There are always two sides of the coin with Arsenal

There are always two sides of the coin with Arsenal! by KM

Hi guys. So I’ll take us back to the Watford game for a second, where we managed a 3:0 win in the end. That doesn’t tell the whole story. In the first half we missed some chances and for 60 minutes Watford were up for the challenge, but then in a swift move we finished them off in 12 minutes.

Aaron Ramsey squandered some good chances, but eventually he scored a deflected goal which he badly needed. The guy finds the space, but his finishing is way off what it was two years ago. I think he will be the native replacement of Cazorla in the middle, but on the wing at the moment he really is trying his best and I hope a few more goals will restore his confidence.

Overall with Arsenal you just never know. We might go sloppy, underestimating smaller teams, scoring own goals and looking comic in defense, or we might blow teams away. But even though it’s so pulsating, it kind of feels familiar in the end.

We will have that period of the year where we are doing really great, keeping up that championship form, then there will be a period where we fall into hibernate mode and we wake up in the end to grab that third or fourth place. Or it could be the other way around, where we start really good, then slump at the end and miss on the title by 7 – 10 points.

We are like Pandoras box. Everything can come out of Arsenal but in the end hope is left. Can we do it over the whole season? Next year will be our year. That is ongoing since 2008, but there is a disturbance in the force of late. The financial restrictions excuse is no longer bought and the media is now judging Arsene as they would judge the best in England.

Even some of the die hard fans, start to judge Arsene against League titles not top 4 trophies. Interesting times to be an Arsenal fan, with some sort of success returning with two back to back FA cups and Community Shields. The end of Wenger’s reign is also close and even the boss realizes this.

Wenger records start to fall one by one, for example he recently lost the “I haven’t lost to lower league opposition in the cups” and now the group stage passing is on the ropes too. That will leave him just the top 4 finishes left.

So Bayern up next. One of the best run football clubs on the planet with a wealth of talent and probably the best striker there is in times where truly great Centre-Forwards are a rare breed. If we don’t beat Bayern and Olympiacos wins against Zagreb it’ll be pretty much over for our hopes.

Although Bayern have been the ultimate winning machine this season, this game could go each way. We have to score first this time. Last time we faced them at the Emirates we had a wild start, missed a penalty and ended up with 10 men and a 2-0 defeat.

Wenger said we will attack Bayern. We really do not have much of a choice. We must score first. Out of five games in which we’ve conceded first, we’ve lost 4 with Leicester the only exception. Walcott will most likely be our main striker. We need to repeat what happened with United. Go gung-ho, eat every yard of the pitch up. Put them under pressure and score first. Then if they go forward punish them on the break.

Easier said than done against a well oiled German winning machine. Their weak point (if their is any) is the defense. Alaba is a great player, but the rest of the back four can be exploited. They have some injuries, but their squad is so spoiled of choice when it comes to talent, that this would hardly mean we will have it easy.

They have probably the best keeper around, but their strike force will be the main problem. Can we contain Lewandowski? Defense is our weakest point, albeit Cech helping us to some good 5 clean sheets in the league, what we will face on Tuesday will be on a different level. The center backs are our main concern. We had some recent injuries with Koscielny and now Gabriel, and Mertesacker will have problems with the pace of Bayern.

The midfield will need to help out in defense. Coquelin and Cazorla will be key. Up front you can expect Alexis, Ozil and Ramsey, with Walcott up front. I fear for Alexis, because he had a small problem and still played all the games, but this is probably our last chance to prove ourselves worthy of the Champions League and we will hardly rest him. Will we rest Cech though? I don’t know, he just runs so much every game.

Jokes aside, if Wenger rests him, it will be just disrespectful to the fans, Bayern and the Champions League. I’m hoping for a sneaky 2:1 win, but I’ll take any result that will give us a chance to go through. If we lose, might as well sack Europe and go for the title, where we are in a good position.

Whatever happens, it should be a good game. Enjoy.


