There is now enormous pressure on Arsenal to win at Huddersfield

After Emery’s honeymoon period as Wenger’s replacement, when we saw Arsenal go on an amazing 22-game unbeaten run, things have now gone swiftly downhill, especially away from home. After our first unlucky away defeat at Chelsea we went six games without a loss on the road, but now we are in the opposite position of not having any wins at all in our last six.

That must change this week when we travel to bottom of the table side Huddersfield, or we can forget any chance of us finishing in the Top Four. As Bernd Leno said after the defeat at the Etihad: “…I think we are still in a good position to go to the top four. We still have big games and I think we need more away wins, because at home we play very good. We win many games at home, but I think to go into the top four again we need more away wins.”

We definitely need one to break the losing run, as if we don’t beat the relegation favourites, who in fact have lost their last six home games, then our confidence will be destroyed for our following away games as well. And the bad news is that our following away game after Huddersfield, is in the North London Derby at White Hart Lane.

Please God let us have a massive confidence booster before that game!



  1. gotanidea says:

    I think the team do not need to worry, because they have prolific goalscorers in Aubameyang and Lacazette

    They just need to make sure they use a more attacking strategy and assign all players in their correct positions

  2. Sue says:

    We only scraped a 1-0 there last season… I have to say I’m a little worried as our away form Is terrible!! We need a huge boost… being a clean sheet & scoring more than 2 goals!!

    1. Pat says:

      Sue, I can’t remember the last time I am not nervous about us playing anyone. My hope is on Europa League. We are craps in premier league.

      1. Sue says:

        Neither can I Pat!!!

  3. McLovin says:

    I would start Özil against Huddersfield. He’s been benched for long enough and we haven’t scored 3 goals since.. Fulham win?

    ——– Leno
    AMN – Koscielny – Mustafi/Mavro – Nacho
    ———– Guendouzi
    —– Torreira – Ramsey
    ———— Özil
    Aubameyang – Lacazette

    1. gotanidea says:

      I like the formation, but I would replace Ozil with Iwobi, because Iwobi usually excels as a CAM and he can wreak havoc in Huddersfield’s defense with his dribbles. I would also use Xhaka as the deep-lying playmaker:

      Maitland-Niles . Koscielny . Mustafi . Kolasinac
      ……………..Torreira ……………… Guendouzi
      ……….Aubameyang ……………… Lacazette

      1. Kenny says:

        I would replace I-wobble with Dennis Suarez.

      2. joseph says:

        Hahaha Iwobi will over-dribble loose the ball and stand Huddersfield will counter and score

        1. Sue says:

          Yes probably after 48 seconds

    2. Jim wall says:

      Ozils body language is a disgrace he shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team until he respects his teamates and arsenal ,
      I hate it when he loose the ball and just looks up to the sky and slowly jogs back.
      How do guddenz…lacaz..torre feel when they come of the pitch after giving everything and the get a quarter of his wages .

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Let’s play with 5 at the back and ElNeny, Torreira, Guendouzi at the midfield and let’s have our two strikers upfield.. y’all know it’s been working out so far, We need to play like that please, we can’t afford to drop points, I don’t wanna see Ozil or Ramsey close to the pitch a bit

    1. jon fox says:

      Eddie, IF this is supposed to be sarcasm, as I think it is, it needs to be more clear and obvious. It can be read either way, as it is.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Jon I really don’t care what it is, I care less about our league games, I stopped caring over a month ago, it won’t change now.
        Let the Europa league resume please, it’s the only competitive match I’m looking forward too

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          regarding the Ozil debate on the last article, Jon, you and Thirdman should tell us since this whole debacle has always been about Ozil earning 350k and being lazy.
          Which clearly like Dan Kit said, he is the same player we signed ago, back then it wasn’t an issue with you guys really? The only few things that changed his is age and his his wage which suddenly points out how lazy the man his according to you guys…
          While you’re at it, you both might please tell us all what Lichtsteiner does that justifies earning 90k a week, tell us what Mikhi does that justifies earning 120k a week.
          I guess they are not much a problem just because their names doesn’t start with Mesut right?
          It’s a problem because it’s Ozil and he earns 350k

          1. ken1945 says:

            Eddie, I tried to make this point in a previous article.
            If we are honest, all premier league players salaries are obscene for just being lucky enough to have a god given talent.

            Ozil’s salary has been used to sway the argument as to whether or not he is of value to our club.
            If his salary was £90,000 a week, would he get the same treatment?
            I don’t think so.

