There are some free transfers that could do a job for Arsenal

It is no secret that Arsenal needs a massive rebuild and has to do it on a limited budget, so some creative thinking is required and one place we could look at is the free transfer market.

The Daily Mirror ran a piece today that listed 11 players that can be signed on a free transfer, two of those players are our very own Nacho Monreal and Danny Welbeck, so that leaves nine that we could have a look at.

Goalkeeper: Heurelho Gomes

38 years old, seriously? Does this one even need explaining why we would not touch him with a barge pole?

Defender: Gary Cahill

He is Chelsea and 33 but I must admit, we could do worse.

Defender: Diego Godin

Now we are talking, yes, he is 33 but he would bring immense experience and leadership to the back four but I would be worried about him handling the pace of the Premier League.

Defender: Filipe Luis

Another sold defender and like Godin, he is 33 and I would have the same worries but then again, the same positives.

Midfielder: Adrien Rabiot

Top quality player and he is just 24, the only concern for me would be his attitude but he is one free transfer I beleive we should try and get.

Midfielder: Juan Mata

Nope, too slow and if there is one thing we do not need is a slow winger.

Midfielder: Alan Dzagoev

Just 28 and he did finish joint top scorer in Euro 2012, he would not command a huge wage and definietly one to consider.

Midfielder: Arjen Robben

Too old now at 35 and his pace has gone a bit plus he has an attitude that would not suit us.

Forward: Daniel Sturridge

On his day can be great, he is just 29 but he is far too injury prone and if we were going to sign a player like him it would beg the question why not keep Danny Welbeck.

So in conclusion, of the nine players I would consider five of them, Cahill, Godin, Luis, Dzagoev and Rabiot but they all come with a big risk but even so, when you consider our measly transfer budget it may pay to take on a couple of them and in Rabiot and Dzagoev we could get two high-quality players that could do a fantastic job for us.


  1. RSH says:

    This is a depressing list. I would take none of them. Godin would just be there to collect a nice paycheck and live in london. We all know he only loves Atleti. No more buying players that don’t want to actually be here. Pass on all of them.

    1. RSH says:

      And Rabiot just isn’t happening without UCL football.

  2. ForeverGooner says:


    Godin, Luis, Cahill and Sturridge would be well worth the risk on a free transfer. They would definitely improve us

    1. ForeverGooner says:

      And Rabiot

  3. Amitosh Tripathy says:

    Not a chance, most are old and not good enough. Rabiot wont come, we cant afford him, and we dont have UCL. Godin is already signed for Inter. Filipe Luis is a good candidate, but he is out of contract and will command a huge salary. We need a left back surely, and he can solve. He has a EPL history too, but I prefer youngsters.

  4. firman says:

    I would rather use reiss nelson, jordi osei, joe willock, amaechi. Center back is our top priority.

  5. Sue says:

    Omg… really?? I don’t want any of them!! Apart from Rabiot, they’re too old… is this how our transfer window will go? All old, free has-beens.. oh great!
    I thought Gomes was to be a pastor?

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      I agree, I think Admin is trying to wind us up. But to be fair we did get Lichtsteiner on a free and what a gem he turned out to be!!! Forget Rabiot, why would he join us?

  6. Declan says:

    I’d only take two, Welbz and Monreal

  7. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Dad’s Army

  8. Sean Williams says:

    Arsenal need money from their shyster owner, Kroenke, and not crap freebies who are almost pensionable. Except for Rabiot they a totally over the hill and will not benefit in ANY way. What planet are you on? Stop pedalling this nonsense and tell it as it is. Actually it’s Kroenke. Kroenke is a greedy shyster. Has he got a hold on you that you are too scared to say anything. The worst drivel rubbish I have read. Hand in your $8 billion dollar pocket Kroenke eh!

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Why don’t we put a tin outside the Emirates, we might get a few quid. Then we might be able to spend a tenner on a player instead of buying freebies. Admin you are on drugs.

  9. Jd says:

    Hector Herrera from Porto.
    Rabiot yes, as we have no money.
    All the rest give us the same problems we already have.

    1. enagic says:

      Hector is gone to Athletic Madrid

  10. John0711 says:

    What an uneducated article, the club is currently stacked with players who don’t care so let’s get a few more who want a retirement package

  11. Toby says:

    please use promote zech medley problom solved.

  12. gerry burke says:

    i thought that chelsea were known as the pensioners ?. but, if , the arsenal sign any of the old boys brigade mentioned in the article , then, it is us, the arsenal, that will be known as the this what we have stooped to now, free transfers and scraping the bottom of the barrel.where will it all end.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  13. Alpha says:

    Well , Well why should we bring in leftovers ? We have loads of youths in our academy . Get a hard working wide lad that Can give service to our deadly strikears , Central defender with die hard attitude + Defensive midfielder .

  14. jon fox says:

    Is Sir Stanley Mathews still alive and available! You too will go on ze list . What is your name? Don’t tell him Mathews! Perhaps we should go player shopping at an old folks home! Most of them would still be faster than Merts was anyway.

  15. paul preedy says:

    well the nail has been hit on the head, kronke is the problem, as Emery who is not the same standard as Wenger, look at how he performed, he held respect and got the best out of the team and made shrewed signingswith youngster and brought on, and now we are signing quick fixes and over the hill with know disrespect, what a mess, and if Emery goes this way, theres no hope, in the words of Dick Emery, Stan think I got it wrong again!! sack him and install AVB or bring back Arsene and the ones who wanted him out, look what youve got, shame on you shame on Arsenals board and kronke!! youve destroyed the club and let the fans down, shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

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