There are NO strikers that meet Wenger’s criteria?

If Arsene has no money problems, then why no new striker?‏ by KM

Hello, hello fellow Arsenal people! Do you have your checkbooks out like Arsene has his? After all, money is not the problem right? Especially if you earn 8 million a year achieving nothing much. Oh wait, was he talking transfers?

Check out this quote ‘The price of a player is down to four ingredients; one is the talent, two is his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four is his resale value’.

Which world class striker matches all 4 criteria for you? Truth is, if you put it like this you might say none. The realistic call is how much you want some criteria like quality, over others like money. Don’t tell me we can’t improve on Theo and Giroud. We can and it will cost less than half of what United will pay for Pogba.

City and United have stormed the transfer window. United do it without CL too, but Mourinho addressed the fact LvG brought average players without winning mentality and he is working on change. Pep identified City’s struggles and has brought practically a new midfield that is packed with quality and will suit his style.

We on the other hand are sleeping. We are being assured over Jack’s fitness, when so many years it hasn’t worked out. Theo and the Ox will be given another chance they shouldn’t get, but we’re so unprepared for the start of the season it’s sad.

Xhaka spoke about a friendly atmosphere at the club… How about one where winning is the prime focus. A top 4 finish and Arsene will get 3 more years. Think about that for a moment. Does this summer remind you of last year or the majority of the last 5?

It’s not money that is the real issue… It is the deluded man that refuses to spend them, because of belief in failed ideas and players. Will that change? Unless Arsene decides to leave by himself we are doomed.

I’m sorry, but our transfer market behaviour is simply unacceptable.



  1. it will never change as long as the oldest dead wood is still our manager, even if he signs the players we need he would still play them out of position or not play them at all just so his favourites get game time even if its hurting the team

  2. I’m sure a vast majority of the fans at the Emirates against Liverpool will vent their anger. The mismanagement has been completeley unacceptable.

    1. im going, an i wont vent nothing, as long as we give our all .
      if we dont leave second gear and mane coutinho and firmino tear us a new one…

      i will go bathing ape on thse mofo’s

      can i kick it? …yes u can 😉

      1. 2 weeks ago you said you
        were not going this season Muff.
        Your bi-polar is making a
        come back son 🙂

        1. i said i would not renew my season ticket. if my dad wants to get one match ticket for me off a mate, cant be rude can i?

          davy if thats bi polar, were all screwed

    1. like who? there’s no one in the market that is guaranteed to do a better job than the strikers we have. The only real strikers that I have faith in in this era include the likes of Lewandowski, Suarez, Aguero, Ibra, etc. If we cant get anyone in that category, then I am happy with what we have. I would rather have Sanchez play upfront than to have all these junk that everyone wants….Lacazette, Morata, Icardi etc. There is really nothing special about such strikers.

      1. Icardi and Lacazette scored a lot of goals in the past few seasons. Giroud’s 16 are not good enough and Sanchez up front leaves an empty spot on the left-right wing. We’ve lacked a couple of top players to win the league for a few seasons already

    2. @gunnerphyte………This is so unbelievable

      can’t believe 12yrs of suffering isn’t enough for you

  3. Don’t understand how peolp think Wenger can just sign a world class striker that easily. It’s not like popping down tscos and chucking one in the trolley. Patience my friend. I here rumours of a £75 milllion striker. The price is in the right region, lets hope the rumours true and he will bang in 30 goals…..more supporting less bitching…

    1. yes we all know about afc pablo an his ‘madness rumours’ every year its someone new its all bollox
      an have u not heard how we bagged podolski…sale at koln waitrose…so….

      next time your at the check out an u hear the beep….
      think all the fun you could be having on supermarket sweep

      1. News flash: Arsene Wenger doesn’t give a damn who YOU want signed. Nor does he have to. He knows this sport better than you do.

        1. You’re absolutely right , arsene knows better than any of us in here , I completely agree !

          Thats also the reason this is such a sorry state of affairs , if we can see what is needed and we can see we haven’t a hope in hell of winning the league , then arsene does too !

          Wenger is paid to keep us in top 4 on a mid table sides budget. If everybody’s true aim was to be winning the league he would of been sacked having failed 12 times on the trot.

