There is no logic at Arsenal – Wenger is staying….

Don’t get your hopes up, Arsene is staying… by Konstantin Mitov

Hello everybody! Straight to the point. The deluded one said we’ll very soon know about his future. Please spare me the excitement of knowing he’ll be here another 2 years at least! Oh wait, it wasn’t here in the first place.

You see, the plane lowered Arsene to the level of David Moyes, but his new contract could take him to the level of Alan Pardew at Newcastle. There well could be banners at every home game asking for his sacking rather than his peaceful resignation. There is no logical reason or evidence as to why he should sign. Then again, logic doesn’t work at Arsenal, so yeah.

Four losses in the last 5 PL games, out of the champions league and an FA cup semifinal that would be as easy as pie for Man City the way we are playing. When he signs the extension there will be an outrage, because people do accept logic and Wenger doesn’t deserve the contract.

Now what will happen to the squad? Most of the players don’t play for Arsene, they don’t care. I think they know he is staying and they just wait for the summer hoping they’d be off. Frankly I’d be happy so see half the squad gone, cause it’s not good enough, but it would still easily make the top 4 under a decent manager. Regardless though, the players look like Chelsea of last season under Mourinho. We can either replace the entire squad or one manager to lift the mood. We need to replace at least 10 players to get some fresh people who would trust the delude one.

And who are we gonna get? Where are we gonna buy from with Alexis and Ozil leaving? The board is real joke too. They don’t even have the courage to come out and say we’re trusting the old geezer and giving him a contract. He’s saying it himself. Pathetic. Who is running this football club?

Now, now, some people say it’s Kroenke’s fault, but his only real problem is not sacking him, Wenger got nearly 100 million for transfers this summer (the cash didn’t come out of his pocket) and we’re worse than we were last year. Even Kroenke now has a point to sack him, he’s gonna lose him a lot of money. But then again, logic doesn’t work here, so he’s going to stay.

Even that assistant coach Boro whatshisname said Arsene has no intention of leaving and at his post-match press conference when he said he knew his future, there was that cheeky smile of “I know you want me to leave, but screw you! I’m Arsene I can do whatever I want”. At first I thought what Leicester players did to Ranieri was bad, but seeing their results, I hope our players could do something similar.

I just hope that people don’t give up when the contract is signed. The players are clearly affected by the negativity around the club and if the protest gets as big as 10 or 20 thousand people, action will have to be taken from the board. In football you can’t live in the past, or the present will overrun you and it is doing it right now.

Mourinho was sacked, because of bad results, so was Ranier, but if your name is Arsene you are safe and sound here at Arsenal. Wenger had 12 years to build another competitive squad and he failed. He won’t do in this time either. It’s the end of an era at Arsenal. The era of the top 4 and St. Totteringhams day will come to an end this season.



  1. Twig says:

    Who’s Ranier?

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    I feel and hope that Wenger will leave at the end of the season.

    Circumstances (protests,results, poor man management in relation to contract renewals etc) are going to force the hand of the board and in deed Wenger like never before due to things publically reaching critical mass.

    By not revealing his own contract situation sooner he has dumped more pressure on himself and consequently on his team.

    We know the board and Wenger are both adverse to change but I just can’t see how they can avoid making the inevitable decision.

    I’ve personally waited a long time for this and it can’t come soon enough for AFC in my opinion. Once he is gone, new lifeblood can be pumped into our club however watered down by the old blood of a old, detached and uninterested owner and board..

  3. Budd says:

    Mitov, you twisting? Burning? What’s the matter? Submission? This can’t surely be true! Look, I will pray for Wenger to leave. Not really a religious man but I can’t stand your moaning anymore. You just as fickle like everyone else.

    1. Sam, need a striker says:

      Just skip it, if you are not interested … Or better you may write your own piece and send it to the Admin …

      1. Adienl says:

        You’re asking too much, Sam. Lol

  4. lupe says:

    I bet a lot of people including ex players want him to leave but are too scared to talk out because there is possibility we could get worse. I believe we won’t get worse like united did by getting the right manager. I do think he doesn’ t want to leave but is just waiting for our form to pick up so he can declare he will sign the contract. Wenger needs to go because he is the main problem of our failures on the pitch, also we need to put that illusion of no money to bed as we have one of the biggest wage budget in europe but it doesn’t show because we are paying a lot of useless players big wages and underpaying players like sanchez. Wenger is been greedy because he doesn’t have a life outside Arsenal.

    1. highbury44 says:

      Exactly.Wenger has no life outside Arsenal and wants to announce he is staying after we win a couple of games

  5. Ramterta says:

    wenger knows that he is a failure and that arsenal is inferior to other teams.hats why he is content with top 4 and r16 trophy.
    Akbs believe a title which he never will because it no longer is a 2 horse race and more teams have become competitive

