in the whole of last season!) and are looking very vulnerable right now. This is a great chance for us to rubber stamp our title credentials.

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. OT: am surprised to read that Mourinho is planing of taking over at Arsenal if he got a chance after chelsea, guys will you take him?? I personally won’t though I want a new manager at arsenal but respectful one for that matter. How about you??

      1. I don’t want Mourinho. Not because he’s a piece of shit in Chelsea, but because his records show he’s no good after his third season. I want a manager for Arsenal who will be all about continuity, not short term success like Mourinho brings. That rules out Guardiola as well, because his year to year-contracts doesn’t really say “If I do my things good in this club, I want to retire in it”. Klopp or De Boer, those are the guys I’d take in a heartbeat.

      2. i don’t think Mourinho is the right guy for us, i don’t know about you guys but Evertons manager Roberto Martinez is a class act in his game and personality i think he could do well at arsenal

      3. Maureen big dirty filthy mouth is a very extreme embarassement to me.

        but on the other hand, maybe if we could put his “determined persistence to win BRAIN”, remove the arrogance brain cells from maureen, and exchange it to WENGERS OLD BRAIN, I think it would be a fantastic idea.

        I wouldn’t mind the new modified BRAINY wenger then will be arsenal manger till he is dead.

  1. I hate the media – just forces players to say stuff then reads too much into what they say…
    would you have expected him to say that we cant challenge for the league..

  2. Good interview from Theo. The players and coaching staff have to stay grounded and focused and really challenge for titles this time around. The injury excuse wont work this time around as these are almost certain every season at Arsenal and a way around it should have been found.

    Chelsea will definitely be a massive game, it has the ability to disturb our recent improvement or stringboard us into great form with a win. No better time to beat Jose while he looks as though his about to loose it. We should expect a rough game, full of fouls trying to disturb our game and counter attacks as the blue bus tactic will be employed.

    That’s for the weekend though, lets start our UCL campaign in style with a win.

  3. Just curious. If you were Chelsea manager what could you have done differently to the squad over the transfer window to prevent this collapse? It’s shocking you could dominate the league just few months ago and then be struggling for points the following season. Could happen to us or any other team.

    1. My guess is that most of the players have lost the hunger
      after winning the league, That’s why it is even harder to retain a championship and of course all your opponents try that bit harder against you as you are the champions.
      Not only that, I think most of the players are now sick of moaningHO, Especially with the way he got their medical team the sack!… Who wouldn’t miss that sexy hot fit physiotherapists? ?

      1. I dont think Eva is that hot, think the players concentrating more on Mathilde Mourinhno and her revealing outfits…

      2. Good comments fatboy.

        Yeah, i think arsenal shoul hire more HOT physios in the field right now,

        so when in emirates stadium, result is horrible, at least fans at emirates and at home watching TV, can turn his despair to watch HOT GIRLS.

        pLEASE make it happened……………

  4. Nothing new in that interview,
    Same old chat, stating the obvious.
    It’s funny how all the butt licking ends up making the players talk and sound like Wenger ?
    He must be very proud of Walcott,
    For mentioning the 4th spot priority!

    Any team or person that enters a race or competition is a potential challenger,
    even if they don’t stand a real chance of actually winning it!
    As always, action speak louder than words,
    So please spare me the blah blah bull? theo ?
    Do some more target practice instead boy!
    and save the interviews for the day when you can put away half your chances ?

  5. I think Wenger is now realizing that having players in direct competition will work in the long run. Walcott is a different tipe of forward but maybe Giroud lacks competition. And Walcott must deliver now once Wenger listened to his wishes.

    1. i agree with you Budd
      but great players have their own internal competition likes of Sanchez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, they are not going to need competition for their place any day soon.

  6. i think our biggest game in terms of the opponent is Chelsea next sat yes.
    but if we lose there it isnt a crime (unles itsa 8-2..granted)
    the games in the league that we shluld win are at home to no matter who, a draw to our direct rivals its not bad as visitors.
    Dont get me wrong I want a win and I think the timing is perfect.
    We know what perfect timing does to us.

    Lets focus on the NEXT game first,which is crucial for our ucl aspirations and ucl is too short and has the opportunities counted.

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