“There is no way to disguise it. It’s terrible, to be honest. ” Arsenal star delivers honest assessment

Kieran Tierney has admitted that things are bad at the Emirates at the moment, and he has urged the players to take responsibility, including himself.

Arsenal suffered a third consecutive league loss at the weekend when Burnley beat them at the Emirates.

It has been a tale of two different seasons for them. While they are flying high in the Europa League, they cannot even buy a league goal now, nevermind winning league games.

They have won 4 and lost 7 of their opening 12 league games and it seems that an end to their poor form isn’t in sight at the moment.

When assessing the team recently, Tierney didn’t hold anything back and he made it clear that their performances so far haven’t been up to scratch.

He admitted that what they have been delivering isn’t what the club’s fans or board deserve, and they are to blame.

The Scot said via Sun Sport: “It’s not good enough. There is no way to disguise it. It’s terrible, to be honest. 

“It’s not what we are, not where we are as a club. It’s not what the fans deserve, it’s not what the manager deserves, it’s not what the board and that deserve. 

“It’s us players that need to take responsibility for this. It’s on us and nobody else. 

“We have got a great manager and we believe in him 100 per cent. The blame is on us, nobody else.”

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  1. how bloody refreshing to hear one of our players give his honest opinion, and not a prepared statement. well done young tierney, now all we need is the slackers to piss off to pastures new and work on the handful of fellas who do care for our club. i would suggest that young tierney is looking at the armband pretty soon , dont you think ?.

    1. 100% he is a true leader , I think they should play the mix of Europe league players with. Some of the first teamers when fit martinneli should play also smith row is one of the best players coming through

    2. Gerry, don’t you agree with me that young Tierney would be the natural choice as club captain? He is a regular choice, shows honest leadership skills and is truthful. Auba is a joke as captain and totally unsuited to it. Likewise Xhaka and Luiz. Tierney is the obvious choice for me.

      1. Jon, i do totally agree with you , he is the only choice as far as i am concerned. he is a natural leader , he is the perfect replacement for the flacid auba.

  2. That is why Tierney is my favorite player in the current team. The lad is tough, spirited, plays both sides of the game, and gives 100% always. I’d love 10 more like him on the pitch. Tierney & Martinelli are 2 players that fill me with hope

    A certain captain in the making; I hope he finishes his career at Arsenal.

  3. Thank you, KT. At least one of the team has cojones and cares!

    Just saw this from MA:
    “The biggest issue for me is that there are probably half a squad of players at the club who know their future isn’t at Arsenal.”
    So this explains the lackadaisical attitude then, but for them to continually be picked to play…. 🤪

  4. I hope Tierney gets the captain’s armband, seems to be more settled in temperament than the others. For the future Gabriel or Mari if Tierney doesn’t want it. Let’s hope Xhaka finds another club in January. Sadly, when we lost Torreira, Guendouzi and Ozil…..we lost a complete midfield. Now we have the worst midfield in the EPL by far and the worst midfield I have seen in 62 years of supporting and watching Arsenal.

    1. In reply to Sean
      Absolutely right.
      Arteta is too inexperienced in man management. He could be very succesful one day when he gets all the players who can play his type of football, but right now, he is not what Arsenal needs. Then telling half of his squad, he does not need them, or they are not good enough. Playing week in, week out all his favourites can only result in a disaster.
      God save Arsenal.

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