          For our American owner and board it’s an absolutely brilliant business model , we earn a lot of money , as a fan it’s utterly boring !

          It’s wenger I judge , he couldn’t of set out as a manager all those years ago with the ambition of just balancing somebody’s books … Where’s that desire to be the sporting best , to win titles , that elusive champions league ???

          As fans , We deserve better !

    2. Where did you here the rumour? Was it Metro or the Daily star? You’re funny. I can always count on fans like you to cheer me up, not with hope but with side splitting comedy. I’m on my back chucking right now whilst dictating this comment to my PA who is typing this on my behalf.

  4. why is wenger giving some of our first team starters extended break when other teams already have thier euro finalist ready for the next season, if we get creamed by pool wenger will have an excuse of us not having a full squad

  5. “Doomed”. Really? That’s a bit over the top. Arsenal are not doomed even with Wenger running the club. It’s not like we will drop out of the top 4. We didn’t sign any out field players last summer and did not play particularly well and still would have finished in the top 4 even if the other top teams like Chelsea and the Manchester clubs played to to their usual standard.

    Our additions to the team won’t be enough to win the league but I wouldn’t say we are doomed. Not only will we still make top 4 but I’m confident that we will get further in the champions league this season because we will probably get a better draw and have an easier group because of where we finished last season as opposed to having to play the likes of Barca and Munich so early on as we have been in the past when we have finished fourth.

    Defensively Xhaka improves our midfield, if Holding turns out to be an improvement over Mertesacker we should concede less goals. We have a lot of pace and creativity in our squad. it is just the case of converting chances. A world class striker would have been preferable but we can still get goals from other players on the pitch, enough at least to guarantee a top 4 finish.

    To clarify I want Arsenal to win the league and I am not content with finishing 4th, I’m just stating that finishing 4th is not being doomed. Being doomed was Chelsea last season when they were fighting to stay in the top half of the table.

    1. @dee23
      Not winning the title for
      a 13th year in a row
      would hurt me.
      But if top 4 is your go well respect to you.
      It depends what our expectations are.
      Arsenal manage fans expectations so well that
      90% of Arsenal fans are not disappointed with
      failing to win the title as witnessed by the complete indifference
      shown to the protest at the back end of last season.
      90% of paying fans/customer/clients are happy with the Top4 product.
      Why change a “winning” formula?

      1. I think TV revenues are partially being divided based on how many games of each team are televised. (I gladly stand correct if this is not true). I am pretty sure the number of games of Arsenal that are being televised will go down, this will hurt TV revenue and this might wake up Kroenke because it hurts the value of his investment. But all of this is thin and takes time. Expect many more years of sub-top performances, expect Wenger to get a contract extension and most of all don’t expect too much to change once Wenger decides to leave because Kroenke is the real problem.

    1. Hang on Konstantin
      You are remiss.
      There ARE strikers who meet
      Mr Wengers criteria.
      The samurai slashing sharp shooting sword swallowing shirt salesman.
      – The 140k p/w wing/striker/wing/striker.
      The 2 goals per season scintillating synergizing supernovering sensation.
      The 3 year no Premier league goal aficionado.
      Dangerous Demon Donkey Dan- 4 goals a season.
      Thankfully injured. Can’t do Arsenal any harm till February.

      1. OT.
        Anyone see Barca v Liverpool?
        Liverpool were awful.
        No defense at all.
        Glad we play them first.
        Only Origi was any good up front.
        I think Leicester are far better.

        1. i saw enough.

          sadio mane destroyed there defence. but it was all luck…
          all luck i tells ya’

  6. Signing a world class striker is very difficult, they command huge transfer fees and wages. We are probably talking about £75m transfer fee plus a commitment on wages, £250k per week equates to £65m for a five year contract. The likes of RM and Barca have to sell top players to make this type of deal, it is how we got ozil and sanchez.

    We also have to consider the risk, the PL is very physical, one injury and we could loose £140m. Our latest reported cash reserves are £228.2m and debts are £233.9m. According to gazidis on the bbc website, cash reserves a for a rainy day, not player transfers.

    How much money we have from this years income is unknown, i suspect that it is very little having bought xhaka. I get the impression from quotes by gazidis, wenger and also kroenke that perhaps kroenke is willing to dip in to cash reserves but I cannot see it being anything like £75m plus the stellar wages which go with it.

