Losing to Brentford is hardly a shock – Same old Arsenal

Here we go again!


Should us Arsenal fans be surprised? Not one little bit! Was the result a shock? No, not really! Does it hurt? Well of course it does! Just like every loss.


But that’s what happens when you have a less than impressive transfer window and are then forced into playing some players who (let’s be honest) would not have been in the team if it wasn’t for injuries, and who really need to be sold sooner rather than later.


Handing a debut to Folarin Balogun that came solely on the grounds that our two key strikers of Alex Lacazette and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang were ruled out with “illness”, was not going to end well.


And I bet the two of them were sitting at home watching, not surprised that the result went the way it did. Their unavailability wrote the result before a ball was kicked for me. And I know it’s not great positivity but that’s the truth.


Despite starting well Arsenal failed to take a hold of the game. The play through the midfield saw Xhaka and Lokonga fail to string passes together which begs the belief that it may be best if Xhaka leaves because he has quickly returned to the Arsenal Xhaka rather than the Switzerland Xhaka. And the only bright sparks in the team of 11 was Smith-Rowe and Tierney but again they cannot do it all themselves.


People will say well it is newly promoted Brentford who wanted it more, but given how our next run of fixtures look this would have been a key and most-needed three points to get us on the table. But without a recognised striker it really was going to go one way.


As if this is how we perform against Brentford then I don’t have much hope for the team when they come up against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, and even Tottenham as much as it pains me to say!


When people try to find some positives out of a loss to try and justify certain things then you know things are bad. There are never positives to take out of a loss no matter how much someone tries to kid themselves.


I feel as though a lot of repetitive articles will be written this season especially if things do not change and change quickly.


Our board need to pull their socks up, stick their hand in their pockets and make those signings that we have forever and always been linked with, because if we continue the season with the squad we have at our disposal, and with that squad only, then it will be goodbye Premier League and hello Championship!


Based solely on game one it has taken just 90 minutes to see that it is a new season but the same old Arsenal, and if things do not change quickly then Arsenal will be no more!




Shenel Osman


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  1. Kieron says:

    Woke this morning and bang oh no it wasn’t a dream! 🙁
    Nervous nervous arsenal playing with no confidence or belief….again.

    After yesterday Tierney must be made captain.
    Watching MU now snd thinking of our signings compared to Varanne and Sancho……sigh 🙁

  2. Stephanie says:

    This was a very important match because we have Chelsea and City next. We needed points going into these matches.

    I hope im wrong but we could be looking at 3 losses in a row. Again i hope im wrong

  3. Christopher Loum says:

    Another night mare for Arsenal next weekend on Sunday. Let them keep on doing his and seek when buying players

  4. gotanidea says:

    I predict Arteta will use a three-CB formation, to counter Tuchel’s

    If this prediction is true, he’d better assign Tavares as the LWB and Tierney as the LCB, because Tavares is currently more confident in cutting inside and shooting with his right foot. Tierney can surprise Chelsea by moving forward from time to time, if required

    1. Voyageur says:

      I’ve thought for awhile that our current players are better suited to three CB formation. Interesting that Keown said much the same this morning in an article about how to get the best out of White. If AMN sticks around, RWB is where he shone during the FA Cup run.

      I dont think Arteta will do it though.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Let’s see what’ll happen, because he liked to counter the oppositions with the same formations in 2020

        1. Sylva says:

          Areta can really be rigid sometimes when it is obvious a particular tactics is not working.
          He was practically the reason why we lost yesterday match. Without Auba, Lacazette and Thomas Pathey he could have played Brentford with a different formation even if to draw but don’t lose. Losing 1st game of the season always danpens the players moral. And it’s not easy picking it up against a very I formed Chelsea who didn’t lose any game in pre season matches. Lucky Gunners Lukaku won’t be playing in our next match

    2. Arshita says:

      Arteta must be fired that’s all !!!!!!!!

  5. PJ-SA says:

    I like ESR but I honestly think our fans overrate him. He’s great and all over the pitch but he severely lacks a through ball and his positioning is dire, 2 aspects that a CAM needs to command.