            I have also criticised UE’s man-managment style regarding Ozil, so completely different (and uncalled for) to any other squad member.
            To bring on Suarez for the last ten minutes had only one real purpose surely? To show Ozil up and put him in his place.
            Wasn’t this kind of sustitution roundly criticized under our ex manager and cited as irrevocable proof that he had lost it?
            Well, the two guys you mentioned above have failed miserably to condemn UE, something they had no problem doing before.

            There was no way that Suarez could have changed the game, but if UE had, at least, given Ozil 30 minutes to try and unlock Citys defence, this would have made some sense.

            Having ten outfield players running around, supposedly giving 100% doesn’t really matter if their 100% of talent produced a performance like the one witnessed against City.
            This idea of having to run all over the pitch in order to prove your worth is the kind of mentality clubs like Stoke City and their fans always looked for.

            Time to assess where we are going UE, trying to freeze out our talented German is not working.
            Plus the fact that Ozil has said he’s not going anywhere as he loves the club, the supporters and the country. That’s what I call giving 100% to your job.
            Just play the man and let him earn his salary.

          2. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Ken that’s what these folks want to see, us playing, running around the pitch like Sunderland and Stoke does, and claim it’s hardworking with us losing our image.
            Regarding how they all treat Ozil I’d love to read what his Majesty Jon Fox has to say about the players I mentioned and why they get special treatments

          3. Sue says:

            ?? Ken & Eddie

          4. jon fox says:

            Rather rude eh Eddie. Esp for a mere commoner like you!

          5. jon fox says:

            You are fooling yourself if you truly think Ozil today is remotely like the Ozil we first signed. He is clearly just a pale shadow. All that is still similar about him is his looks. His game has disintegrated, mainly through laziness. WHY do you think a manager with the pedigree of Emery chooses not to play him then? Eh Eddie? The money is a side issue. He is lazy and IT IS DISHONEST TO DENY THAT.

          6. jon fox says:

            He would still get the same treatment from me, quite irrepective of whether he was paid fourpence or over £300k a week. Laziness is a still laziness, whatever the wage. I resent it when people put words into my mouth and then proceed to chastise me for saying what THEY have said I said. THOSE ARE THE ACTIONS OF COWARDS. To be clear I chastise him for laziness, not for his wage. Ichastise the last regime for THAT calamity. As you well know, but don’t let that stop your lies eh?

          7. Eddie Hoyte says:

            “A mere commoner like me” And you’re supposed to be a blue blood? Lmao, you just made me laugh really…To say I put words in your mouth and lie against you is so out of it when there are witnesses on here who will point out the fact that you always pick on Ozil, call him lazy and say stuffs like he’s robbing our dear club.
            Are you gon deny that fact now your lordship?
            You fancy being called fancy names on here eh?
            He said I’m telling lies, I could point out many of your statements where you’ve said stuffs like Mesut Ozil is lazy and is merely stealing his earnings from the club.
            A mere commoner on here like me, Lol, I’ve been on this blog for years now and I’ve seen people come and go, right from the days of Hafiz Rahman, Davidnz, Soopa Aeon, and I could swear you’re invisible back then, to see you think you ain’t a commoner on here makes me laugh, I can count all of you folks who hardly commented on this blog four years ago not to mention 5 or 6.
            But to me it’s bullshìt, stop denying you’ve always pointed out how Ozil earning 350k a weak is him robbing us, stop it man

          8. jon fox says:

            You either refuse or are too dim to grasp my point. I think it is the former. On my specific post above about which you falsely accused me, I said nothing whatever about OZILS SALARY. You are trying to move the goal posts, which is a way of wriggling out of what you did. Previous posts are completely separate from that particular post that you lied about. And you know that full well. If you were referring to them then why did you not say so at the time? I am precise in language; obviously too precise for the sloppy language users on here.

          9. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Oh man we could go at this for nights but it’ll be irrelevant to go on like this, you’ll never accept you’ve always done and I noticed how you always try to pretend you don’t have a problem with the player because of his salary, and I noticed how you skipped my initial question as to what Lichtsteiner does to earn 90k a week and what Mikhi does that justifies earning 120k a week, but of cud they are hardworking players i suppose that’s why it’s only Ozil you constantly pick on.. like I said, we could go on with this to no end but I won’t, I LOVE THIS CLUB, AND I’VE BEEN QUESTIONING AND WILL ALWAYS QUESTION THE USE OF OUR PLAYERS AND OUR TACTICS, I WILL STOP QUESTIONING WHEN THINGS GO RIGHT. YOU CALL OZIL EVERYDAY AND HE’S BEEN ON THE BENCH FOR MONTHS AND YET WE’VE BEEN ON A POOR RUN, EVEN A SIMPLETON WILL KNOW THE SELECTION AND DECISION TO ALWAYS LEAVE OUT OZIL HASN’T BEEN JUSTIFIED BUT YOU WHO CLAIM TO LOVE THIS CLUB WON’T PIT ASIDE YOUR BLINDNESS TO THE FACT THAT HE SHOULD GET BACK INTO THE TEAM BECAUSE OF HOW POOR YOUR CHOICE OF HARDWORKING PLAYERS LEFT US.

