‘There is a reason for that’ – Hamann backs Arsenal decision

Former Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi has faced some huge criticisms from former Premier League midfielder Didi Hamann in the aftermath of his side’s 5-0 defeat this week.

The defender was slammed after he supposedly scored an own goal under minimal pressure to start off the rout, before trying to dribble out from the back in his own half and being at fault for his side falling 3-0 behind on the night on the way to a 5-0 drumming.

Mustafi has come in for criticism during his time at Arsenal also, but did improve initially under manager Mikel Arteta when he first took over the role in December 2019, before falling back down the pecking order after the Coronavirus pandemic had put a halt to the division.

Didi Hamann, who was well-known from his time with Liverpool and the German international side in his playing career, has moved to slam the defender.

“What these players do is a shame for this traditional club,” Hamann said after the final whistle (via HITC).

“The players suffer from excessive self-confidence. They think that they are better than they really are.

“The simplest thing in football is to defend. You don’t need great skill, you need cohesion and desire. And they can’t even do that. What this team allows is characterless and not worthy of a Schalke 04!”

Didi moves onto back Arsenal’s previous decision to overlook him prior to allowing him to leave.

“He arrives, then plays a role in the change of coach and is involved in every goal conceded. This is a player who has not played for Arsenal for a year and there is a reason for that,” Hamann added.

Schalke 04 only signed the defender on a temporary deal until the summer, and the player could well struggle to find potential suitors in the top divisions if he doesn’t improve before the end of the term, when his current side will no doubt be relegated and look to trim their wage-budget.


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  1. Loose Cannon says:

    The boo boys will never read that. Mikel was right
    1. Ozil – Fener dropped to third! feed sad for them
    2. Guendozi – what is he doing at HB? Ask his coack
    3. Brothers of doom – Kolasinac & Mustafi – helping Shalke get relegated, no chance now
    4. Lucas Torrera – 0 assists, 1 shot on target,
    5. Socrates – need we say anything which is not known?
    Trust the manager, trust the process. Get ready for a big leap in the table next year once the remaining dross is booted out.

    1. Sean M says:

      I feel really sorry for Torreira. He’s a really good lad with a lot of talent. Unfortunately he never really fit into Arsenal’s system and he’s been almost entirely neglected at Atlético. I hope his next move is to a club that values him.

    2. jon fox says:

      Such sound sense, sadly not shared by all on here. I very much DO share it!

  2. Grandad says:

    Hamann has confirmed what many of us on this site have known for a number of years.

  3. A J says:

    “What these players do is a shame for this traditional club,”

    “The players suffer from excessive self-confidence. They think that they are better than they really are.”

    Sadly the second paragraph is a long held theory of mine, and many Gooners, as rightly pointed out above by Grandad.

    Too many have pulled on the famous Red & White and think “That’s it job done, look at me”, without backing this up on the park.

    I have noticed in a few player interviews of late, the word “humble” being used.

    Leads me to to believe Arteta knew this was a problem at our place, and has made it one of his targets (non-negotiables) to eradicate.

    My son has a mate who is a pro, used to room with him.

    When we played at this players place, my lad asked a few things about our lot.

    The response – “They walked around as if they had a bad smell under there noses, never spoke to any of them”.

    I stress this was pre Arteta.

    Believe me, the above response alluded to an attitude that was firmly entrenched at our place – regardless of performance.

    Mikel will not tolerate such an attitude nor indeed cliques, which we have already seen evidence of him addressing.

    Remember ;

    “Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard”.

    1. A J says:

      “There” “Their”

      1. SueP says:

        What you are describing in your post is Guendouzi’s attitude to Maupay last year and why he was sent out on loan for not accepting a rebuke from the manager and later failing to apologise.

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