Theo Walcott predicts an ex-Arsenal star to replace Guardiola at Man City

Theo Walcott has surprisingly tipped a former Arsenal player to replace Pep Guardiola as the manager of Manchester City.

City has become the most successful football club in the Premier League in recent seasons because of Guardiola.

The Spaniard does not seem prepared to leave the Manchester club just yet, but he will eventually exit the Etihad.

City knows this, and they are probably already eyeing some managers to replace him.

Mikel Arteta worked under Guardiola for a long time as an assistant at the Etihad before leaving to take up the challenge of rebuilding Arsenal.

Ideally, he is the man to consider as a replacement for Pep, but Walcott believes one former Arsenal player who can do the job is Cesc Fabregas.

He reveals why, as quoted by Football365:

“He’s a born winner, very similar to the way you see someone like Xabi Alonso or a Mikel Arteta or even a Pep Guardiola coming through.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Fabregas was a successful midfielder when he played and most successful managers were midfielders.

However, Fabregas still has to prove his worth before he can get such an important job.

City will name someone who is already successful in management as a replacement for Guardiola and not a rookie coach.

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  1. Never going to happen, not a Byrd in the wool City supporter in the world who will allow that rat Fabregas to replace Pep, we all remember well and will never forget what he did to Fernandinho while he was at Chelsea. Hate him with a passion.

      1. Hope you haven’t forgotten the 115 charges as well?!
        Your corrupt club is hated with a passion across the PL… apart from the equally detestable spud fanbase that is.
        Birds of a feather flock together.

          1. Indeed, all achieved by cheating the system.
            Fancy selling the soul of your club for some trophies that will soon be taken away!!
            Of course, if they were innocent, they would want it cleared up immediately – I wonder why their not cooperating?

            Don’t know about blue moon, it will be blue murder when they’re kicked back down to the third tier again 💙💙💙

            1. Great, Ken. You talk about the important things. To save football Manchester FFP 115 must be punished – without mercy. And their stolen titles should go to those clubs who have been robbed. Three times United (12, 18, 21); three times Liverpool (14, 19, 22) and two times Arsenal (23, 24).
              The sport won’t survive otherwise. Isn’t there anyone in the FA organization that can think of the consequenses?

  2. Man City defending their crimes in front of a Rackets Committee should be fun to watch. But they are waiting to long for the aktion. It’s like FA in their rotten hearts want to give the mob a chance to get away with murder.
    This waiting is hurting Arsenal much more than spurs deliberately losing a football match. The Gunners deserve and have the right to the EPL title for 23/24. And they want it now!

  3. Provided he succeeds at his newly promoted side Como. I’m curious about what his football looks like before i can pass a verdict.

  4. I think they will come to a settlement because the Premier League could be badly tarnished as a result.

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