There is more to David Luiz than what is seen on the pitch claims Chambers

David Luiz hailed by teammate Calum Chambers as a great guy

David Luiz has split opinion since he signed for Arsenal from Chelsea but for his new teammates, he is a massive influence.

As fans we get to judge players by their performances on the field of play and not what they bring to the team behind closed doors.

Luiz is a walking talking disaster in my book and I stand by my opinion that he is a huge liability but Chambers has a totally opposite viewpoint.

‘David has been brilliant, he has come in and no-one in the club has a bad word to say about him,’ Chambers said after the game.

‘He is one of the nicest guys I have met, he talks to you, gives you advice and makes everyone feel like he is giving you his undivided attention.

‘Off the pitch, he is a great guy and on the pitch he brings his qualities and is playing well at the moment.

‘He brings some added experience, obviously, he was won things and I haven’t won as many things as he has so there are things I can learn from him both on and off the pitch, it is always good to have an experience like that in the team.’

No doubt Luiz does bring experience and I am certain he is a positive influence in the dressing room but none of that can deflect the fact that he is always one game away from a huge mistake, it is what he is.

There are loads of experienced players out there that can mentor the youngsters and bring experience to the table. We call them coaches.

Still, it is good to see that Chambers appreciates the positives that Luiz has brought to the team.


  1. According to your Walking Disaster, he gave away 3 penalties in 160 appearances for Chelsea, but have away 2 out of 4 for us, so I would like you to explain how you called him a Walking Disaster. Let’s stay objective on this one, or will the wallflowers have my comment deleted again?
    Chambers is a favourite of mine, just because he is the understated, dedicated player.

  2. Luiz has his faults but he’s a match-winner. I think he was an excellent signing for Arsenal and this won’t be the last time he shows-up for us when it matters. He’s getting towards the later stages of his career, and we’ve got a good crop of young players that will fill those boots eventually, so it’s all good. Really pleased with our league position at the moment. Really pleased with Man Utd’s and Tottenham’s league positions too!

  3. David Luiz has been fine. Yes he has faults but I’d pick him over Mustafi and Sokratis any day

    I hope Chambers and Luiz can push each other

    Holding is our best CB at the moment in my humbling oinionation

        1. Yes Wenger left Arsenal 200 mill out of pocket at least.
          City offered 60m for Sanchez. Wenger said no.
          Sanchez left on a free and so we lost 60m.
          Ramsey saw Ozils huge salary and Sanchez huge salary at United and so Ramsey demanded an increase. Wenger said no. Ramsey left on a free costing us another 60m
          All Wengers fault. Ozils salary costs 18m a year and he does not even play.
          His salary will cost us another 36m for nothing. All Wengers fault.
          Mustafi cost 43 m and 5m salary and he is useless. Wengers fault.
          Mustafi will cost us 65m with 20m for a sale at best so another 40m.
          Lacazette cost 55m but has an injury requiring him to rest most of the time.
          Wengers fault for buying an injury prone player.

          Adélaïde Akpom Asano Bielik Campbell
          Cazorla Cech Jenkinson Koscielny
          Mertesacker Monreal Nwakali Ospina Perez
          Ramsey Welbeck Wilshere Zelalem.
          We spent 175m in salaries and fees for these players but got
          a total of 25 m in sales.
          So that’s about 360m Wenger’s incompetence cost the club.

          1. I draw attention to @Admin Martin to what this liar posts in this thread. Do you want to allow him here?

          2. was Arsenal club Wengers’ property? Do you know the guys we call ”capitalists”? THEY MAKE THE FINAL DECISION WHEN IT COMES TO INVESTMENT.He built Arsenal to what it is now. what was it before he took over? leave the old man alone. find other things to do besides football.

        2. I’m not sure on the debt thing, but you’re looking at around £180-200m lost out in transfer fees, on just Sanchez, Ramsey, and Ozil alone. Plus the ongoing costs of Ozil’s wages. I dread to think how high the true figure is when you factor in all the other players we either let contracts run down, and continuous conracts for crippled players.

          Of course it wasn’t all Wenger, but he was the driving force behind it all.