      2. Pat says:

        Jon Fox
        I left a challenge for you on the previous article. Please dear fellow Gunner, do take up the challenge and bring us the required statistics and information to back your claim that Ozil is lazy and ineffective. If you can not support your claims with the necessary information, then I will conclude that you are only on a witch hunt campaign against Ozil.

        1. jon fox says:

          I need only working eyes, not false stats which never do tell the full picture.

          1. Pat says:

            Lol ?. Jon Fox you just simply don’t like the guy, so you are on a witch hunt. It’s alright to not like someone but it is unjust to denial what they actually can do. Any Arsenal player is my guy any day. Ozil is our player years before Emery came, so what he has done will not be forgotten. More so he just got married and need some luv.

          2. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Pat are you surprised he’s ignoring the facts and stats and insists he just needs his eyes?
            As long as Ozil isn’t running from one end of the pitch to the other end for him to see, Ozil will be a lazy man.
            As long as Ozil doesn’t do the job Mustafi and their likes should be doing, Ozil will be a lazy man, and so you think he’ll accept he’s always on Ozil’s case? He’s always available whenever there’s a chance to crucify Ozil

          3. jon fox says:

            There are very many comments on here which agree with me that OZIL IS LAZY AND THEREFORE INEFFECTIVE. IT IS YOU WHO SEEM TO SUPPORT A PLAYER MORE THAN OUT CLUB WHO ARE BEHAVING ODDLY. A man on here named Pat actually asked me for stats on laziness. Can you believe anyone would be so foolish to expect such stats to exist! As for “not liking the guy” that comment is ridiculous . I know little about him as a man; have never met him nor spoken to him. Like many others who are lazy minded with language , you confuse not rating him as a player with not liking him. They are two totally different things. I speak ONLY of his ineffectiveness on the field, which ALL LAZY PLAYERS , LIKE WALCOTT WAS, SHARE. I do not know Walcott personally either , so have no opinion of him either, off the field.

          4. Eddie Hoyte says:

            “A man on here named Pat actually asked me for stats on laziness. Can you believe anyone would be so foolish to expect such stats to exist! ”
            and there you go again with the insult and insinuating he’s foolish to expect such stats exists. I’ve pointed it out before, you easily call people names and use insultive lines when they’re viewing their thoughts and it’s against yours, I’ve seen you multiple times call some folks on here idiot also, with Jah Son being top of that list, and to think you value respect and moral values, for someone your age, you easily act the opposite with the whole insulting attitude.
            I have nothing against you man, just am honest view I’m pointing out

          5. Pat says:

            Jon Fox, if you cannot provide sensible statistics to back your claim then I don’t think you should call him lazy and ineffective. Except you believe you judgment and mentality is far bigger than the German coach, Madrid coaches, Arsene Wenger. And in all honesty I don’t think you have better intelligence than all these men of great football knowledge put together. As for you calling me names, I will not bring myself to your level by calling you any insulting name. And for your information I am a WOMAN!!!!!! I choose to use my partner’s name because he is a Spurs fanatic. And I wanted to get at him. All love anyway.

    2. Pat says:

      Eddie I think we are loosing the flare football Arsene Wenger brought to premier league. That many managers have come to love and embrace, many football fans used to enjoy watching us play irrespective of the team they support, many pundits love our style of football. Lots of young mangers aspire to be able to coach their teams this way. We now play as we go and wait for the result. We lack flare and creativity. Emery has turned us into a nervous reck. May be there are better days ahead, who knows?????

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Oh Pat we’ve lost our game, and it’s fine by these folks, who cares? Let’s run and run around the pitch, let’s have our players sweat and let us be a team that other teams enjoy playing, even mid table team.
        Let these folks keep living in denial, 3-5 years ago, they never knew Ozil wasn’t the type to run around the pitch, it became clear the moment he started earning that amount, then it became crystal clear he’s lazy.
        A crap and silly talk if you ask me

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Simple answer Arsenal don’t have the “cattle” any more.