    1. I would add that arsenal are probably looking at something like £35m for a striker or a bit more. Lacazette is now injured, icardi I do not believe is available as inter have new cash rich chinese owners. RVP is now hated and possibly now too old or injured.

      Lots of names have been suggested by the media who make it up. Does anyone have any realistic suggestions about who we could sign. I stress realistic, Arsenal are not going to ” bang the cash on the table and test their resolve” for the likes of lewandowski.

      1. @jonm.
        Apart from Sebino Plaku
        of FC Skenderbeu
        who we could not possibly afford
        the most realistic targets are
        Giroud Sanchez Walcott Iwobi Campbell
        Akpom Sanogo Adelaide Ox and Asano.
        They all just squeeze under our transfer limit of $0 🙂

        1. Davidnz, unfortunately you could well be correct, and we do not sign a striker. Welbeck was long term injured last summer transfer window and we bought that well well known striker Fu Kinno Won.

          I actually think that the only way we will get a truly world class striker is to develop one ourselves. I cannot see arsenal paying £75m for one player plus the wages to go with it. By world class I mean suarez, lewandowki type standard.

    2. I seem to be getting lots of thumbs down, is it because
      A. You believe that kroenke will agree to spending £75m on a striker plus the huge wages. If so I admire your optimism but suspect you will be disappointed.
      B. You disagree with my comment that kroenke will dip in to cash reserves. You could very well be correct, he does not seem to have dipped in to cash reserves before. Certainly not one year ago when the glaring weaknesses could have been addresses by the purchase of xhaka (or similar) and a striker. This would probably have given us th PL and new contacts for ozil and sanchez.
      C. You actually agree with what I said but do not like it.

      I am going to enjoy the sunshine in the garden, have a nice day

      1. My comment has been hidden due to low rating and I do not know why. I cannot believe that the majority on here believe that kroenke is going to spend £75m on a striker.

        1. don’t worry about it jon. I had a comment hidden because of being of the opinion that I would even take Costa over Giroud. Clearly an unpopular opinion but not disrespectful to anyone. I think it is just a mathematical thing, not a subjective thing. Get a certain number of thumbs down or ratio of thumbs down and your comment is hidden. Has nothing to do with respect or quality of opinion. The thumbs down on your article, if you ask me where for point C and had nothing to do with you. I think it was hard to disagree with your post and a thumb down seemed strnage to me.

  7. I was a bit alarmed and my fears seemed confirmed when Wenger said: “We do not have to panic but we are on alert in the transfer market so that we can make the right move when the opportunity comes up.”

    I can only interpret that comment as reactive, indecisive and passive. A ship without a rudder.
    What are we waiting for? We are not going after what we want? After filling our needs? We are waiting to see if a top striker falls out of the sky and into our laps?

    I have a lot more respect for clubs paying hefty premiums for players they feel they need to strengthen their squads than for a club passively waiting for an opportunity which might never materialise. To some extent in this football world you create your own opportunity, you don’t wait for them.

    Is it me or is there a feel good factor around clubs like Liverpool, City, Man U and even Spurs that we are lacking? The negativity seems to be building up as a result of this passive behaviour of the club whilst other clubs seem to moving forward, strengthening their squad, improving their playing style, creating a little momentum and feelgood energy around their clubs.

    This lack of transfer activity is hurting us in more ways than one.

  8. Jansen, some good points there. I would add that our top players with ambition are probable concerned as well. If this season is poor for arsenal then I can see the likes of ozil and sanchez not signing new contracts and being sold next summer.

    Not strengthening last summer was a big mistake, needed a striker (welbeck was injured), no cover for le coq etc. all concerns expressed on this site. We should have bought xhaka or similar and a striker. Top players would have been reassured about arsenals ambition and we probably would be PL champions now.

    1. I agree Jonm. Another big fear of mine is the player’s confidence. To me, we have always seemed like a fragile squad mentally. It has been hard for this group to perform consistently, to play for 90 minutes each game, to deal with the pressure of being in 1st place, to deal with big games, most often this group performs once they are written off. Wenger has referred to the lack of believe Ox has in his own abilities, to the lack of confidence Theo has etc etc.

