There is enough blame to go around for the problems at Arsenal

No one single individual is responsible for Arsenal problems, it is shared.

There is no denying that Arsenal is now in crisis. Everyone must accept that and adjust because if we do not, then the unthinkable will become a brutal reality.


They are doing an appalling job, they allowed huge money to be spent on a winger when the defence was crying out for reinforcements. David Luiz was a joke buy, allowing Ramsey to leave on a free was incompetence of the highest order. Allowing Unai Emery to stay in position for too long was criminal. Having no replacement in place is unforgivable. The list goes on.


Too many are just collecting their wage packet and not giving a damn. We all know exactly who they are, no point naming them but I can tell you this, it is not the youngsters. There is no leadership at all, there is no unity, there is no one playing with their hearts. You do not need a manager to show that you give a damn, you need integrity and pride. Most of these players do not have that.


The fans have had to put up with a lot and their anger and frustration for a large part are fully justified. But on occasions, they have let themselves down, no point denying that. The fans are now the last line of defence, it is on us to raise these players, the management cannot do it and the owners certainly cannot, booing them is now counter-productive. We have to dig deep, what other choice do we have, we are the only ones that care now.

What must be done now?

The owners can start to put things right by employing a proper world-class manager and giving him some serious money to spend in January.

A lot of the players are beyond redemption and a clear-out is an absolute necessity but a good manager will identify those prepared to fight for the badge and so there is still some hope.


  1. I have given this alot of thought and wondered what is missing at arsenal and what went wrong. I think when you look at arsenal and wenger times changed alot. Wenger was a great manager but just didnt move with the times. I think at arsenal we need a new manager with a huge personality like klopp pep mourinho. I would love to have Diego simeone. He is energetic passionate and lively and I believe this would be infectious to the fans. Arsenal have been so quiet for so long and prim and proper under wenger. Today world is boastful with everything here and now in social media. We need a manager who will give players a bollocking confront of the world and demand respect and passion from the fans and board. Arteta and allegri are too soft so my preference would be simone poch and shockingly thiery henry. Henry stands for something and has a huge ego and a statue outside the club. Players would respect him and know they need to play for the badge

    1. You reap what you sow and unfortunately we have been sowing dung for a few seasons now

      I believe We missed a trick when we didnt act quick enough and get JM
      He has the attitude. Personality desire ability and ego to have sorted us out for a season or two.
      Now we have poor Freddie leading a ruddless ship
      It will be a long 4 or 5 months ahead of us

    2. If you want a very defensive manager then Simone is the choice…

      A.Madrid currently having a bad run possibly due to too many new players in the team…

      Mourinho too a very defensive manager…look good in the first 2 seasons but fail after, his past clubs and history are there to see…

      Klopp is pretty decent but he couldnt have done it without the financial backing of the owner…he wants a solid defender he gets one

      Any manager will have it tough to get this current team going especially with the unrealistic heavy demands of the fans

      The core/spine of the team is not even there…too many new players in the current team

      1. We have not got a spine good goalkeeper center half center forward that is a spine we have a weak center half and the branches off it are weaker When will we learn not until it is too late I fear

    1. 👍 Any head coach can only reorganise the deck chairs so many ways. About time the players stood up.

  2. The defence must improve, no ifs and
    buts. When u watch how some teams defend you wonder why Arsenal can’t do likewise.
    In the Everton game and mu against games, the defenders crowd the attackers resulting in a goal threat being nullified.
    Until our defenders can stop ball watching, the win will be elusive.

  3. I think that the lack of commitment and aggression(Arsenal DNA) on the majority of our players as they “defend like every part of their body is their face”as Jonatan Liew mentioned in The Guardian is a very important factor of our situation;to remedy that, we need a coach who can alter our DNA and the only one that can do this job is Pochetino and is available.The others one could be Simeone(0 English) who is struggling at the moment with Atletico earning about 25 millions a year and a cheap version could be Tony Pullis.On top of all of this we need the Management to work with efficiency e intelligence in all of their functions.

