There is one Arsenal player that should have no role in the team next season

It should be unthinkable that David Luiz remains a first-team Arsenal player next season.

Arsenal signed David Luiz from Chelsea last summer in a move that surprised many fans and observers.

While Luiz has his moments of genius, the Brazilian has never truly been a model of consistency and so it didn’t come as a surprise that Chelsea allowed him to join a rival.

Luiz has been the world’s most expensive defender before now but his time has certainly passed.

Yet, Arsenal signed him and they have made him their most important defender so far.

Every other centre back at the Emirates shares one spot while David Luiz looks an undisputed starter.

To me, this shows just how poor our other defenders are, not so much about how good David Luiz is.

The Brazilian doesn’t impress me with his defending and I don’t think he should be part of Arsenal’s longterm plans.

Mikel Arteta will know enough about his current squad at the end of this season and I expect him to have seen the struggles of Luiz at the back.

Next season, there will be limited room for excuses especially if the club spends lots of money in the transfer market.

William Saliba will return from loan, there is new signing Pablo Mari and both Calum Chambers and Rob Holding will still be there. There is also every chance Arteta will bring in yet another centre half. All this means that David Luiz should be surplus to requirements.

The idea that the former PSG and Chelsea man will have any role to play is incomprehensible to me, he simply is not good enough and in the event, he is still a first-teamer next season then some serious questions will need to be asked.

Luiz will have a year left on his current deal and it should be just fine for him to run down his deal or be sold.


  1. Jack says:

    The first player out of the door ought to be Ozil! Luiz can be useful between defence and midfield, considering we get so many injuries.

    1. Akan says:

      The very first player gone, must be Xhaka,, his arrival is cause of the decline in positive tactics and application of the teams’ football ideology and identity commencing a negative approach to our game since 2016 when he arrived. Given his obvious lack of ability, answer please is he still playing for this team. He can’t get into any club with ambition

  2. jon fox says:

    How about the reality of all three players, above this post and already mentioned on this site, Luiz, Ozil Xhaka, plus Sokratis, Mustafi and a few other make weights too who are all useless ot next to useless, all going ! Half the squad at least are way sub par for Arsenals expected standard and ALL REALISTS KNOW IT ONLY TOO WELL. Some still fool thremselves thast such as Ozil are useful but frankly we realists can dismiss this as the ravings of fans who never learn and frankly, don’t WISH to see what the realists easily see.

    Unless every single squad member busts a gut to get in and stay in the start eleven by giving 100% every game, that player is defrauding our club and us and himself. Thre is no place in a properly run team for coasters , non tryers and plain useless players. And in good time, under MA, that will become obvious, even to the remaining fantasists on here.

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