Theo Walcott believes that Arsenal “will be even better” next season

Arsenal is just one game away from winning its first league title in years. All they need is for Manchester City to drop a few points and win their last game of the season versus Everton — it’s that straightforward. It’s pretty cool to see Arsenal actually making the title race interesting for once, going all the way to the last day of the season.

As we eagerly await the thrilling conclusion of this title race, former Gunner Theo Walcott is already foreseeing a promising 2024/25 season for Arteta’s team. Walcott believes that Arsenal will be even better next season, emphasizing that once Arteta makes every “Emirates faithful” a believer, this Arsenal team will be unstoppable.

“They have done everything right up until now,” Walcott said on the BBC. “You have to give credit to Mikel Arteta, and the whole set-up there, he has changed the whole atmosphere, the stadium and the fans – the belief, I think the belief in the main thing now.

“It is sort of draining, you can feel it in the atmosphere. I think they are going to be better next year. I think City will but I think Arsenal will and it will be interesting for everyone to see again.”

This young Arsenal team has made impressive progress this season, with broken records, impressive statistics, passionate performances, and dominant displays. The Gunners have been making some great progress, especially with their impactful signings the last two summers.

Hopefully, those who join this summer will improve the team even more. That said, it’s clear that they are on track to improve even further. And luckily, we’ll be here to witness them gain experience and reach their peak years.


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  1. That Theo Walccotr’s believe is what all of us Arsenal are hoping for it to see it happens next season for Arsenal.
    But as for tonight’s Epl big game match at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium between the Lilliwhites and the Citizens and as its concerned Arsenal.
    I am seriously praying and hoping not to see anything in the match. That will make me to exclam any Argh! As the game is being played up to the fulltime of it.
    But exclam WOW! Arsenal have regained the control of the league from Man City tonight to win the title this season..

  2. Let’s work on Theo’s dream for us next season, this season
    is a learning curve for the club. We are not there jet, but
    with a clever summer and a good preseason we´ll be
    stronger and have a team to be afraid off. The Fa should
    deduct some points off City for at least one of the 115 charges made.. other wise they are a joke, and cowards..

  3. If we can replicate the form os the second half of the season over 38 games it will be unbelievable.

    Not only is this a young side but a young side full of bright players willing to learn lead by a manager who believes players can always improve.

    We will get better.

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