  5. Sue says:

    This game is huge…. we must put in a performance & get a result COYG

    1. John Wick says:

      Absolutely Sue ?

  6. Sue says:

    We’re getting Leandro Trossard??? Hope I spelt that right ?

    1. Declan says:

      Yes aparantly agreed a deal with Genk to bring in the winger in summer for €25 million.

      1. McLovin says:

        Dont write Trossard off. He’s been extremely lethal. Its just the Belgian league but ie. De Bruyne arrived from there.

        1. Sue says:

          I’m not… don’t know much about him if I’m honest. So he was Sven’s parting gift?

          1. McLovin says:

            No idea..

            He seems like a gamble to me. Only 8 goals last season, and he’s already 24. It wasn’t until this season he blossomed. 17 goals and 8 assists in 29 apps so far.

            He could a top or a flop.

          2. Declan says:

            Not writing him off either he’s a winger and we are desperate for one.

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Sue is this confirmed? Certain or just some rumors?

      1. Sue says:

        Eddie I saw it on an article by the Online Gooner (on Arsenal news)

  7. Declan says:

    I must admit I’m a little worried about the Huddersfield game as they sling a lot of high balls into the box from out wide and we have not coped with that tactic recently. I’m hoping we play Mavrapanos to get a bit of height there. OT is it right that Mavrapanos has been left out of our Europa League squad? Seems odd if true. Our game against spurs was originally set for their new toilet bowl but will be played at Wembley.

    1. McLovin says:

      It was reported that we didnt have enough homegrown players in the 25-man Europa League squad because we loaned Martinez out. Therefore we have gone with 24 players, leaving Mavro out.

      Haven’t checked if its really true that we only have 7 homegrown players atm. 8 was required.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        McLovin, I would have preferred Arsenal name home grown U23 players in the Europa League, rather than name players on long term injuries.

  8. John Wick says:

    Really tough game! Arsenal are extremely poor on the road so I’ll go with a 1-1 draw but I’ll be over the moon with a 2-1 ?

    1. Sue says:

      ?? I’d be over the moon too John (even more so if we don’t see THAT kit) ?

      1. John Wick says:

        I doubt we will Sue ? maybe the purple kit will come out ? Lucas Torreira interview coming up on sky I wonder what that’s about ? I saw that film it’s good but where did the aliens go at the end? Kinda felt sorry for the fella with the beard ?

        1. Sue says:

          Hmm I wonder, it’d better be positive whatever it is, can’t take much more doom & gloom!! ?
          If I remember rightly didn’t the noise from her hearing aid attract them, then they prepared to go out & shoot them?? The Dad sacrificing himself… omg I started to cry ?? I’m too emotional ?? so how are you anyway? So I’ve been having some beef with a couple of spuds online… it really has made me laugh some of the things they’ve come out with!! Mental, the lot of them!! ?

          1. John Wick says:

            Something about we can still finish in top 4 he obviously still can’t speak English. I don’t think it attracted them, it irritated them and both the girl and mother figured out that sound waves was their weakness.. the shotgun scene look as if she was gonna shoot and hold it to the speaker send them scattering away, I don’t think she was going all Rambo on them with one shotgun ? haha aww … He had no choice the thing was gonna eat his kids it already ate one ? yeah I’m alright Sue apart from bloody hoover breaking down oh lovely ? that’s why I try to avoid social media just too many arguments and trolls! Even had arguments about one saying you can survive days in the freezing sea that kind of stupidity just winds me up ?

          2. Sue says:

            Haha no well obviously not all Rambo style with one shotgun!! Maybe an uzi 9 mm ? Well maybe they all bolted then as I wouldn’t have liked hearing that sound!! It’s bad enough hearing it at work (but not on that scale ?)
            Have you watched 10 Cloverfield Lane? You’ve got me started now, now I know you’re a movie buff!!
            Bloody hoovers hey?!
            That’s not a bad idea, I used to be on FB, not anymore.. sometimes do Twitter.. but tbh I can’t be doing with the trolls, stuff like that really winds me up,… I shouldn’t let it, but hard not to!! All they want is a reaction… So I try to & stay.calm…. works wonders ?

          3. John Wick says:

            An M134 mini gun is probably the only thing to stop those bad boys ? lightening fast and pretty vicious ? it kind of leaves it open for a sequel I think as no one really knows where they were going ? I’ve seen that Sue people loved it, I wasn’t too keen.. I love alien/space films… Apollo 13 was awesome, the Martian was diabolical and The First Man was just a complete let down and that last days on Mars was horrific the director should be banned from ever making films again ? yeah I deactivated FB ages ago, people have become strangely weird and got rid of Twitter some time ago.. all I was seeing was graphic images from animal cruelty to p*rn tbh Sue most ppl on twitter only follow to get a follow back then unfollow to make them look like they got tons of followers while following very few its become completely childish and vain! ? Well you’ll just give as good as you get Sue I have full confidence ?