    Watch any game and you’ll see he’s rarely in the CAM position where he should be. I’m sure under a real manager he’d do much better though.

    1. RW1 says:

      You are right … whether he can learn those skills is the big question but right now we need more quality in that position if we are to reverse the decline

    2. VasC says:

      When a player is doing something out of the ordinary consistently every game and yet being picked to start the next game, it must be because of just one reason. He’s doing exactly what he is being told to do. That’s no rocket science.

    3. Phil says:

      ESR was our best player last night. Why? Because he was played in a No10 free role and not pushed out wide. Odegard playing will mean Arteta plays one of them for balance. Odegard offers less of a threat than ESR and I would have thought £40m needs spending on a striker and RB more than Odegard.

  6. Adajim says:

    We say same old arsenal, isn’t?
    This same scenario has occurred before during Wenger and UE and now Arteta.
    The only constant has been the players and the lackadaisical culture, playing nice and getting bullied by teams.

    Is yesterday lost coach fault? Yes 100%
    However, we can sack the coach tomorrow, hire another coach and next year it’s still same old arsenal.

    What am saying is, lack of leadership all round the pitch.
    Take a look at the game, we were struggling to cope with the pace of the game and the opposition were on high spirit , with a proper leader on the pitch we could have broken their spirit by giving one of them an injury Real Madrid did this to Liverpool ucl final, playing nice isn’t always the best tactics in football.

    Look at the second goal, I doubt it would happen in some big teams, your keeper is been disturbed and everyone of you were just looking, instead of someone to go and protect the keeper or the keeper himself faking and injury to force a replay, in order to call his players attention.

    In fact we moan about lack of creativity, how many low crosses did KT wipe into the box with no one, it’s even not aerial ball, I expect the front 3 to all be in the box when a cross is coming in, that how we can get a goal either by getting to the end of the cross or forcing an own goal

    1. PJ-SA says:

      The main reason I’d love Simeone at Arsenal is he’d batter our players into shape physically and especially mentally!

      No chance he’d allow these kind of performances.

      1. Phil says:

        Yep I agree- that’s what needs coaching into this team. But Simeone is not coming to Arsenal.
        I just cannot understand why someone like Martin Keown is not brought back to the Club. Or Sol Campbell. These players know what defending is about and Arteta clearly is struggling here.
        We have a specialist GK Coach. Last season we had a coach who was responsible for corners, defending and attacking ( how did that turn out?)
        Surely it’s not unreasonable to have a coach responsible purely for defending is it as Arteta is clearly struggling to improve on what we had last year.
        And before anyone starts spouting about having the third best defensive record ladt season I would remind them we here playing Brentford and not Bayern Munich.

        1. Adajim says:

          You right, but do you think you could coach grits and ruthless into players?, look at my illustrations about the second goal, none of the players saw the reason to go protect the GK. is it part of coaching or just common sense

    2. siamois says:

      We lack creativity from the midfield we need a playmaker that can spread the ball to both sides or carry the ball forwards… someone like Santi TR7….teams now know that the danger only comes from KT crosses easy to defend he made 11 crosses last night how many from our RB even attempted crosses??

      1. PJ-SA says:

        Chambers was shocking. Besides the errors for the goal he was absolutely nowhere for Pepe, Pepe was against 2/3 players by himself everytime.

        Chambers is usually a solid players but he’s no modern day RB, lacks the athleticism. MA hates him but I’d rather Cedric playing, he’s not fantastic but he can play the position at least.

      2. Adajim says:

        If the team wants to play tikitaka I’ll agree with you but the kind of game we are playing, we don’t really expect all our creativity from the middle, I can see we are trying to emulate Liverpool, that’s why am baffled we aren’t serious about getting a reliable right back

    3. Arshita says:

      With Ars players any half decent coach should achieve top 6. Arteta is garbage wasting martinez, torreira, guenduozi.

  7. PJ-SA says:

    We’ll probably play better against City and Chelsea for the sole reason we actually play better with less position.

    The second we have the ball a lot it results in slow build up and playing out from the back.

    Does anyone know what happened to our pressing game??? When MA joined we pressed every team high, now we just sit back like cowards.