  4. Ok, so just read this, and have to agree… I was a season ticket holder for 23 years, and gave it up last season, why should I give my hard earned money to a club that treats supporters with contempt, that can’t see the real problems and buries their heads in the sand…

    I love this club, an have supported them for over 40 years, and… and will continue to support them, but will not contribute financially by buying tickets or merchandise till an owner who cares about the club us in place…

  5. Regrettably the owners have not serviced the Arsenal engine properly for a long while now and the engine will not function as desired and therefore cant accelerate , change lanes , go round corners , avoid obstacles or run at full speed for any reasonable lenght of time .
    They (the owners) need to employ a first class mechanic quickly to get this motor singing again before its too late .

  6. If we go down it will like Leeds it’s very tough down there wont come up again with those on top of the clubs not thinking straight all are dumb thinking of their pockets

  7. Wow! The fans get some of the blame (despite having zero say on decisions made) yet Wenger, and Gazidis get a free pass? One of the major reasons we’re in such a mess is because of those two. Both of which were more responsible for Ramsey leaving than anyone else.

    1. Its quite a shame u still keep bringing Wenger into this ness,18 months after he left,what a bunch of hypocrites,could u have given Wenger credit if Emery has won the league? During Emery’s 22 match unbeaten run did you give Wenger credit? The players you guys labelled rubbish r doing extremely well in other clubs yet u r still having orgasm with Wenger,what a pack of Shits,finishing 2nd behind Leicester was labelled a disaster by some of u yet u guys still have the guts to call wenger u guys should be hiding in shame for real,,after the summer transfer window,99% of arsenal fans were excited by the quality of business done,dead woods were let go,( elneny,welbeck,ospina,cech,mhikitarian,iwobi,koscienly,Ramsey,nacho,etc) and exciting players which filled the gaps Wenger failed to fill brought in,( luiz saliba and Tierney) to stabilize the defence,cebalos and pepe to add creativity and goals, and martineli to support the attack, before then dead woods cazorla,Wilshire ,Lucas Perez,Campbell, Jeff Adelaide etc were let go then exciting super talents ( Leno,papa,lich,Suarez,torriera and ,ghendouzi were brought in to reshape the team, with a 46 year old trophy ridden and charismatic couch brought in to do everything Wenger failed to do, how come u r still blaming Wenger?

          1. There is nothing much to understand in your post @Uchman. You seriously need some help. Lols!
            You shouldn’t have included Cazorla.

      1. Uchman, great post and in answer to your question…UE was their choice and he failed quite spectacularly, got the sack, so they need to cover their blushes and blame someone else…and it’s either AW or Ozil…they alternate on a regular basis.

        1. Its becoming boring ken, I strongly believe we will rise up again and become even greater than we were buh the truth is that some of these guys need to be told the truth

  8. I totally agree with this article.
    There is so much wrong. For now if we want to make sure we have at least a few results as fans we have to support the team and be vocal to help them. If we make the Emirates a place that is toxic to play for our own players then we should boo ourselves as we didn’t help the Arsenal but in fact cut our nose of to spite our face.
    I suggest we still have banners against Kroenke but they know how we feel

  9. now the yankee twats and their idiot lackeys start to realise there is no more cookies in the cookie jar , if it means being relegated to get rid of all these souless blood sucking money grabbing parasites Im all for it

  10. I agree with the original blog wholeheartedly buy like someone said this was started by that clown Gazidis not realising that Wenger was past his sell by date. The rot started setting in the last time we won the FA cup, we had a poor campaign, a pretty good set of draws in the cup and wenger got a new contract. We then had two years of destruction and we have not recovered since. Bit by bit this club has gone rotten but it was started by ironically an FA cup win, when all the signs in the league campaign the previous two years were there for all to see our decline starting.

