There is no rational explanation for Arsenal’s mistakes against Swansea, but it’s hardly unusual

Yet again Arsenal continue to look like amateurs when they play away at lower level sides, especially our defence, who are only consistent at carelessly giving the ball away. The Gunners have won only 3 away games this campaign, and would you believe that only 5 teams in the whole division have conceded more away goals than us, and one of those is Liverpool! The only difference is that Liverpool have scored more than twice as much as us on the road, which is why they are now 8 points above us in 4th place.

It is a certain fact that if you used the Pinnacle VIP code 2018 to get the best prices for teams playing at home against Arsenal this season, you would already be a very rich man, and so it proved again last night as the Swans were a massive 6.50 to win. An incredible price when you look at Arsenal’s dismal away form….

Understandably Arsene Wenger was very, very disappointed with our performance against Swansea, which he made clear, but he seems to be totally at a loss on how to explain it. “I would say Swansea won decisive duels offensively and defensively, which is what we didn’t do.” he said. “On top of that we made unusual, massive mistakes, that was the killer. They have a kind of game that gives you problems because they play very deep, very disciplined and that’s why I think the turning point of this game was when we were 1-0 up. [We were] absolutely guilty to concede the goal straight away, we have no rational explanation for the way we gave away the goal straight away. They were happy with the 1-1, it was down to not making a mistake, but overall we were not convincing offensively or defensively and in the end we lost the game.”

So what does he think the reason was for yet another poor showing away from home? “I don’t put it down to anything,” Wenger continued. “You make mistakes, you make mistakes, it is not always a rational explanation behind it apart from the fact that maybe it highlights the whole lack of quality of concentration that we lacked tonight.”

What is so strange about our away form is that at home we are second only to Man City in the goalscoring department. How can we be so great at home but so rubbish away? Wenger said: “Maybe after a while it becomes a confidence problem as well, but overall it’s easy to put it down to confidence and tonight it’s very difficult to find a rational explanation behind our performance.”

Well we have ascertained that we can’t find a ‘rational explanation’ for ANOTHER away game filled with mindless errors, so can anyone suggest a few irrational reasons?



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The rational explanation would be – Arsene Wenger

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    This is what bugs me, because it is the opposite…there is a rational explanation and the mistakes were not unusual, they were typical.

    First goal was Xhaka’s fault for not doing the absolute basics of following his runner, especially when they’re running into your penalty area! He had a poor first season, and is now battling with Iwobi for worst player of the season. He also cost us the winner for Bournemouth for the exact same reason, not to mention how many times he gives the ball away in key areas as well. This could have been avoided by not playing Xhaka, because he’s done more enough to prove he’s not good enough. But Wenger refuses to drop him, hence Xhaka will never learn from his mistakes.

    The second goal came about because of Wenger’s obsession with retaining the ball as much as possible. He loves high possession stats, and prefers his players to take big risks at the back, rather than just clearing it from danger, and possibly losing possession in the process. So I did chuckle when Wenger complained about the goal after the game, when his own players were just putting into practice, what Wenger has been coaching them to do. It’s clearly not the players fault, as we’ve been playing ourselves into trouble for years.

    I hope that’s a rational explanation.

    Please forward to Mr Wenger

    1. Konstantin Mitov says:

      If his sacking can also be passed with this it would be great!

  3. Grandad says:

    But there is a very rational explanation. The same players keep making the mistakes e.g. Cech,Mustafi and Xhaka.They are not of the quality we need and coupled with the Managers out of days philosophy there is precious little chance of us making the top four The acquisition of Auba will not prevent the calamities at the back .A huge rebuilding programme is required at Arsenal but until Wenger goes we shall continue towards mediocrity.

  4. Muff diver says:

    Apparently in for one more player :
    So the question is…

    What do we need more a dm or a cb?

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Anything that will make Xhaka go away

    2. mark says:

      DM to break up opposition attacks.

  5. AndersS says:

    There is a very rational explanation. When we play away, even bottom teams have learned, we are easy to score against because we can’t defend with more than 5-6 players, of which 1 or 2 don’t even have a defensive mindset.
    And it is not as if this year it is the first year, we concede too many goals. It has been a persistent problem for so many years.
    So it is actually very logical where the real problem is. He is sitting on the bench and has been for 20 years.

  6. Phil says:

    There is no getting away from the fact that Wenger continues to make good players mediocre.ALL the players at Arsenal should be improving their game but this is not the case.IWOBI-looked promising to begin with and now looks a Championship player at best.ZHAKA is capable and was bought to dominate games but now is not worth his place in our first 11.RAMSEY performs well and is consistent at International Level and only occasionally delivers for us.Lacazette is obviously a very good player but the service into him is non existent.The blame is ALL on Wenger.

  7. Nothing changed says:

    We have to obvious and persistent problems IMO. The first is that we consistently fail year after year to have a winning mindset which IMO includes always putting 100% effort and never allowing yourself being outworked by the opponent. True winners hate to lose whether it is Swansea or Chelsea they play.

    Secondly, we don’t seem to coach or be successful in coaching basic defensive principles. Like positioning without the ball, positioning when in possession etc. Defending is a team effort and starts up front. You can have the 4 best defenders in the world but if they play for a team with no discipline they will look ordinary very quickly.

  8. georgie b says:

    Such are the vicissitudes of life that a great man is now scorned; yes Mr. Venger it is time to go.
    But first show these guys how to kick butt. You and they are perfectly capable.

  9. AB says:

    The rationale explanation is that our manager is not accountable and he doesn’t hold his players accountable either. We have seen for years players making the same mistakes but still staying wenger favorites. It is the easiest job for players and the manager in world football.

    1. Phil says:

      You are correct AB and that is solely down to Wenger

  10. bran911 says:

    “You make mistakes, you make mistakes, it is not always a rational explanation behind it apart from the fact that maybe it highlights the whole lack of quality of concentration that we lacked tonight.” When I reached ‘quality’ I though Boom! finally Wenger has seen that quality of his players is non existence, until the word concentration followed that’s when I realized this old man will never change, his salary is fat enough to make him become expert in vocabularies, all the hustle to justify his team’s failure is normal and just some minor errors (that never gets resolved) that keeps repeating in every match

  11. jon fox says:

    ONE ENTIRELY RATIONAL EXPLANATION! WENGER IS OUR MANAGER. Wenger should not be put in charge of a whelk stall. He has no organisation , no tactics, he just sticks players in positions and hopes for the best. For a decade now, A WHOLE DAMNED DECADE, thanks entirely to hopeless Wenger, we have had zero captains, A BIG FAT ZERO CAPTAINS, at our club. God, even the abysmal Walcott has worn the armband on occasionsand doesn’t THAT say it all! He cannot understand why we make mistakes. Well I CAN , along with tens of thousands of other Gooners. So let US all pick the team, coach them and divy up his grotesquely unearned and huge salary among us all, who DO know why this so called defence can’t do the job! A HISTORICALLY GIANT CLUB WITH A LOVELY STADIUM BANG IN THE CENTRE OF THE WORLDS GREATEST CITY , will attract many of the worlds top managers. But INSTEAD we hang on to Wenger! Words fail me!

  12. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Return home to the Emirates George Graham; all is forgiven! Arsenal needs a coach who understands the tactics and techniques of organized team defending.

  13. phelyx says:

    We have lost all the the matches we played in the blue kit. The kit is a curse

  14. Baggio says:

    My First 11

    Bellerin Kos Mon Sed
    Ozil Wilshere Mikh
    Laca Auba

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