    1. VasC says:

      We’re still doing the pressing game. I guess you failed to notice MA pressing his palms on the sidelines throughout the game.

      1. PJ-SA says:


      2. Skills1000 says:


  8. VasC says:

    The combo – the title and the accompanying picture – is the best thing that’s related to Arsenal, I’ve enjoyed in the past 12 hours. Had me ROFL!!!

  9. siamois says:

    It won’t be a popular opinion but I agree don’t get me wrong he is very a gifted footballer but not what I would call a CAM/number 10 as you correctly pointed out he spends a lot of time drifting especially on the left between the lines that’s why I don’t understand some fans reluctance for us to get a proper CAM.

  10. Sean Williams says:

    It’s the manager who instills belief. Arteta is unable to do that. He seems to micro-manage and is overwhelming the players. I think Conte could instill pace and more confidence.

  11. fairfan says:

    If the league is decided by money spent on squads then the table should read.
    I think this wil be close to the finishing order.

    1. AndersS says:

      Only Man U and Man C have spent more on transfers than us over the past 5 and 10 years.
      Only the same 2 clubs + Chelsea spend more on salaries than us. So if money spent decided,we should on average finish 3-4., and we should be way ahead of Liverpool Spurs & Leicester and all the rest

      1. fairfan says:

        I thought Chelsea was way ahead of us.
        Thanks. 🙂

  12. Kieron says:

    I’ve just read that lacazette and aubameyang are doubts for thw chelsea game now, what’s going on? Are we trying to move them both on? Or have they been mixing and both fot Covid? Somethings stinks!
    One of them out particularly lacazette I get as I heard we were looking for buyers but both of them, they fine in strike? 🙂

    1. Skills1000 says:

      What is the nature of their sickness? Did they sustain injury in training? I honestly think there is more to it than is being reported.

      If there is an opportunity to sell Nketiah, Lacazette and Aubameyang, we should take it.

      Lacazette and Aubameyang joke a lot in training. It seems they lack that hunger and desire. they are in their comfort zone.

      We should buy Pedro Neto and Aouar.

      Move Balogun and Martinelli to the CF position.

      There are no European competitions anyway.
      2 Strikers (Martinelli and Balogun)are enough.

  13. Franko says:

    Play Tavares and Lokonga in midfield instead of Xhaka. We can’t have 2 midfielders who just want to pass the ball around and sideways. One has to be attack minded too and Tavares is an explosive attack minded player with pace and can defend. Give him a trial there and see what he does. Xhaka can’t and won’t give us that extra attacking edge.

  14. Skills1000 says:

    Aouar should have been bought by now. 30m pounds is not too much for Aouar.

    White, Tavares and loknga imo are good buys.

    But the midfield needs creativity.
    It needs skillful players with close control.

    Players who can dribble in tight spaces.(AMN, XHAKA, ELNENY can’t dribble)
    A midfield overhaul is needed asap.

    We should have accepted the offer from Roma for Xhaka.

    For now, Arteta can do the following

    1 Buy Aouar and Pedro Neto

    2. Go back to a 4141 formation.
    The 4231 with Xhaka in midfield does not work.

    Teach the players how to press as a unit.

    I saw a positive thing yesterday. Tavares playing as a right back.

    My ideal 4141 formation

    Chambers White Gabriel Tierney


    Saka Pepe Aouar ESR


    Arteta, pls stop playing Aubameyang on the flanks

    Sell Nketiah(buy back clause)
    Sort out Torrera issue. Either play him or sell him. We should keep him imo.

    Sell Elneny and AMN.

    A young manager will make mistakes. What is important is his willingness to learn from them and make changes. ARTETA is arrogant. he should realise that it is a privilege to be the manager of arsenal at that age with little or no experience.

    The likes of Thierry, Vierra, Denis Bergkamp would jump at the opportunity to manage Arsenal.

    Steve Gerrard is doing an amazing job at Rangers.

    Arteta looks to me as a guy who is scared to lose matches.
    He should stop all the touchline drama. Teach the team how you want them to play in training. Be on your seat during games and read the game as it progress. Stop micro managing the team. It is all nonsense.