          4. Sue says:

            Well Declan just said there will be a 2nd film (get in there!)
            I loved that film.. especially the twist at the end which I really didn’t see coming.. ? sad getting excited over a film ?? I like those sort of films too.. was buzzing about Alien/Predator films ? I really love Passengers and Life ? Really like The Descent…. one of my work colleagues keeps showing me all these animal cruelty pics & videos on her fb!! I don’t want to see it, I don’t eat meat for a reason!!
            Tbh John I’m more than happy enough with Just Arsenal ?
            Haha yes I manage to shut them up.. plenty of practice giving as good as I get!!

          5. John Wick says:

            Oh there had to be Sue you just can’t end a film like that ? I loved passengers too, I thought the scene when Arthur gives up Jim about waking Aurora up was hilarious ? what about Jeepers creepers 1 & 2 Sue have you seen those ? Well I love meat but animal cruelty is disgusting those people should be jailed! You love Just Arsenal Don’t you Sue ? haha I’m glad to hear it ???

          6. Sue says:

            It was funny yes!! They’re so sweet together in it ?
            I liked the 2nd one better… 3rd one was so ??? never been so bored in all my life!!!
            She keeps telling me about all what goes on at the slaughter houses ??? I have to change the subject!!
            I do indeed! As we all do on here… I’m on here a lot ? waffling on like I always do ?? can’t beat talking about the greatest team in the world all day long hey?!!!

          7. John Wick says:

            Not when she was punching him in his sleep and gonna bash him with a wrecking bar ?? 100% Sue the 3rd one was terrible and I was really looking forward to it ? Jeepers creepers where did you get those eyes ? the conjuring 2 was a good watch ? the old ghost fella was kinda creepy ? you certainly can’t Sue, come the summer it could get ugly being only 40 mil available haha

          8. Sue says:

            Haha now you’ve said that I’m going to be singing that all night now (jeepers creepers!!) thanks for that ???
            There’s a new film coming soon called The hole in the ground.. Looks scary!!
            Ornstein said it could be anything from 40m to 100m so we’ll see hey?!! It.could very well get ugly, but we love it hey?! ?
            I saw the first Conjuring on a flight.. but couldn’t concentrate as I was nervous, about the flight or the film ?? not seen the 2nd…

          9. Declan says:

            I saw Quiet Place at the flix Sue (explain flix to some on here eh?) Brilliant film and you were right about how it ended BUT there is sequel in the making. Perhaps it will be a prequel?

          10. Sue says:

            ?…. is there really? Ooh I didn’t know that… it could well be a prequel Declan…have to keep an eye out for that! Spot on ?

          11. John Wick says:

            Haha Declan I just said that to Sue about maybe a sequel and I didn’t even know they were making one but yeah it left people wondering so thankfully there’s a sequel to clear it up ?

  9. Grandad says:

    We will beat Huddersfield providing Emery leaves out Lichsteiner and Mustafi and replaces them with AMN and Mavropanas , two talented young players with real pace to shore up our defence.There is growing pressure on Emery and if we were to succumb to arguably the poorest team in the League that pressure would increase and cut short his honeymoon period to an extent where his decision making would be called into question.As it is I respect Emery as a Manager and I cannot believe he will give L and M another chance after their pathetic displays against Man City.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    I’d like to see Elneny chosen to fill in at RB, strong positioning sense, not rash, great stamina, good in a duel, and a bit of height. I believe fullback would suit Elneny, esp for those people who prefer their fullbacks being stronger on the defensive side.

  11. Hez says:

    Our problem may not just be finances, our players are not fit no wonder they are always on long term injuries or ist the diet. Look at players like Lingard, they are not heavy but u cant push them off the ball, do we have a gym at Arsenal or we only do modelling?
    Look at Holding, a very promising player on every department, almost like a mini VVD, now he is injured when he was almost getting there. Yeah he is young, but Liverpool’s young fullbacks dont get injured.
    If we we have to use kids and limited talent, it should be fit atleast!

  12. Grandad says:

    Hez, both Gomez and Alexander Arnold are currently injured.Tend to agree with you Bo T regarding playing Elneny as a defensive full back.He would most certainly be an improvement on Lichsteiner .