    1. I will take a past his sale date Wenger to this mess, a 100:years Wenger is better that this mess we r bn fed now, for 22 years the past the sale date Wenger did not take us to relegation battle,what a bunch,u can never win 3 fa cups in 4 years if u r not a good side,we brought this upon ourselves,we were warned by many great men in the game buh we failed to listen, bringing Wenger is pyre hypocrisy!

      1. Wenger has gone move on and stop living in the past Uchman today is the problem we have to get it right this time

  11. So much wrong and so little time to stop the rot as we slide towards the Championship.So many people culpable on and off the pitch,but as Innit said earlier,our priority must be to bring in quality at CB and DM.The Manager situation can wait but we need the right players now.

    1. Grandad We have to get the right manager first so he can buy the right players otherwise we will be going around in circles.We buy CB DM now the new manager might not like them or he will think they are not good enough

  12. Well said wenger has a lot too do with this the media still treat him as if he has some importance the guy was a joke didn’t have much input in the winning of things David den and Adams Bergkamp had more input then idiot wenger

  13. Why do we continually blame the owners. THEY PAY TOP WACK to Raul and the other three to manage the club. These people are supposed to manage the strategy and all financial aspects of the club.Yes the owners are to blame in the sense that that picked these people who have, IMO, no football DNA and are purely finance orientated.The owners do not interfere with the day to day running of the club and did authorize good money in the last transfer window. If it was spent badly it was not down to them.There are only a few clubs where the owners pump millions into the club and there are even fewer that have any real knowledge of football. They employ competent people who do. WE DO NOT. A prediction we will get another Spanish manager.

    1. patH, of course if kronkie is paying, reportedly, top whack, and he is keeping his eye on the ball, why hasn’t he realised that he is being taken for a ride?

      He bankrolled a complete overhaul from the top to the bottom, placing his trust in a certain gazidis, who took over complete control of matters.

      The problem was, that until AW’s last year, trophies, top four and CL were a regular financial income and never looked like changing – a well run club that was making money and needed little attention…the peverbial “cash cow”.
      kronkie believed he did have the right men in charge.

      Exit Wenger…enter UE…exit gazidis…all hell breaks loose and he hasn’t a clue what is going to happen and to be fair, neither did anyone else!!!

      He trusted the new regime to spend wisely the £215,000,000 entrusted to them and we now see how that turned out.

      Half empty stadium, losses in the tranfer market (Ramsey) ridiculous salaries (Ozil) and a real danger of relegation meaning he has two choices:
      Invest his own money to stop the slide or sell the club for a profit.

      Just my view on the situation, if it continues he will sell for a profit!!!


        As you say, he, Kroenke, both appointed the failure Gazidis and also failed to keep close tabs on him. Knowing nothing about football, as Kroenke does, that was inevitable. In my book and in the real business world the man who appoints failures finds the buck stops with him. Gazidis was poison and conned the club, the owner and us fans( not me or you though!) . BUT he is now gone and his damage can only really be undone by the man who,stupidly, appointed him and left him there unsupervised to destroy our club, without sacking him , as he would have done, had KROENKE KNOWN EVEN THE FIRST THING ABOUT FOOTBALL. We all on here were calling for GAZIDIS’S HEAD YEARS EARLIER. REMEMBER KEN? OF COURSE YOU DO!

    2. PAT H, Owners should , if they are bona fide owners, actually run the club and keep a close and daily eye on those who they appoint to run the daily business. The Kroenkes singlarly failed to do this and continue to fail. They even live on a different continent for goodness sake, Have you any idea at all how the real business world operates, as it seems you have not? Of course KROENKE SENIOR, NOT JUNIOR, IS RESPONSIBLE, AS HE OWNS THE CLUB. Reality, naive PAT! Absent and care nothing owner equals a failed business. IN THE REAL WORLD!

  14. Tend to agree patH.However the owners have proved to be incompetent in that they have employed incompetents.Where does the buck stop?As to your comments towny,you do not need to be a proven Manager to identify quality players who would be an upgrade of what we have at right back,centre back and DM.I see dozens every weekend and some of them play in the Championship where we could well end up.

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