        3. @Viju Jacob.
          You also quoted the clubs accounts from google.
          You do realize that all business, Clubs and Governments etc
          always present “great accounts”.
          Its called creative accounting.
          What those accounts don’t say is that Arsenal still owe 360 million
          for the Emirates stadium build.
          Tottenham similarly borrowed 900 million pound for their stadium build yet
          their latest accounts show the club made a profit last year!!!
          This is because the 900 million they borrowed from the banks is
          not listed in the debit column but is described as a “long term investment”.
          So of course Arsenal is going to publish positive “accounts”
          But if you believe that then more fool you.
          A trap for young players.
          Wenger might fool you but I was never fooled by Le Fraud.
          In Emery we have a genius manager.

          1. Yeah yeah yeah, the integrity council of the world are your gardners. Try harder & the club will sue for libel because I’m sending them these screenshots.

          2. Deleting your comment isn’t gonna save you, troll. The screenshot of your defamation is already with the right hands.

    1. go support City and stick to your Fifa20

      you will be better there…spend as much you like without any issue

      1. Arsenal has owners. it is a business. they can do whatever they do want to do with their investment.BUSINESS WISE THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE DOING FINE.

  4. He seems to be gradually improving, and yes the midfield haven’t been protecting him, but he’s still a very poor signing in the context of what we needed in the summer.

    Sokratis is now our worst CB, but I would still rate Luiz as a second worst. I am yet to see an outstanding performance from him, and his experience has translated to nothing on the pitch as of yet. There’s still no organization, and you can’t lead when you’re playing bad yourself.

    I would argue that Chambers has been our player of the season so far. I would to see him form a partnership with Holding at CB.

  5. I said this before and il repeat it again. He left chelsea because he didnt want to be a squad player and Kos left for the same reason amongst also wanting to go back home.

    The problem is this threatens the development of holding who plays in the same position.

    Both have different qualities but I just hope unai seems the value in giving holding more game time. I know unai is a fan of holding so let’s see.

    Regarding Luiz, we need a recent premier league winner in our ranks. His experience, that chambers mentions is something that is worth more long term than the immediate 3 points he could win like on the weekend.

    Chambers, self proclaimed more mature as a man is benefiting with this observation as his performances show a player who is assured of his abilities and uses it to help the team.
    Like ramsay, he has been a late bloomer for us, or so it seems. He is only 24!

    1. Spot on Tom and Luiz needs time to settle into a new club, new coach (although he played under Emery at PSG), build relationships, communication, understanding and coordination with completely new players in defense, in particular, notwithstanding his experience.
      It’s early days and hopefully the mistakes will lessen, if not disappear.

  6. He’s gotten better over the past few weeks. Still, he remains a player that will lose his head and cost you points. Sooner Holding is back the better. Either Luiz or Sokratis need to be dropped soon because it’s not a convincing CB pairing. What I did like about last game was all the help they were receiving from the rest of the team. Usually they get hung out to dry and get all the negativity for conceding, when the reality is most of the time it is a team failure that leads to the opposition scoring.

  7. At the risk of being called negative, I’d like to point out several defensive shortcomings in the last match:

    Luiz: In the second half, there was a time he BLINDLY following his man, losing him by a simple turn, and it created a space for TWO opponents to exploit. It’s typical Luiz, to find himself in no man’s land.

    And in the last ten minutes (arguably the most critical period in PL because of many late goals), our great captain and midfield pivot/general Xhaka:
    – slipped and fell when defending a counter
    – was tracking a runner, but for some unknown reason stopped, keeping some distance, and allowing the opponent to make a cross from near the goal line unchallenged. He had time to close down his opponent so why? Was he scared of giving away a penalty?
    – when defending a corner, he was only standing still and allowing a free header, was he too scared to jump?

  8. Who else noticed….start chambers and get a clean sheet…..holding should be in the mix too…no time to gamble and we need to start scoring goals.

  9. Why not give Luiz a Xhaka role for once and see how he performs there. His long balls are superb and on point and he can defend better than Xhaka. Pair Holding with Socratis instead.






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