  15. Kieron says:

    Good thought but you really think arteta has the nuts to play his new lb in mf and drop his golden boy and new captain xhaka.

    Annoys me we made the turn around on xhaka due to his euro game v France but he only ever plays like that in the Swiss shirt.
    What a mess we’re in no one want to buy our players just loans and with no obligation to buy and not many want to come to us due to no Europe.

    And lastly I know ita early and not personal toward him but 50m for Ben White!! He doesn’t look physical enough for the pl from early viewing not looking forward to seeing him v Lukaku 🙁

  16. Kieron says:


    You make some great points here and will Tavares end up our 1st pick RB?

    1. Skills1000 says:

      I think Tavares has some football brain. He can play at right back. He has strength and stamina. I also like the way Lokonga distributes the ball. The two guys are great.

      One thing is sure. We must buy Aouar ASAP. I don’t understand what Arteta and Edu are doing?

      1. instrooments says:

        Obviously tavares has a football brain, but our pundit couldn’t see it in training….sold our goalscoring midfielder, while Bruno Fernandes just got a hartrick for the mancs…..I can’t stand seeing him in the dugout looking dejected and clueless

        1. Fidel . O says:

          .. not only our goal scoring midfielder, but the young SALIBA who to me is better than Mari, Holding and Chambers all put together.

  17. RSH says:

    manager hasnt got a clue. i think there are some good and hopefuly ideas people are posting, but does it make a difference if you have pure incompetence at the helm?

  18. ThirdManJW says:

    – Sideways, and backwards passing
    – Injuries
    – Under prepared for the season
    – First shot on target from opponents is a goal
    – Senior players going missing
    – No leaders
    – No accountability

    Obviously more entertaining, and attacking football under Wenger, but much has changed the last 12 years or so overall.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      not much has changed*

  19. instrooments says:

    Who else is painfully watching a proper top team demolish Leeds….At least we can try bielsa to toughen up our young guns….#artetaout

  20. goonerman says:

    This team looked physically and especially mentally underprepared and uncompetitive. Those thinking Arsenal can finish 5th are dreaming. More like 5th from bottom.
    We are one of if not the defensively weakest team in the premiership.
    We are not competitive in defence or attack despite having good individual players all over the park.
    It is not as if the club has not spent money.
    We need coaches with demonstrated successful top level management experience.
    How much more evidence is needed that Arteta is not the right man for the job?

  21. Dammy says:

    Can somebody look at that United team and tell me player for players they are better than us….they only have a better midfield….we have a better attack on paper in quote…..and the defence almost even itself out…..and to see them missing over 4 key players like we did ytday and still thump Leeds this way and we lost with a very bad performance have seen in a long while to a championship side is pathetic…..I can’t wait to see the end of a certain assistant coach parading himself as the manager

    1. David says:

      Manchester United’s starting eleven today was much better than Arsenal’s yesterday.
      Many rate Tierney as Arsenal’s best player yesterday. On current form however many would rate Shaw a better full back.
      Even though there were some promising performances from the likes of Smith Rowe MU’s midfield and attack were clearly better.
      Many of you are failing to realise just how weak Arsenal’s squad truly is.
      It is of course much easier to insult and blame the manager.

      1. instrooments says:

        It’s not easier to blame the manager…
        He is plain useless and that is a fact…

        Can’t even turn a losing game around since he arrived, not a single match ever…

        He needs to leave our club….PERIOD!!!!!!!

      2. Wale says:

        @ David, forget that, coach is the main problem of Arsenal, see the zeal and determination man utd put in just like a team competing for the league, our squad are not that bad but the coach that bought defender instead of attacking midfielder who can create and score goals, see, Bruno scored attrick, imagine an AM for that matter and Pogba assisted 4, he was supposed to sell Xhaka even at any price Roma offered but no instead renewed his contract, we need strong DM and a goal scoring AM but him And Edu went for white in which Brighton were even playing hard ball on us…….
        A lot of players are out there who are young and ready to play for us but our coach & Edu have another plan( relegation keeper, 8 position player like odegaard) while we have a champions league keeper like onana, olympic winner like Guimaares, a young and talented player like Aouar, a golden glory of is real and skillful winger who has eye for goals like Solomon manor( all these players are all available at a reasonable price at least non of them worth 50m)…
        Arteta out before its too late…..

