There is one big thing that Guendouzi is lacking at Arsenal reckons Lee Dixon

Arsenal’s Matteo Guendouzi has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently.

The Frenchman appeared to have overstretched Mikel Arteta’s patience recently, and the Spaniard is looking to offload him in the summer, according to reports (The Metro).

He was axed from the Arsenal team to face Southampton after appearing to mock Brighton’s players for their earnings compared to his.

However, that isn’t the first time that he is getting into Arteta’s bad books and he has been defended by an unlikely individual.

Arsenal legend, Lee Dixon has claimed that the young Frenchman is not entirely to blame for his petulance and he insists that Guendouzi is simply not being guided by anyone at the club.

He claimed that the current team lacks leader and if it was in his playing days, the Frenchman would have been put in his place by now.

“I completely agree with leaving him out,” Dixon told the PA news agency as quoted by Four Four Two. “It wouldn’t have happened in my day – well, it might have happened once but it wouldn’t have happened again.

“Somebody needs to have a word with him and I’m sure Arteta has done – he wouldn’t have just left him out at Southampton and not said anything.

“There will have been a conversation and then it is about the ability of that player to take that message on board and see what he does with them.

“You don’t just do what the coach says, you listen and use your football intelligence to work out the good bits, the bad bits and what will get you to the next level.

“The next level for him is not being sat at home and watching the game on TV, it is about being in the team every week.”

“It is not the first time we have seen a bit of petulance from him,” added the four-time league winner, speaking in his role as a pundit for Amazon Prime Video.

“He is a talented boy but, unfortunately for him, he has got his chance in a team that has not really got a lot of leaders on the pitch.

“If you picked Guendouzi out of the team now and stuck him next to Patrick Vieira, he would be a totally different player because he would be led around the pitch and told where to go.”

Arteta has urged the Arsenal players to get on board with what he is doing as he looks to return the club to the top of English and European football.

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  1. To me, his talent is below what majority portray it to be, no doubt he is a talented young man but not in the caliber of Fab and Nasri, speaking about Nasri, see how his career ended because he has character issues, hopefully Guedozi wouldn’t end up same, there are other youngsters at the club who are less old than himself and with lots of potentials like Saka, whom am yet to hear negative report about!

    1. What talent does Guendouzi have, exactly? Even the hapless Xhaka has a specific attribute, his excellent longballs which he can distribute all over the pitch at will. What specific thing does Guendouzi excel in??? What is his talent???

  2. obviously hes not guided in the clubs…..

    most of the players are either u21 or have not been in the clubs for more than 2 seasons….

    only a handful are in the club for 3 season or more…..but they are either in the sick bay or getting slaughtered by fans

  3. That was my question days ago, do you guys really think there’s anyone for him to follow and learn from?
    There’s nobody!!

    Other youngsters it’s the same, others might not be petulant as he is, but the issue is our youngsters become stagnant because they have no one to follow and learn from.
    I asked before, do you think Gendouzi would be struggling to improve if he was playing with Xavi, Modric and others? Now Lee’s added Viera.
    The same can be said about Nelson and the rest.

    Pipe down on the Saka hype, I was among the first who advocated he’s worth it and a very god player before Emery started making use of him,I’ll defend the boy anytime any day, there’s no question bout his talent.
    The question is Will Saka be a much better player in three years time?
    As a youngster, playing with pissful poor players, Do you think he’ll learn a lot and become more better? or stay stagnant

    1. Eddie?! As in Eddie Nketiah?!
      I agree with you. Guendouzi needs to stay! I mean, where else do you get Moroccan curls?!

  4. Guendouzi is the midfield version of Lacazette. Both are tremendously overrated but at least one of them very very veeeeery occasionally delivers the goods, albeit, in home games only. The only thing we’d lose if any of them left is money, coz contrary to popular belief, nobody would give us the £8M we paid for Guendouzi, leave alone the fantastical £50M some hope he’d fetch.

    1. QD, NO WAY! Even in this present climate he will fetch far more than £8 mill. Not £50mill, of course not, but perhaps £20mill approx and maybe in a swap deal. Of all the players we need to sell he is probably worth the most money, much due to his age.

  5. All this “poor little boy, he has no captain types in the team to learn from etc” cuts NO ice with me. I have always been well aware that either you possess character and self control or you don’t. I am all for giving a raw kid another chance but this guy is just an unpleasanrt arrogant little git with far too big and unwarranted an opinion of himsels both as a player and a man. He is only a moderate player with a small amount of promise and has a transfer value, due to age and games played for a top club. We are far better without clear rotten apples in the barrel that often infect other impressionable youngsters.
    I firmly belive the decent transfer fee he will fetch is much more useful to us than hiscontinued presence and I would definitely sell him this next window. I think Arteta will do so too. MAYBE IN A SWAP DEAL.

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