There are clear signs that midfielder could leave Arsenal in January

Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira refuses to commit his future to Arsenal.

The signs are clearly there that Lucas Torreira could be on his way out of the Emirates as early as January.

Torreira is definitely not happy right now and clubs like Atletico Madrid are rumoured to be interested in his services.

Asked about interest from other clubs, he told Uruguayan radio station Sport 890 as cited by The Metro: ‘Today Arsenal needs me to be focused. I can’t start talking about another team.

‘I need to be focused and when the transfer window arrives we will see what will happen.’ He added: ‘I don’t know what can happen in the future. But I wish I could play in Boca. It’s a dream that I have for what that institution represents.’

Those comments are very telling, he does not commit his future to Arsenal in any way, in fact, one could argue he is hinting very strongly he wants to leave.

It is understandable why he is unhappy. He has been relegated to the bench for much of this season and has started just four league games for the Gunners.

He has also been moved further forward from his preferred defensive midfield position, a position he clearly excels in if his international form is anything to be judged by.

Hopes were very high that Torreira would be a crucial part of the team when he signed but unless there is another manager brought in it is hard to see the situation changing.

Of course, there is nothing set in stone and the club do not want to sell him as his agent confirmed. But the signs are there for all to see. He is unhappy and wants to leave.


  1. Heyzee says:

    The sooner we see Emery’s back,the better…else we run the risk of losing our best players…. Auba,Laca,Torreira and the likes

  2. Olaitan Kayode says:

    The comments of Torreira’s agents add the Uruguayan to a list already containing Aubameyang, Lacazette, Leno, Xhaka, Özil & Bellerín in the form of players who are being linked with potential exits. Rather than replacing Emery it would appear that we’d rather lose half the squad.

    1. Liam says:

      Abameyang, Guendouzi, Tierney, Martinelli and Saliba are the only players I wouldn’t consider decent offers for. Our midfield is one of the worst in the league. Selling Ozil, Torriera, Xhaka and Mki and replacing then with Ndidi and Grealish and we are miles better off and two players down. Selling Lacazette and buying a top class left winger would bring the best out Pepe as defences are more stretched. Abameyang can play upfront and Nkietah and Martinelli fight it out for second spot. It’s embarrassing that virtually every premier league team has 3 or 4 who would get in our first 11.

  3. Siamois says:

    If unai has any common sense, he’ll play his best players at their right positions,the reason I was optimistic before the summer transfers window he said he would add physicality to the team,what happened there?we need no nonsense,physical central defenders and a couple of the same asDM,s and then we have enough quality,technical players,what a great mix that would be,Wenger had the perfect mix invicinles…viera keown,Adams.,berkamp,Henry jsnu,pires,Lundberg,Cole sadly the money involved in the game was nothing compared to today’s the stadium,spurs managed to struggle with all the money,tv revenues, sponsorship deals…let go back to basics

  4. AY75 says:

    The decisions are up to the board now, if they’d rather lose a squad they took several windows to assemble, or lose the main reason why the squad is in shambles, we’ll see

  5. Grandad says:

    If Torreria wants to go, sell him to the highest bidder.While he has been played out of his best position by Emery I really don’t see him making it as a DM in the physically demanding PL.Dennis Sakaria would be a more than adequate replacement for him and/or Xhaka.

    1. RSH says:

      Have to agree, Grandad. I’m just overall not as convinced by him as I was earlier in his arsenal career. But players w/ the right manager really can excel. Although I am still glad we dont have Mourinho, I have little doubt that he wouldve shown his true potential if he had a coach like that instead of what is currently there.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Let’s be honest Torreira and his family are unhappy in England due to the weather and language difficulties and are homesick for Italy or preferably Spain, as Spanish is his first language. These distractions, plus the physicality of the EPL have impacted on his play.

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    It is an honour for any player who Arsenal have signed to play for the club. But if any Gunner or Gunners whatever be his status in the club’s 1st team squad and how highly valuable he could be to Arsenal but arrogantly feels without him playing for the club Arsenal will suffer. And any Gunner who has become impatience but wants to force the hands of coach Emery to play him regularly as a starter in the PL and play him in his preferred position in the team. And for any of these reasons wouldn’t want to commit to Arsenal for the longtime is free to seek for greener pasture elsewhere I am so humbly submitting without any reservations. And Arsenal should allow such a player to leave the club provided his leaving them will not be allowed on the free but on the handsome transfer fee payment to Arsenal for his leaving them. And of course thereafter the Gunner or Gunners has/have left the club, Arsenal will move on with or without any of them who wants to leave the club and have left. For, Arsenal always move on.

    At Arsenal, players have been coming to the club to join them. And players have been leaving the club on their own wish and on the club’s wish too who want him or them to leave. But the beautiful thing about Arsenal is, the club remain the club unchanged. Save, for the better.

    1. Restless says:

      Would you reject a new and better job offer to stay with an employee you know is going down and negatively impacting your career?

    2. Restless says:

      I meant employer

  7. Restless says:

    We as Arsenal have a choice. The board can stubbornly hold on to Unai Emery and lose our best players or fire the coach and appoint a coach that can convince the players to stay. I do not expect the players to sacrifice their short career span for Arsenal. Say what you like but a club will sell any player when it serves the club’s interest and players are no different. It is up to the club to create a win-win situation for the club and players. It is hard to see a better future with Emery but the club chose to be stubborn. Then the players will speak with their feet.

  8. Wolfgang says:

    Agree with grandad. The epl is a physically demanding football pitch. We shd have guys like pv4 whose size can intimidate opposition players.

  9. Torreira will play very well if he is played in the right position, as he has shown for Uruguay. Emery is playing him at the wrong position. Emery should go asap or else we risk losing our best players, not only Torreira.

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