  22. Crowther says:

    Atleast am sure of Leeds being at the bottom of the epl table but not arsenal

  23. instrooments says:

    We arsenal fans condone alot of BS…why those at the stadium yesterday were quite and not protesting the appauling display beats me….

    At the Emirates, we need to be vocal and put the pundit on his toes, it’s our club…how long can this go on….the board,Edu,Arteta obviously ain’t scared of any reactions for all these failures….

    Clear Statements were made when Wenger underperformed during his final season….we can’t allow things to get worst before reacting….

    ITS CLEAR, ARTETA IS TAKING US NoWHERE, WE NEED MAJOR MANAGER and SQUAD SIGNINGS NOW .(look at the circus with auba/laca or Mari/Leno yesterday)…

    Am so enraged right now..Watching this sleek man utd side look more prepared than our side that needed to make a statement after a terrible last season #artetaout

  24. Sue says:

    OT.. What a game at Old Trafford! 2 members of my family went, got their money’s worth! Best goal – Luke Ayling’s screamer! Love that guy, can’t we bring him back and solve our RB dilemma?!
    Can’t remember the last time we scored 5!!
    What a start to the season…

    1. Dan kit says:

      Chelsea all over palace as well ,only 1-0 but there not had a shot as of yet

      1. Sue says:

        2 now, Dan.. Pulisic

        1. Dan kit says:

          Same 4 fighting for the league
          While we fight for 6th place 🙄

          1. Sue says:

            6th? Very generous, Dan! 😄

  25. Fidel says:

    The problem is ARTETA.
    He so proud and full of him self. Added to this, he is vindictive, cos why loan out SALIBA even when the lad has shown he can be better than Holden, Cambers and Pablo Mari all put together.
    Then Guendoezi. What is Elneni doing around when you have Guendoezi and elected to sell him?
    ARTETA is a joke, he is a fraud, he actually knows nothing about coaching and managing of players.

  26. Reddb10 says:

    When you miss out on European football and don’t sack the manager it shows the lack of ambition and how weak the fools running the club are.
    It will keep getting worse until the owners and all the management are gone.

    1. Skills1000 says:


      Arteta should be sacked.

  27. Richard says:

    Both Laca and Auba are doubts against Chelsea,more bleeding for the fans.Football.london.

  28. Jamie mclintock says:

    100 years and out if arteta stays

  29. Vinnie2000 says:

    Arsenal can Only under these conditions!!
    *Sell Auba
    *Sell Lacazette
    *Sell Pepe
    *Sell Xhaka
    There is NOTHING GOOD that will ever come out from these guys!
    And Clownish Spaniard wants to add lightweight Odegaard to his Deadwood team!😒

    Most of you Fans here blasted me for calling for Zaha and Andre Silva’s signature..
    Now, who’s Crying now?🤷

    1. Vinnie2000 says:

      Only Win*

      1. Trig says:

        @vinnie it doesn’t matter which players come in now as long arteta is our manager they will just turn out to be average

  30. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    the Kings of the rinse and repeat organizational model strikes again…must be time to get some 11th hour wallpaper players, like Ode

  31. Makon says:

    ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’ … how appropriately Arsenal

  32. Laurie says:

    ” we want our arsenal back” is the chant of lots of arsenal fans
    But which arsenal do you want back?
    After the dismantling of the invincibles
    Arsenal started to get bullied we played nice football but teams knew how to play us we became soft no one was scared of us do you remember the Stokes/ Bolton games teams use to kick the sh..t out of arsenal and that stigma as stuck with us ever since . But before the invincibles from the 70s when i started watching arsenal right upto the 05 no one bullied arsenal we were the bullies and we need to get that aura back that is the only way forward we don’t need tiki taky football at the moment we need aggressive football.

  33. Thomas Akpan says:

    Kroenke came to reduce arsenal to nothing, shame to whoever sole arsenal to kroenke Mr fake promise

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