There is a lot of work still to do, but Arsenal have got the job half-done already

Job only half done!

So, my fellow Gooners, the first half of the season is done and dusted and what a perfect cliff-hanger we have!

Come on then guys, how many of you Arsenal fans would have thought at the beginning of the season, we would be top of the Premier League, five points clear, come the break for the World Cup?

I must admit myself, after the start we had, I hoped we would be in and around the top four, but never did I imagine first place come the break.

I guess that is what happens when you are not too arrogant and you don’t run before you can walk. In other words, most of us Arsenal fans have remained grounded and modest about how our team is and has been doing, because we know how quickly things can change.

Whenever I was congratulated for Arsenal winning “yet again” and for remaining top of the league, my response has always been “for now” because I do not want to jinx things.

So, for now life as an Arsenal fan is pretty damn good. For now, it seems the fans and the players are all on the same page and that nobody is getting ahead of themselves. For now, our boys have done the job for the first half of the season.

But there is a hell of lot more work to be done and progression and improvement to be made before we can really begin to get a bit loud.

Although it is nice to see that the team is mirroring what a lot of us fans are saying too and remaining humble. So, let’s continue not getting ahead of things, and let’s take each game as it comes as we have been doing.

It remains to be seen what the second half of the season will be like though and we are not stupid enough to believe it will be an easy ride, we do know it will be tough right up to the end of the season.

But all we can do is hope and pray that the second half is more like the first, and that we quickly pick up where we left off with no serious injuries or issues to our players…

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman



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  1. We have the best manager,a very competitive team,we are loyal to our philosophy and we will play to champions league next year.Good Job!!!

  2. Not half done Shenel, but we’ve reached a critical point and it always seems like the home stretch after Xmas/New Years’ games and we’re the front runner.

    1. Don’t be ridiculous ! How can any sensible person say a season which is only 14 games old is halfway? YOU AND SHENEL AMAZE ME!
      And it is NOT being pedantic. It just wildly factually incorrect.

      If you care nothing about accuracy in articles then you live in a different world than I do. Barely over a third gone. That is NOT and never will be “half”!

  3. Who is this Jon Fox and why does he have to throw harsh words at people on here? Pathetic! He must be a sad, old man. 😒

    1. Kklin, Pointing out wild inaccuracies is not being “harsh” but trying to get truth, instead of BADLY wrong statements .

      AND DO NOT BE PERSONALLY RUDE YOUNG MAN, AS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME AT ALL. I stand for truth but it seems you care nothing for it!

      1. Damn right your excessive criticism of nearly everything is rather obnoxious. You even criticised peoples grammar, making derisory comments about peoples lack of intelligence, ignoring the fact that alot of people on here are not native speakers. Come on old man, try to be a decent person by being nice to others.

      2. So far so good. We pray for consistency and injury free after the world cup. Our target remains top four. Winning the title is a bonus.

  4. Why are we so harsh on each other?
    Oops, I’d better say ‘one another’ for good grammatical measure. 😅

  5. This is a cliffhanger indeed, the season is really turning out to be one of the most exciting seasons ever for Arsenal supporters.

    As a person Ihar travels frequently, it would be interesting to know the uptake selling of Arsenal merchandise base on what am seeing recently.

      1. Mr JF
        I think shanel was just making an observation that we have now stopped for the first time in the history of the prem and you are absolutely correct that 14 is not the half way mark of 38 but feels like we have reached the half way mark ..
        Can’t believe I am having a conversation about half of 38

        1. Nor can I Alan! I dislike obviously and wildly false figures being wrongly presented as being “facts.”

          They are NOT facts but complete and weird distortions of the truth. Had Shenel claimed we had played half whren we had played say seventeen or nineteen games, I would have let thatfar lesser inaccuracy pass unchallenged.

          But there has to be a limit to badly inaccurate figures being presented as truem when they are not.
          What if Shenel had said we had played half a season when we had only played , say ten games,or twenty seven games?
          Would THAT have been acceptable to those who criticise me on here for standing for accuracy? If NOT, then where would YOU draw the line? What if she claimed we had won, say twenty games in a row but we had in truth won only say eight games?


  6. Not clear how 14 out of 38 is half.
    The article is fine. But the headline is incorrect and as correctly pointed out by some of the posts the games played do not include the Xmas fixtures which are crucial.

    1. Incredible that our fans argue about the stupidest most irrelevant point at a time when our vibes should be so flipping positive! Who gives a flying heck if it’s halfway,14 or whatever?
      Let’s chat about our players,our manager our record breaking season and how bright the clubs future is!

  7. I was gonna say something but after reading the comments I’m totally forgetting what to say. COYG! ..something along those lines

  8. After years of failure in what matters most – the EPL (due to the extended years of the specialist of failure), we are now where we should be , courtesy Mikel and Edu. Credit to Mikel for the turn around of players – Saliba, Xhaka, Saka, Martenelli, excellent players hired – Ode, Rams, Tomi, Ben, Partey, GJ, Zincs., The success began when the likes of Ozil, Laca, Aubs, Guendozi, Kolas, Mustafi were binned once and for all. And many on this site hurled abuses on the man who had a vision to make us elite.
    The title will be won or lost at the Etihad, but the Etihad can be breached as what happened last weekend, so I wish the best for the magician and his lads while the likes his detractors can settle in their “den” as the future is ours, the future is Mikel

  9. I think “Half done” is a very premature. I remember being top at Xmas before and ending up quite a way short of winning the league. Even with the excellent season so far, a couple of injuries down the spine of the team and title challenge could hit the rocks. But equally some luck with injuries and some clever business in January, and it really could be “Half way there” not too long after the World Cup.

  10. We the fans have been through hell regarding our team performance post-Arteta era. There used to be a time I’d wear my heart on my mouth when we played from the back, but all that is in the past, the team is taking shape and has a solid structure. Good thing about our position is that top players that would probably turn us down years back, would easily have their heads turned by our approach. We definitely would recruit come January and I trust the club’s recruitment policy.

  11. If we have Saka fresh and injury free after the WC it can
    make a lot of difference for the season. Also I am hoping
    ESR will have a good recovery and will be raring to go !!

  12. Well, first and foremost I hope all our players who have gone to the World Cup come back healthy and fit. Secondly, its still is a long journey before May and hopefully Arsenal strengthens the squad by adding 2-3 players in key positions in the winter window considering fixture schedule, injuries and rest required for players between games. A strong depth with without drop in quality whilst rotating players will go a long way in ensuring we stay top and hence win the title.

  13. I think we need another winger and a number 6, or what you would call a Thomas Partey deputy because I don’t think Lokonga is good enough a deputy to Partey.
    Also, I think Arteta should try on few occasions to play Lokonga as a number 8, not this 6 he usually play whenever he gets the opportunity to play.

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