Theo Walcott wants to be more like Ronaldo!

At the grand old age of 26, Theo Walcott feels it is time to kick on in his career for Arsenal and England. He feels like he is playing well most of the time, but wants to more like Ronaldo by being more consistent and influencing every single game. “If I want to be known as one of the great players, I need to perform for England and Arsenal on a consistent basis.” he said.

“It’s been a gradual process to get here, but these have to be my years. I’m at the age where I need to push on, without a doubt.

“I’ve got to take my Arsenal form into England matches, which will be a big step for me. My career has all been patches. It hasn’t been at a consistent level. I know that in myself. What makes a great player? Well, positive thinking is always important, and so is actually affecting the game.

“You look at players like Ronaldo. Sometimes he might be completely quiet in a game, but then he will do ­something that matters and that’s all people will remember. I think big players need to turn it on in big games.

“When I’ve been given the opportunity this season, I’ve managed to prove myself.

“But just doing that on a more consistent basis is the next step. I think that when you’re needed in these big games, you need to stand up for yourself.”

Theo is obviously in a confident mood after helping the Gunners to their FA Cup victory, but now he needs to fire England into the Euro Finals as well. We all know that when Walcott is fit and playing regularly he can be devastating to our opponents, but his never-ending Achilles Heel is the fact that he rarely completes more than half a season for Arsenal, as his nine-year average of 20 games and 10 subs appearances testify. The last two seasons have even seen those figures reduced to an average of 10 games and 10 subs.

Walcott must forget about trying to become the Ronaldo of Arsenal and England – and start concentrating on keeping himself fit before getting ahead of himself….

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  1. He has a habit to tllk him self big. Sign your contract and shut up. His whole career was hyped up from tha start. First with 16 years playing in a big competition for the england side, then he got snuped after it from one competition to another. He wears the nr 14 yersey and loved to compare himself to the king, and know look at him nowdays.

    You have proved nothing. Thats why Arsenal will always strugle bec players at Arsenal think that they are good enough.

      1. I am not saying that he is a bad player. But to me he is an inferiour winger not worth to be compared to players he loves to compare himsel with. And he is a not a striker. He lacks the brain, moves and the body to be a top striker.

        Welbeck> Walcott. Winger poz
        Giroud>Walcott. Striker poz

        Competition is weak, still they are better then him and this tells us a lot about our team. We need more quality.

        1. The title suggests they wants to be like Ronaldo but if you read it he’s not comparing himself to Ronaldo he talked about his positive attitude. He even says his career has been patchy and inconsistent. He’s improved massively before his injury and he’s was great since his return Wenger’s not wanted to rush him back and rightly so why risk another injury. Great player’s were once nobody so why can’t Walcott become great if he keeps playing like he did in the last two games then he definitely can. What’s wrong with having the attitude of wanting to be a great player? It’s not being cocky just wanting to be the pest player he can be and if anything I praise his attitude and hope he keeps the desire to be and carry on being great.

          1. wats with the hating. he is only talking about ronaldos consistency in relation to his health. theo has surfered more injuries compared to ronaldo.

          2. Whippets down grow in to lions it’s a biological thing … The sad fact is that wenger will keep Walcott and pamper to his dilusional belief that he is a cf in the making .. All the more urgency of bringing in an attacking option in the aguerro mould … Could be a long summer for gunners fans… At least those who don’t think third place is cause for hype and ecstasy but actually want us to be challenging for top honours we have in the past

  2. I like his attitude he’s determined to be a top player. He’s very focused his attitude And determination seemed to improve a couple of seasons ago and his performances also improved. His injury was a massive set back but it doesn’t seem to have effected his quality if he can remain injury free I see no reason why he won’t become a real top player. He probably will never be as good as Ronaldo but not only is Ronaldo very skilled it’s is attitude and determination to be the best that separates him from the rest.

    1. he will probably never be as good as ronaldo?!
      probably?! bahahaha no mate NEVER- NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY CLOSE
      really man- loooll, thats a huge insult to ronaldo

      ur confusing determination with him talking too much-
      his attitude maybe focused but he also shows an arrogance he hasnt earned yet performance wise

      i like theo but he bugs me with his incessant talking, arrogance etc.

      1. read the article not just the title I’m not confusing anything. Nothing arrogant about what he says. Nothing wrong with wanting to be a great player and the attitude / mind frame of players help’s them massively.

        Probably means almost certainly but he’s capable of being a top player.

        People will always bug you if you don’t actually read things and make presumptions.

        1. i dont base it on this article, in general he makes outlandish statements, bold claims he hasnt earned, one hat trick an his mouth shoots off, happens every time…mr i should be a centre forward an guaranteed that at arsenal.

          one set of quotes from theo an thats ur whole opinion on his attitude? really?!
          he is arrogant ..i base that on the broad spectrum of quotes hes given.

          1. one set of quotes from theo an thats ur whole opinion on his attitude? really?

            Yeah your right this is the first thing I’ve ever seen or heard Theo say? Stop making assumptions and turning them into facts.

            He seems like a pretty well spoken down to earth lad from everything I’ve seen and heard. He wants to prove himself as top player you need that attitude in everything you do it’s not a bad quality.

            1. Theo is naive. He wasn’t available for most of the season, consequently contributed little, yet he is now advising that he needs to focus on England and Arsenal so he’s ‘not worried about his contract and leaving that to get sorted in the next few weeks’…I quote him loosely. Well that’s all well and good ie he’s focussed on something positive but hmmm if there is a problem then what is arsene supposed to do… walk into next season with theo in his last year again, leave it so late he can’t sell and get a replacement? A cynic could says he’s blackmailing arsenal by stalling on his contract to try to block a move for another striker. Once he’s signed, he has no leverage or option to demand anything.