  13. Sue says:

    So Mike Dean Is on 99 red cards! Imagine the look on his face when he dishes out his 100th!! He loves that bit of power! So he’ll be ref for City v Chelsea at the weekend
    I hope City win tonight

    1. ken1945 says:

      Sue, just think what it will mean tot his egotistical mind!!
      This is one of the so-called “referees” that Kenny and I, along with many others, have debated about.
      He actually sees things that no-one else does!!
      The annoying thing is, he always seems to get the high profile games.
      I guess that’s his co-conspirator, the esteemed Riley, wants to reward him for services rendered.

      With regards to Saturday, how far have we fallen since our great unbeaten run?
      Discussing if we can beat the bottom team in the league already under UE!
      No wonder Ozil can’t get into this super 100% running side of ours.
      Who needs skill, vision, a tactical brain when one gets a place by running around like a headless chicken creating absolutely zero chances?
      Oh yes!!! Stoke City for starters.

      1. Phil says:

        Ken-I remember the “penalty” he gave against Calum Chambers last season on New Years Eve at The Hawthorns.It was the other end from where we were sat (stood) and you may recall AW going ballistic at the time and afterwards.Scandalous decision from a referee who wants the headlines to be all about him.He never even had the professional curtesy to admit his mistake.Of he had of done he would immediately gained some respect but he is too almighty to admit his many many failings

        1. ken1945 says:

          Phil, follow that up with the 2battle at Stamford Bridge” when he sent Gabriel off after letting Costa kick anyone with a red and white shirt on all over the park.
          I remember his red card against Gabs was overturned, Costa was banned for three games and we lost 2-0 (I think) when the fa tribunal system looked at thematch details.
          His celebrating a spuds goal against us?
          A petition by Arsenal fans asking that he never officiate another of our games was signed by over 200,000 fans…riley ignored it and this clown amongst clowns is still refereeing in the PL!!!
          No wonder kenny has reacted the way he has to the corruption within our games.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            to Sue and Ken, Dean’s bad decisions go back even further, in fact since 2013 Arsenal have won only 7% of games refereed by Dean.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Kenny, yet we are told on here that we are imagining this difference?
            I really hope that VAR will stop these guys from ruining s game of football anymore.
            When I took my referees exam way back when, one of the things drummed into us over the length of the course was:
            Only give what you can see, do not guess anything:
            Guess they didn’t tell that to Riley and his ilk!!!

      2. Sue says:

        Ken… I really don’t like him (Dean) and I understand completely why everyone moans about him… I really can’t wait for VAR!!!!
        Haha Stoke City, love it Ken ?
        I doubt we’ll see Ozil on Saturday, as he’s absolutely useless (?)

  14. GB says:

    Ornstein saying we have £100 million transfer kitty in summer not £40 million.

    1. John Wick says:

      Is that only if we qualify for champions league ? And before or after player sales?

      1. Midkemma says:

        “There are some suggestions around the £40m-mark, depending on what competition Arsenal get in (Champions League or Europa League),” Ornstein began. “I’ve been told that it could be around £100m to spend. As we know with Arsenal, that would factor in salaries as well, and we need to see what competition they get in.

        1. John Wick says:

          Good stuff! Thanks Midkemma ?

          1. ozziegunner says:

            For those who are interested LeeGunner gives a rational explanation of how the transfer budget operates on YouTube.

  15. Sue says:

    Ooh City are winning ? and so are Real Madrid

    1. John Wick says:

      Haha are you singing it now ? watch it Sue it’s very good it’s about the Enfield haunting which was supposedly true. Damn you really don’t like flying ? hole in the ground is it coming straight to TV/dvd or cinema? Watching the city game it’s rubbish although Walcott has put in a few decent crosses more than his entire time at Arsenal haha

      1. Sue says:

        I am!! Argh!!! ? oh gawd it’s even worse when films are based on true events!! I’ll have a look for it & watch through my fingers ? You seen Drag me to hell? Love it!!
        Hole in the ground is an Irish film.. coming to cinemas but selected ones apparently
        City did it ? Laporte & Ederson – more dream team points! Theo has been really poor for Everton… was he really that bad for us John? That match couldn’t have been as bad as WBA v Brighton, trust me zzzzzzzzzzzz

        1. John Wick says:

          Haha you probably will it’s creepy Sue don’t switch off your lights ? I’ve seen that the old woman was creepier than the old fella from the conjuring ? I’ll watch it when it comes out ? have you seen Half Light with Demi Moore I enjoyed it ? yeah 2 zero it was pretty bad oh were they playing what was the score in that? He was a decent goalscorer but no footballing brain Sue still hasn’t got one