  6. Ozzy AFC says:

    Wenger staying WON’T make any more difference than Wenger going.
    The people who run the show, the boa5d members WON’T sack Arsene Wenger for the worst run we’ve had in 20 years because for them, he’s always made them money.
    They don’t give a m9nkeys for the fans OR what anyone else says or thinks and if you think Wenger going g will solve the problem overall then your seriously mistaken
    The main aim of the board members is to make plenty of m9bey WITHOUT spending too much .
    4th spot has ALWAYS been Thier aim so that they can collect a sizable chunk 9f dough and then not have to reinvest too heavily in players ect .
    Setting expectation is where the deception lays because winning goal EPL trophies sets the bar at champions league the following season and THAT costs major major money with no real guarantee of success
    If Wenger goes expect a like minded or very junior weak willed manager to take over because the board won’t be employing anyone who will want to change the way things are.
    We as fans sadly have to accept that 1) the board are not football fans they are MONEY fans who follow profit
    2) the manager has perhaps done the best with what he has been given and has also lost his mojo and has also been caught up with in regards to tactics and transfers by the test of the world.
    3) the players we have are weak, self obsessed selfish mileniuls who feel entitles to trophies without the hard work required and who clearly don’t respect either the club OR the manager.
    All this together is a recipe for mediocrity at best and disaster at worst.
    For ten years we’ve been treading water and through a mixture of luck and bad competition we have coasted through to champions league football NOW all the main competitors most notable the SCUM have caught up and 9vertaken us. It was only a matter of time before we all got found out.
    Yeah I want Wenger out, but I also was those Frecken scum board members to go with him.
    That’s the only way we’ll change now

    1. gmv8 says:

      Think we’re going through a similar sort of thing that Newcastle went through with Mike Ashley at Newcastle. It wasn’t until Newcastle hit rock bottom that he decided to act, but then at least Mike Ashley had some love for football – he did turn up to every game. You can’t expect to own a successful team, while making shed loads of money, and having no interest in football. It is totally beyond me how the board did no due diligence on Kroenke before recommending other board members to sell him their shares, after Arsenal has been so careful in the past to not allow any one person a majority share holding.

      1. gmv8 says:

        And to those saying Kroenke spent money last year he did, but fan opinion was getting toxic after the lack of any outfield signing the previous year. Retaining Wenger is all about saving money, one man doing the job of 10 and putting up with the current lack of spending in all areas.

  7. chun says:

    Oh my god, for his own sake I hope the writer is 12. Gawd the moaning, it’s like a nagging spouse. And for what it’s worth, if you’re so sure that Wenger is staying, please go into hibernation and don’t ruin atleast the protests for the rest of us you petulant child (not any better than Wenger himself at the moment).

  8. luvdaguns says:

    if they resign him this year, then we know we are in trouble, I think year after year wenger nets the owners money, he spends thriftly, makes top 4 every yr. but this year is different, he will lose money, no top 4, and lose 2 top players, and will have little left to build from and little clout to attract quality players since 1) he is a laughing stock 2) no UCL stage. my biggest fear is he somehow wins FA, and then the owners have an excuse…

  9. JAmerican says:

    We’re about to start enjoying the view from the sixth.

  10. muda says:

    hate the so called totteringham day, I hope they finish above us for once, so that some deluded fans will wake up. I won’t mind finishing 8th to down either. #WengerMustGo

  11. luvdaguns says:

    6th place in the table…. ?

  12. vinie2000 says:

    Well, Wenger staying ? UTD just won v Boro and jumped to 5th with the same games and 2 points ahead and we are down now in 6th place and we have to play them and Everton so now our fight is Europa League at best. Hurts to say it but hope we do not get into any European competition next year and will be the nailini the coffin for the Board, Coach, deadwood and over rated players in our team. SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING , EMBARRASSING AND DISRESPECTFUL to the fans. Those who still think Wenger will turn this around keep dreaming.

  13. tweety says:

    as i said before, i wish i lived in the uk. protests, protests, not attending home matches and aw and board out. gooner = forever

  14. Onochie says:

    So,we are now in 6th position,the same position most people here were making fun of man u with. Wenger should get ready for digs from Mourinho

  15. legend Henry says:

    Some stupid fans are afraid of change.
    If you deluded fans think Arsenal is a big club then your delusion is on another level ; come to think of it ,where in this world is a top club ran the way it’s managed by Arsenal?
    Wenger would have been fired long ago if he was at any top club.
    How could you be afraid of a change when the man that claims to love Arsenal is running the club into the mud?
    How could you be afraid of a change when the man who is supposed to unite the fans is rather dividing them?
    How could you be afraid of a change when we get humiliated by the top teams?
    How could you be afraid of a change when Manuel Neuer , Harzard and other equally world class players see us as jokes
    How could you be afraid of a change when we haven’t won any major trophy over a decade?
    How could you be afraid of a change when we can’t seem to go past the round 16 of the champions league?
    How could you be afraid of a change when every team in this world find his form when they face us?
    Except you are retarded !!!!!!

  16. mark says:

    I’m beyond fed up of him calling all the shots as to whether he stays. Legend? Legacy? If he had any sense of decency he would go and let someone else take the reins, instead of clinging on in some weird delusion that he is not the problem.

    I’m sick of giving endless respect to someone who clearly has little respect for the fans etc.

  17. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Wonga will announce on Monday that he is leaving at the end of this season.

  18. Vlad says:

    10-20k protest will change things? Konstantin, you’re the delusional one, not Wenger. Arsenal’s fan base is millions. Few thousand won’t make any difference. Tickets will be sold no matter what, and money will be made by the owner, and the board. Your comparisons to Mourinho and Ranieri are ridiculous as well. Mou completely lost the plot, and we all know Abramovich doesn’t have a lot of patience. Chelsea is his toy. For him, it’s what it should be – a football club. Arsenal, on the contrary, is a business. As for Ranieri – Lester were in danger of getting relegated, hence the sack. Wenger is a different story all together. He, and only he himself will decide when to step down. So you better pray that he’s made up his mind and will announce his plans soon.

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