“There are too many that, no matter what you do, will let you down” Pundit slams Arsenal players

Jamie Redknapp has slammed Arsenal players as the club continues to struggle with poor form.

Arsenal was beaten 4-1 by Manchester City at the Emirates yesterday as they meekly exited the Carabao Cup.

They have been worse in the Premier League with their fans hoping that they would make a statement of intent by beating City yesterday.

But they suffered yet another embarrassing loss and their players haven’t been showing enough fight in their recent games.

Redknapp says that he was impressed by the Gunners when they beat Manchester United at the start of last month, but at the moment, they are terrible.

He admitted that ultimately, it is the manager that will pay with his job, however, there are only a few players at Arsenal who are ready to play for the club.

Others are just there to let you down, suggesting that even a new manager will not get the team into a better position with the same players.

Speaking on Sky Sports after the game, Redknapp said as quoted by Sun Sports: “It’s a real problem for Mikel Arteta – losing 4-1 at home is not ideal.

“The last win they had was on November 1 at Man Utd. To be fair I thought they were onto something then.

“All of a sudden things have gone and they’re now devoid of confidence.

“Of course they can sack the manager, but the bigger problem is there’s only three or four players you can trust.

“There are too many that, no matter what you do, will let you down.

“It’s a team full of kidders right now and I feel sorry for the young players.”

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  1. I HEARD REDKNAPP LIVE ON AIR, AS MANY WILL HAVE DONE. Of course he is correct but he could just as well have been speaking about most of our teams for well over a decade past, as the same thoughts would have applied to more thanhalf ofour players who have worn our shirt almost since Kroenke first arrived in 2007. It has got steadily worse in lack of trying by many players as each year rolls by.

    Apart from a few fringe youngsters, the ONLY players regulary chosen who I CONSIDER ARE RIGHT NOW PUTTING IN ENOUGH WORK ARE THESE FEW; Leno, Tierney, Gabriel, Saka, Holding.
    ALL OTHER ESTABLISHED NAMES ARE COASTING AND, AT BEST, ONLY HALF TRYING. There is adecade plus long culture of accepting coasters largely through WENGERS LAST DECADE AND BEYOND.
    Ideally, we need to move out ALL the slackers in one window – I accept that will not happen – and replace them en bloc with hungry players That way the lazy ones will not infect the others. “Infect” is the correct word too.

    Many OZIL fans are blaming MA for sidelining him. I blame MA for not paying up his contract to the minimum legally entitled penny and then NOT having already thrown him out on his ear. He is by far the worst infector of all and almost certainly also the so called “mole”!

  2. @ Jon Fox,

    I agree with everything you have pouted out. It should now be obvious that it is more of a player problem than a manager or coach.

    Freddie has been quoted as saying there is an unhealthily element in the dressing room, or words to that effect, and as has been pointed out recently, where was the language dificulty under Unai Emery when Arsenal went on a 22 game unbeaten run.

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