      I expect an enormous amount of pressure on this squad if Liverpool show us how it is done and we lose 3-0 and are played of the pitch and Theo doesn’t know what to do with the ball or any chances he might get. The fans will likely go ballistic at Wenger for not having signed a striker.
      This will set a tone around our club that this squad doesn’t have the mental strength to deal with.

      At this point I wish we had signed Janssen or Milik or any other striker not signing a striker with any selling points to his name will do a lot more damage than just the goals we would be missing and just another 15 game goalless streak by Giroud.

  9. This man needs someone to stop him from playing a game with fans , he think he is smart of doing this every year , what he is doing not fair with loyal fans of Arsenal , it is boring , we got tired of him .

  10. The only miracle striker target thats left, is Griezmann.
    Maybe .. just maybe.. Wenger is waiting for the pizza dominoes effect of Lukaku to Chelsea, Costa to Athletico Madrid and then break our transfer record by bagging Griezmann on the final day of the transfer window! ?

    Yes, Your probably right, The delusional bug is spreading fast through the Arsenal fan base. ???

  11. To Sign a TOP CLASS STRIKER you have to spend Big Money which Mr Wenger or the Arsenal Board are not willing to do. So NO Striker will be bought. To Confirm this Wenger has said today
    he is focused on the Players he already has. Wengers is Scared to spend BIG in case he makes a Mistake this also shows he does not trust his own Judgement. Wenger’s Time is u at Arsenal.
    Arsenal need new direction Now not next year because if Arsenal fall out of the Top four which I think will happen if they don’t sign a Top Class Striker it will be very hard to brake back into a Champions League Place. Wenger is playing chicken with Arsenal hoping he will come good.Man Utd/ Man City/ Chelsea/ Liverpool/ Spurs and West Ham have all strengthened Arsena have signed One Top Class Player and maybe two for the Further not good enough.

  12. He’s literally just broadly explaining the factors affecting price for any transfer- whether at Arsenal or anywhere else. People need reading practice obviously…… or maybe haters just see what they want to.

    1. Then he should bid 40m for lacazzette if money is not a problem as that player ticks all Wenger’s boxes as he already made a bid

  13. @ADMIN,
    you should give us the chance to like or dislike your post.
    To be honest i liked your post today.
    It sad but true “our transfer market is unacceptable” for the money we are paying…
    So sad to be an arsenal fan under wenger…..

  14. If money’s no issue, and we know it’s not, (zero debt, highest ticket prices in PL and no big signings since Sanchez)… We should go all out for Aubamayang!
    He’s lightening fast, a sick poacher, can score with both and also great with his head. He’s been top goal scorer in BL which is close to PL in physicality. Yes he’d cost 65 mil + but he’s worth the cash and we have plenty of it!
    We’re so desperate for someone, we’re all pining for 2nd tier crap like Lacazette or Icardi for massively inflated prices. Truth be told – unless Wenger leaves our club this will never change. Sad but true. COYG!

  15. Mahrez was great last season and i would expect him to be a great addition to our squad. However we have plenty of wingers and players who can play on the wing.

    Our priority is someone for defense and most importantly a striker. We have giroud and that is it, no backup, unless you include walcott and akpom is not ready, three goals in 1800 minutes in the champioship is not arsenal ready.

    Strikers are expensive and kroenke is not going to throw all our cash reserves on player transfers. I cannot see arsenal spending say £40m on mahrez and getting a striker, I think it is one or the other and I would go for a striker. Which one is a different matter.

  16. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME! – Fans STILL defending Wenger’s position after years of abuse. Abusing our loyalty, our time, our money and even our emotions (lol but its true).

    Our annual Champion’s League impotence is a true reflection of where we are as a club.

  17. Its only in Arsenal football clum all did can happen. Wenger shud try wit man.u,man city,cheki,even everton dr,av said it bi4 wenger will Neva see a gud player sign bt other teamd can seen,wenger can only see his dead wood plasers. At d end wenger will come to tell us no player in d market.only ARSENAL fan can accept all dis which other cluk. Lukin at all d player wenger av miss on dem to buy dey all become great 2dy. Only wen wenger leave asrenal also we av peace. Wit wenger no going 4fward, no wonder som1 called him a specialist in hmmmmm.

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