There are no excuses for the Aubameyang incident – Racism must be stamped out

As people were debating should Klopp have run onto the pitch or questioned the suitability of Dier’s ‘sssh’ing gesture, news was breaking that a banana skin had been thrown into the direction of Aubameyang. It dawned on me why we have silly rules, such as being booked for removing your shirt, is for the minority of idiots who are ruining the game.

Here I am asking for players to be allowed to show personality, show character; give Derbies moments to remember. Yet the sad reality is the sport’s governing body can see that there is a percentage of grown adults who can’t cope with the trauma of the opposition having a laugh at their expense. Think about that.

Men and women who have families, go to work, who experience adversity daily feel like they can resort to racist hatred once in the bubble of a football stadium. I’d like to say the individual in question must have something wrong with him
to plan such an action. The reality is if his boss asked him to do something he didn’t like or he was in a queue at the post office, abusing another human being would not enter his head.

If I was in front of Dier on Sunday, I wouldn’t have appreciated his celebration but it wouldn’t enter my head to deal with that disappointment any differently to my daily life. I loved at the weekend seeing players care about the shirts they wore, that the fixture meant something. Dier ssshing us made it even sweeter when it was his deflection which gave
us the 3rd goal. But how can we argue that accusations of incitement are out when police have to waste their time on sick bullies?

I have heard some Spurs fans point out that if Auba somersaults anywhere else but in front of them, then the whole saga is avoided. In other words let’s have a rule where a scorer has to return to the half way line, zero emotion. Anyone who even thinks of such a defense needs educating. The moment we use ‘if’ or ‘but’ we are getting away from a zero policy.
Zero policy is the only way forward. You’re never going to 100 percent clean up the industry but the fact that Kick it Out’s research show an increase in cases reflects sanctions are not strong enough.

In the UK we are quick to document racism in other countries being ignored yet how many papers and media outlets give more column inches to Klopp. Is what Klopp did worse then what our striker had to experience? Yet the FA are quick to fine the Liverpool manager while paying lip service to the one incident on Sunday that was against the law.

You might ask what else can be done other than promises to find the culprit and ban him for life? What about a points deduction? What about away fans banned for the next fixture?
Harsh? Extreme? Good!

Maybe that’s the only way people will learn, take away the one thing that makes them become animals. How many Spurs fans would be saying it was Auba’s fault if they saw their actions have an effect on them. Let’s clarify this is not a Spurs issue. I repeat there is an increase in racial incidents. Don’t punish Klopp or Dier for provoking abuse, ask what makes those people think abuse is okay?

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    Of course. But in my opinion, it would still exist for a very long time, despite many people have been trying to minimize it

    I’m sure Aubameyang is already pumped up because of that incident and I expect more goals from him tonight

  2. Sue says:

    Dier is a prat… Alli is a prat… Son is a prat…. the list goes on….
    That was disgusting throwing that banana skin at Aubameyang…. his look said it all… He had the last laugh getting that wonder goal… hope you enjoy your.lifetime ban, I hope it was worth it you complete tool.
    Don’t ever shhhhh us Dier & get back in that shadow #Forever in our shadow

    1. Gily says:

      Just contented I had the last laugh. Let’s take anything they throw at us for the sake of peace, because in this game, people let their emotions control them instead of otherwise. This is the beautiful game of football and not war. It should make people happy and united, not divided and belligerent.
      Of course we can make fun of opponents but just for fun and not something more. So I am just contented with that last laugh and not going to call names.

  3. Okiror says:

    the article about the north london derby memories is now 1 week old can u please allow it go down

  4. NM says:

    Just to add, an interview from the man that threw the banana said that a child next to him had just finished the banana and instinctively picked it up and through it. No racist intention in the action.

    Now whether that is true or not is a different matter, anything thrown is not a condoned action.

    We have to be careful with knee jerk reactions and publishings, the guy will get hopefully get a deserving punishment but even though he is a spud fan he still has a family who can be affected of what is published online that are not involved in his actions.

  5. TOM says:

    no to racism!

    Welbeck, as expected is to leave AFC as sky just confirm we are not to renew his contract. Thank you Welbz for taking us from a position of struggle to maintaining the fall from there was not too much more. Enjoyed his energy and goals.

  6. d says:

    “can resort to racist hatred once in the bubble of a football stadium.” *Can resort to racist hatred once in the bubble of a mob.

    Whether it’s in a stadium or not is a moot point, it’s mob mentality. This person would never have committed such a spineless and hateful act had he been standing on his own.

  7. jon fox says:

    I abhor racism with every fibre of my being and made a detailed post on the original thread on here about that disgusting banana skin being thrown. However, having carefully read and re-read the exact quotes from the man arrested, I find his comments explaining that he is NOT a racist and acted in haste by throwing a banana skin lying next to him on the floor , without thinking of the connotations at all, to be the truth and him not meaning it in any racist way. Moreover, the police who rightly stamp down on racist incidents- at least NOWADAYS though, disgracefully, not years ago – have charged him with throwing a missile BUT NO RACIST CHARGE. To me his comments have the ring of truth and I personally do NOT believe he is a racist . He is Greek Cypriot , lives in Tottenham where it is mostly black people living there and has black people in his own family. THAT does NOT sound to me like the action of a racist, merely that of an idiot. This is just my opinion but I like and insist on being truthful to my self and my own thoughts whenever I post anything at all. I would welcome comments and your opinions please.

    1. Sue says:

      I’m not buying any of that Jon… why throw the bloody thing??? Out of all the things it could have been, it had to be a banana! After watching ‘Out of their skin’ and then seeing that…. disgusting

      1. jon fox says:

        Your choice Sue. I do buy it personally and as you know I hate racism. But I also hate people being wrongly accused for just stupidity, not real racism.

        1. dan says:

          Big coincidence Jon dont you think?
          This guy worried about throwing away litter while player is celebrating a goal?

          1. jon fox says:

            How often do you see an apple orange or pear lyin around thr grounds. I have seen bananas skins many times and have often fbrought one along to eat. I always take the skin to the nearest bin after the game. I also think it suits the agenda of some folk to condemn a stupid action as racist even though the police who thoroughly interviewed this man, saw fit to charge him ONLY with throwing a missile and NOT with racism. Just pointing out the facts for your consideration. If you don’t want to more seriously consider them that is your choice, obviously. He IS guilty of throwing a banana skin and that is admitted but racism is not proved.

          2. dan says:

            But what other reason would he not throw it on floor near feet
            Why would he care about littering but then just throw it on pitch
            Why not just throw it on ground next to his feet lol

  8. ken1945 says:

    Two issues here, one brilliantly done and the other completely unacceptable.

    Dier: We see players from every team do this whenthey have been subjected to abuse from the crowd. Can all those fans who were upset by his reactions honestly say they were not getting backwhat they had given out?
    This is a game that has passion running through it and how sweet it must have been for Dier to run at his tormentors and give it back.
    I don’t know what happened to cause the ructions involving the players after that, but I have no issue with Dier’s finger to mouth hushing motion.

    Aba: I see this as a deliberate act of racism. It doesn’t matter who this neanderthal represents, it’s just despicable and an act of pure provocation.
    Does this guy expect us to believe that someone happened to finish eating just before Aba scored and, as a person who objects to rubbish on the terrace, throws the skin onto the pitch?
    He never expected this incident to make such an impact nationally and is now, like all cowards, trying to blame his actions on to others and lying through his teeth.
    I hope he is publically named and shamed and then has to live with the consequences of his actions.
    I believe any person who indulges in this reprehensive type of action has no place in todays society, what a joke of a man he really is!!

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