There are Arsenal positives despite hysterical headlines

It is not all doom and gloom at the Emirates despite the feral media headlines.

Looking at some of what is being reported today you would have thought Arsenal are facing extinction. But as is always the case, there are positives among the hysteria.

On here I have put out quite a few articles analysing the atmosphere at the club and so I accept that I can be accused of being a part of the frenzy. Therefore I think it is only fair we look at some of the positives that are clearly there.

Kieran Tierney

It is evident to me that the young lad is going to be massive. He has already shown that he has a long future on the left and will be part of the defensive core in the future.

Gabriel Martinelli

The Brazilian is seriously talented. Who can argue with Jurgen Klopp who called the 18-year-old the talent of the century?

William Saliba

To start off with ignore the idiotic headlines about Real Madrid wanting him. Of course, they do, he is apparently doing the business in France but he is an Arsenal player, plain and simple.

Eddie Nketiah

He is the future in my opinion and in a few years will form a partnership with Martinelli, of that I am certain. Even with limited playing time at Leeds, he is scoring for fun whenever given a chance. Be that with England youth or with the Yorkshiremen.

Bukayo Saka

He is still raw but he has already shown he will be an integral part of Arsenal for years to come.

Joe Willock

He is growing into his role and will get better and better, his goal against Liverpool showed his ability and there will be a lot more to come from the young man.

Freddie Ljungberg

The former Gunner is gaining experience all the time, he has the players support. He could easily be the next Arsenal manager, what is it they say? One of our own. Well, Freddie is definitely one of our own.

Financial stability

Say what you like about the owners but you cannot deny that they run the club very sensibly from a financial perspective.

Arsenal is not Tottenham

I mean, things could be worse for Arsenal, they could be in the same state that Spurs are in right now.

I could go on, there is much more to be positive about, Nicolas Pepe as an example. Things may be bad right now but it will not always be like this. The future is bright, even if we cannot see it right now.


  1. Grandad says:

    At last, an article which looks on the brighter side and with justification.We have a clutch of really talented youngsters who are being let down by an experienced group of players who the Manager can’t see past.Despite our poor run and the doom and gloom which surrounds every point dropped we are not far away from being a good side.One top quality centre back and defensive midfielder would go a long way towards sorting out our problems.

    1. GunneRay says:

      You’re right Grandad about having a top quality CB but we still need to change the manager too!

      Our problems are in our style of play. We do work hard enough for the ball and when we have the ball we don’t know what to do with it. If you look at the Opta stats for the last game we didn’t shoot at goal after the 32nd minute. We were last to everything and first to nothing. We won 28% of aerial duels for crying out loud?!*

      Our football all over the pitch is missing one big ingredient, togetherness (As Arsene used to say). We look disjointed. The youngsters would thrive under a manager who is capable of playing the “Arsenal way”!!

      1. GunneRay says:

        Sorry, meant to say “We DON’T work hard enough for the ball”..

  2. Declan says:

    Of course we’ve got some decent players. All we need is a decent coach.

  3. nyuku milton says:

    arsenal could still be a good team

  4. Michael Chibondo says:

    For almost 20 years Arsenal played in the Champions league now it is only ‘a dream come true.’ It is sad to say that is what we bargained for but that is the reality. We cannot continue to cover up failure with transformation or anything to that effect. Unai Emery is not fit for a huge club like Arsenal; he needs reminding that we are home to the invincibles.17 points at this stage is not what Arsenal must entertain at whatever cost, never!

    1. Tom says:

      Please say it again so most people who keep saying this coach needs time should hear… When u see a team that is making progress you will know from the way they play and tonsome extent the result. Thus team to me lacks both, no direction, style and identity. Enough has been said already, it’s time for the coach to accept that his chances of taking this club forward is almost nonexistent

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