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  1. The only way to play Bayern is to go all out and attack. That means playing Walcott, OX and Sanchez and bringing Ramsey, Giroud and Arteta to stabilize things later on. Who knows, we could even see a high-scoring 4-3 win 🙂

    1. Ramsey is a better play but he needs to balance his body especially when he has the ball. He looks like falling when he has the ball and the style make him very uncomfortable to possess the ball and always looks like he is loosing control. But generally, i like his altitude and mentality and it might be the factor of playing him at the expenses of Ox-ch.

  2. What’s with the Aaron Ramsey bashing (not so much on this article but overall) ? I know he hasn’t been brilliant in terms of his shooting but he hasn’t been disappointing. I really like the guy. Technically brilliant and incredible workrate. Not to mention how quickly he shifts defense to attack and his sublime combo with Bellerina.
    p.s. I hope jack wilshere comes back quicker along with lead guitarist TR7.

  3. OT
    I will only provide one argument for Ramsey on the right wing debate:
    We have won more games with Ramsey on right wing instead of Ox, and that’s a FACT.
    Same can be said for defensive performances. Also, he has linked up very well with the likes of Cazorla, Sanchez and Ozil in attack. However, this doesn’t rules out that he only focuses on attack, which I believe that he won’t.

    I expect (and hope) Ramsey not to try any difficult pass which leads to losing possession and a quick counter, either he provide a simple pass (or cross if possible), and give his defensive contribution as well. If he limits to this, I am happy with it.

  4. can u ever write an article without mocking arsene or wishing his reign to come to an end it is ok sometimes but every time come on man give it a break on to our defence there are only 2 games in this season where team’s overall defensive performance can be taken to doubt first was pool because of both first team defenders out second is olympiakos where u can point to team not defending so well on corner that also was actually an individual mistake by ospina which changed the game so our defence is doing good job give credit where it is due of course it would be interesting to see whether we can contain the most inform team in Europe .I think we are set for one hell of a match. Also 2008 was meant to be our year if not for that injury to Eduardo

    1. There are 19 teams in the PL and they cannot all be up there in the top 4 but we always are. The money side came up last week and our wage bill is up there with the big spenders but we made the biggest profit and have no debt, and no sugar daddy. As for whether we will hold out and win something who knows but it seems likely and what cheers me is how the media have changed about us. We can catch City, none of us are invincible because the league is so tough these days. Bayern will be worried as we have to win all our matches and they will not want to lose two against us. Good luck chaps.

    2. “Incredibly” someone else noticed Konstantin’s obsession with Wenger. I totally agree. The guy starts with one point, but by 2nd or 3rd paragraph he’s already completely forgotten what he was talking about, and continues on with Wenger bashing. He actually makes some decent points here and there, but his hatred for our legendary manager is what turns me completely off, and makes me question his motives, as well as his support for our club.

  5. we should target suarez lewandowski aguero and silva next summer
    our starting lineup would then be
    suarez lewandowski
    sanchez bellerin
    silva cazorla
    le coq
    monreal gabriel

  6. Listen Baby Please

    We have a WC keeper, but overall our defense is weaker than Bayern

    We have an excellent midfield with Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil and Alexis

    However up front =
    Lewandowski > Walcott
    Lewandowski >>>>>>>>>>>>Giroud

    It will be a HUGE challenge for our defense to hold Lewandowski, but not impossible

    Remember one match against Barcelona a few years ago when Koscielny owned Messi

  7. i have observed the ox has been trying to improve his defensive play recently(especially the Olympiacos game. he was working very hard defensivly. unfortunately he deflected… he deflects too much. i should call him ‘the deflctor’. anyways, as much as we need his services, i don’t trust him to be up to it especially in this kind of big game. but with most of the players being tired, i think he might start. and koss and Gabriel must start. if they don’t, we won’t stand a chance. but if they do i think we might even win. and if we win against byrn, the most in form team in Europe, we might even win th cup…(sorry. i might have taken it too far)

  8. just annoys me how u guys can’t see d real danger……its not lewandosky, the real danger is Muller, lewandosky depends on his midfield’s services but Muller can do it allone!!

    1. Not really. Muller is king poacher. Pops up in the box when you don’t expect him and gets the goals.

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