          1. Sue says:

            That old woman was horrible.. especially when she starting sucking on that woman’s chin ?
            I bet you just enjoyed it because of Demi Moore ? no I haven’t seen it, what’s it about?
            I think it’s only just finished.. Brighton 3-1 I think … I really can’t stand West Brom… that time we lost to them (3-1 I think) all their goals were set pieces.. absolutely gutted (I actually sat & cried!!!) Awful!
            He did score some really good goals for us, I don’t think he was the same player after he came back from that injury v the spuds (✌-0)

          2. John Wick says:

            Yeah she was repulsive ? Justin long is in that as well got his eyes taken by the creeper ? haha no it’s actually good it’s a Scottish film but was actually filmed in Anglesey in Wales ? it’s about a ghost well she loses her son at the start to drowning and she takes a break in a cottage in Scotland to finish writing a book (she’s an author) and meets a guy across the water who apparently lives in a lighthouse she becomes romantically involved with him then finds out from locals the guy she’s dating is actually dead. Oh yeah that was shocking and that 3-0 crystal palace game ?yes and scored a good amount of goal against Chelsea his first was against Chelsea too in league cup final ?

          3. John Wick says:

            That ship that was conducting the recovery of that Piper Malibu plane is on its way back to port they didn’t say why they were leaving they said they would make a statement on Thursday so I’m guessing they have recovered that body that was supposedly in the wreckage but are waiting to inform both families! I can’t see them leaving the site and leaving the body there, they were at work all day dropping line from a crane and sending ROV’s to the seabed earlier.

          4. Sue says:

            Ooh John I saw a picture online of part of the plane, then with them saying there’s a body in there made me feel physically sick…
            And now hearing his old team want money from Cardiff… unbelievable isn’t it… can’t imagine what the families are going through
            That film sounds familiar, I must have seen it.
            Loved it when WBA were relegated (along with Stoke) loved it!!!
            Theo did love scoring against Chelsea… doesn’t like scoring against anyone now ?

          5. John Wick says:

            I just read that there’s strong gusts coming and 5ft waves expected so maybe they didn’t recover the body they’re just heading in shore for safety! If they haven’t recovered it yet it could be next week before they can even try again.. it’s not gonna be an easy recovery those sea currents are ridiculously strong so divers are risking their lives by attempting to go down and of course using an ROV to pull a body from a wreckage is a very delicate task especially when they’ve been underwater near 3 weeks it most be hell for those families Sue ? yeah you’d think they’d wait until after their funeral’s at the very least! You might have Sue it’s been out a while now ? haha maybe it’s those silly hairdos he keeps getting it’s putting him off his game ? ??

          6. John Wick says:

            Stoke especially that was lovely ? west brom always just depressed me maybe it’s their kit ?

          7. Sue says:

            I’m going to dream about jeepers creepers tonight for sure ? Justin Long standing there with no eyes ??
            Oh John I didn’t even like it in Titanic at the start when they went down to the wreckage in that little boat thing ? it even says online you can visit the wreckage this year.. surely not!!
            I just hope they do recover the bodies so at least their families can bury them & say their goodbyes ?
            Haha it must be the hair, what else could it be?! ?

          8. Sue says:

            West Brom are soooooo boring… Stoke are just dirty sods ?

          9. John Wick says:

            Haha and I bet you haven’t seen it in years ? I heard they’re making a 4th with Justin longs characters sister who was in the 1st one back in it ? ha the submersible but that’s like 2 miles deep at the bottom of the North Atlantic that’s a long long way down ? I thought they stopped going down as the ship is seriously deteriorating rapidly now but I’d love to go down it would be the equivalent of going to space ? I think it’s just one body Sue the other body may have been swept away ? and Stoke was a nightmare stadium for us, couldn’t win there and Ramsey having his leg shattered by that rough end shawcross and I can’t stand Tony pulis Sue even now he’s at Middlesbrough ?

          10. Sue says:

            Jeez are they? It’s got to be better than the last one!!
            Sod that John… would never want to go down there or to space…. terrifying!!!
            Cost a fair few grand to go down there.. could think of better things to spend my money on!! Go to Germany to Podolski’s kebab shop ?
            Pulis is horrible… reckon he’ll be sacked soon… they lost in the FA cup ??