              Likewise the comments above, nothing wrong at face value, but the again he’s hardly played, let alone been a frequent contributor………and is a mile away from being what he aspires to be ie a consistent contributor. So there is a foot in mouth problem with theo, that lacks humility or awareness. He’s naive at best.

              Ambition is all well and good but at 26 he’s not an 18 year old talking about his dreams he’s a very well paid and established premier league footballer who has yet to show the potential that many thought he had. There are still as many questions as answers.

              I like theo and would prefer he stayed. He’s an asset and a unique player who has something different to offer. So last, albeit I think fair comment. He also said today that his injury ‘came at just the right time so he could spend time with his new son’. Well again I would say the same thing. He is in his own dreamy world. Does he think any gooner will say ‘yeah so glad you got to spend a nice time with your young son’ when we were light on the wing and up front all season? Clearly, Theo would have preferred to be playing, but his comments are irrelevant to many and like other examples present a strange naivety, lack of empathy and self obsession.

              He’s best keeping his head down, signing his contract now and making sure next season he shows the world what he really can do.

  3. I have it on good authority that Danny Wellbeck is off to Barcelona this summer! He is renting a three bedroom holiday villa with private pool before heading to Malaga for one week more.

  4. the worst thing arsene can ever do in his career is to sell Walcott.. watch him..he will become one of the most sought player in two years time…
    hold on him and utilize him wenger

    1. is that a joke? Walcott is decent but is never going to be world class. Can’t even stay fit and still thinks he’s a striker. Two good games against midtable teams dont make him a striker. Against better defenders he would be made silly in Europe for sure.

  5. We MUST sign top class striker regardless of Walcott next season position, if he wants to continue playing RW then fine otherwise he will find tough competition upfront which is also fine.
    Good luck Walcott with your wishes … it is good to be ambitious

    1. some people just have strong opinions and get into arguments easily. Its not the same as trolling which is just essentially making fun of a user. I think this is what people are talking about. People shuldnt be punished just for expressing themselves unless it just turns into purely verbal abuse.

  6. OziL wants champions League gLory with ArsenaL………. Is he wanting too much?

    WaLcott wants to emuLate RonaLdo…… If achieveable, then how bad is that?

  7. Don’t get the hate to the dude, it’s never wrong to set a target for yourself and neither to look ahead, him wanting to prove himself for both club and country and also wanting to be like one of the best players currently can never be a bad thing can it?

  8. The warning on this site to ban members for expressing their opinion is very discouraging.As a lawyer I don’t see how you can identify a troll on the basis of expression of opinion.Freedom of Expression of is a universal human right superior than administrative rules,why gag members?

    1. Opinion is fine, but if you call someone an idiot for expressing their opinion then that is NOT condoning freedom of expression. I may not agree with many of my readers a lot of the time, but I will defend their right to have their own opinion without being abused for it…

  9. Nothing wrong with working to improve your game but…….

    Walcott needs to just be the best Walcott he can be. Several years back when he was struggling to find consistent form Walcott kept trying to do things he did not do naturally. He tried to be a finesse player with intricate/convoluted passing abilities (like Fabregas) and frankly it was a disaster.

    No matter what else happens, Theo needs to understand his 3 biggest assets and embrace them completely – pace, pace, and more pace. Some years back several Barca players were asked if any Arsenal players worried them. They did not mention RVP or Fabregas, rather they cited Walcott. Unless there is an injury, pace does not go out of form.

  10. I’d prefer Walcott and Alexis stay as wingers. That’s where they excell the most and can score plenty of goals.

    If Walcott is demanding to be a CF (to be fair we don’t know if he is or not) then Wenger should not give in.

    We need experienced CFs like Giroud. Also Welbeck is a winger to be fair. His finishing a holding of the ball is not as good as Giroud.

    I would get another top CF like Lacazette, Martinez, Cavani, Higuain to be our main CF with Giroud and Walcott can be our 3 rd CF playing occasionally in that position

    I think Walcott needs to prove he can be a good CF by performing well on the few occasions when he plays up front before we make him a permanent CF. He hasn’t proven it yet.

    1. exactly. Walcott is no striker, and i really hope Theo didnt convince Wenger that he is. Walcott, Giroud, and Welbeck as our strikers will never win us premier league or UCL.

  11. Well Cristiana isn’t a 9. He comes from the wing. Winger wise even if he is an a** he is good….very ver good….excellent player actually.
    So if Theo wants to be more like him in terms of influencing the score for arsenal to win….go for it!

  12. What’s the saying?…

    Think it’s ‘TALKING a good game’.

    I like theo. he is a good pro and optimistic young lad. But a WC striker he ain’t.

    Sign your contract, speak less, work hard and earn your substantial weekly wage. Play a lot, effect games more and then the status you would like to achieve may come.

    Just My £100,000 per week.

  13. Good to see somethings never change!

    What is it with some Arsenal fans, they always seem to have a target to spit their bile at, in the past couple of years it’s been Szczesny, Ramsey, Ozil, Mertesacker and now Walcott. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but slating someone for talking about their ambitions and aspirations is just wrong!

    Theo has never been anything but professional both on and off the field, of course he’s trying to get the best deal for himself, and in the current market of ridiculous salaries he can ask for more than he’s currently getting, if Arsenal don’t pay it, someone else will. I don’t want to see him playing for another Premier League team, and coming back to bite us on the arse, which is what will happen, mark my words.

    As for his comment regarding being injured, I understand this as well, he had a new baby who needed heart surgery, of course he was pleased to be able to be around for him and his wife at what must have been a very worrying time, I wouldn’t expect anything less to be honest, family comes first (or should) every time.

    What I want to see is him sign a new contract with Arsenal, and push on to be as good as I, and he, thinks he can be.

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