          11. John Wick says:

            They recovered the body Sue but couldn’t get the plane up due to bad weather conditions it’s not known if they will return so a body is still out at sea somewhere. It’s been taken to a Dorset coroner to be identified. Oh for sure it’s out of my price range closes I’ll get to Titanic is YouTube space too lol ?? that’s some going you being a vegetarian Sue but guessing you want to visit for reasons other than the food ? haha it’ll have to be ? couldn’t happen to a nicer man Sue ??

          12. John Wick says:


          13. Sue says:

            Haha yes it has absolutely nothing to do with the food ? although I wouldn’t say no to some chips ?
            Oh no that’s horrible John ?
            YouTube is a much safer option… I’d settle for that!!!
            You never know 1 day it might happen.. if you become the next Robson Green.. rake in the money, Bob’s your uncle ??

          14. John Wick says:

            Jeez Sue you have your eyes on half of the Arsenal team past and present ?? yes but at least one family can give one a burial… It’s a sickening situation as the other fella may never be found ? haha I’m as good if not better than Robson green I can at least cast baitcasters/multipliers he can’t although he’s probably a better fly fisherman than me I can fly fish but I’m not the best at it ? he is somebody that’s the only reason he got a fishing show ? well you don’t need a sub or spacesuit on YouTube ?

          15. Sue says:

            I’ve only liked Petit, Podolski & Kolasinac ? I’m not that bad ??
            You’ll have to do your own YouTube fishing show ? show them how it’s really done!!!
            You’re an avid angler!! That’ll always stick ??

          16. John Wick says:

            My mum was an admirer of Manu petit was the only reason she ever watched Arsenal games ? haha I only meant I’m very keen not that I’m brilliant ? oh TAfishing and about a million others already beat me to the punch on that especially TAfishing my favourite fishing YouTube show ? kolasinac is only a pup though what is he 24 he’ll look different in another 4 years ?

          17. Sue says:

            Your Mum has good taste!! It must be the ponytail ?
            He’s 25… haha that’s 4 years left to admire ?
            That’s that idea buggered then – can’t say I look on YouTube at fishing shows ?

          18. John Wick says:

            Him being french and the ponytail come to think of it she watched all France’s games at the 98 world cup and my mum doesn’t give a hoot about football ? haha you enjoy it Sue let’s hope he’s not sold to utd anytime soon ? don’t work too hard if you’re working today but not so little that your doing nothing at all haha have a good day Sue ?

  16. ozziegunner says:

    Getting back to the game against Huddersfield for the Herbert Chapman trophy, Aaron Mooy the Australian midfielder is still out injured.
    Although he is 28, should Huddersfield be relegated, in my opinion he would be an asset at Arsenal.
    Also for those who mention Emery’s supposed issues with Neymar, it appears Thomas Tuchel is facing the same problems. Maybe it’s the player, not the coach?

    1. John Wick says:

      It’s absolutely the player Ozziegunner he’s a trouble maker he’s the kind of player who thinks he’s bigger than the club he only left Barcelona because he was upstaged by Messi not much of a team player although I’d still take him haha

    2. ken1945 says:

      ozziegunneer, not heard abou this, but when youget players like Neymar and Ronaldo, the world, it seems, revolves round their every word…at lleast that’s what they think and how they react.
      Compare this to the way Messi and Ozil ( please ozzie I am not comparing players abiliites just their attitudes ok? ) conduct themselves in the public eye.
      Just two examples of course, there are many more.
      That’s why I find this whole situation with UE and Ozil ( back to football now! ) so strange.
      Ozil is not the type of man/player that would want to undermine UE’s position, so why completely ignore him days after making him club captain and when his creativity was so badly needed against City?

      By the way, I wanted a duo of Vieria and Bergkamp to come in after AW left, kept meaning to answer your question.
      Still looks good to me, but that’s probably why I’m sitting here at 1.00am typing this and not preparing my team for the Huddersfield game!!!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ken1945, I believe the major issue with Mezut Ozil is the reported injuries (“back spasms”) that he has suffered this season, resulting in his non availability for selection. Unai Emery has therefore been unable to rely on him consistently; is he available or not?
        Also his self confidence was surely dented by the issues with the personal criticism (in my view unfairly) levelled at him over Germany’s World Cup performances/exit.
        Unfortunately he is certainly not the player he was.

  17. Agin says:

    Do not play Iwobi and Lichtsteiner, try to play Ozil instead this time.. Also play Ramsey, Torreira, Suarez, Guendouzi.
    Hope it will make more attacking style, and can supply the ball many more to Laca and Auba. Ozil and Suarez can pass the ball from wide and center so there will be more creativity..
    I am not a big fan of how Ozil play especially when face to face with opponent, but at the moment I am sure he could be a good choice…

  18. Declan says:


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