There is one huge problem for Bayern Munich trying to hijack Zaha transfer

I see a pattern developing here.

Bayern Munich are the latest club to try and hijack a transfer target of Arsenal but there is one huge problem that the German Champions will have to overcome if they want to sign Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha.

He wants to sign for Arsenal and no one else.

Bayern can probably stump up the cash that Palace are demanding In one go but unless the Ivory Coast international changes his mind and instead prefer Bayern over us then he is going nowhere until we are completely out of the race.

Palace would no doubt love to do a deal with the German giants, especially if they do offer to pay in one lump sum but if Zaha continues to insist on becoming a Gunner then there is little the Eagles can do to force through a deal with Bayern.

Obviously, the Arsenal negotiators will have to come up with some sort of package to tempt Palace or Zaha will not be signing for us either.

And if that does happen and we drop out then there is every possibility that the 26-year-old could be playing in the Bundesliga next season.

But while we are still in contention we remain the front runners but we cannot mess around ay longer, not with a club like Bayern hovering.

The time is now for Arsenal to get their act together and start making these deals happen.


  1. What is Arsenal waiting for….. Zaha is what we need… We lacked a player like him that can carry the ball from box to box in the European final against Chelsea… Zaha is a must and he is consistent.

    1. You have hit the nail on the head Dan.Unless we get our defensive problems sorted out we will continue to miss out on a top four position.If Bayern come calling Zaha will be off in a shot.

  2. If Bayern buy Zaha, we might be able to get Coman

    Since Palace are playing hard to get, Arsenal had better chase another winger. Pepe, Chukwueze and Hudson-Odoi are still available

    1. I agree, and they should sign a left back and center back especially if they won’t use Chambers at the position.

    2. stop mentioning Chukwueze many of his matches have you watch? i am a Nigerian so have watch his match a lot. he is so damn raw and his decision making is so damn poor. he is like gevinho.. pace and trickery. that’s it. the trickery is not even on Par with Zaha or close.. i will pick saka over him all day or even Nelson. yes, he had a very good against Barcelona.. so Iago aspas and wilshere. he is not arsenal level yet at all.

  3. But we are not getting Zaha,
    There is no way Araenal will pay that much for for below average player like Zaha.

    We can focus on other Reasonbly priced Players like Everton

    1. Below average? Have a word with yourself.. now hazards gone he is the best ball carrier in the league.
      Hes also now the best dribbler in the league.. his current goals and assist stats reflect the fact he plays for palace and not City.
      If you think hes below average then you genuinely dont know football.

      1. So zaha is the best dribbler and ball carrier in the prem.. Lets ignore wingers like mane, salah, son, sane, sterling and 5-10 more so that we proclaim our target as the best.. Lets also ignore that he was hyped just as much before going to utd, and he flopped massively.. He has great physical attributes and nice dribbling, but severely lacks in brains and tactical sense.. But since he is the best ball carrier, i d rather he carried his ball away from the Emirates.

  4. One more thing, just bse he prefers us doesnt mean we shall sign him Admin Enough of Zaga Articles

  5. Unless you have spoken to Zaha personally, you cannot claim with certainty you know what exactly Zaha wants. He could change his mind anyway, Bayern had not been in the initial race to sign him.

    From an outside perspective, what is so special about Arsenal anyway that makes Zaha only want Arsenal? We are out of the champions league, not winning trophies, ambition is suspect and management is not impressive either. The only thing that will bring Zaha here is a higher salary offer than everyone else.

  6. This is a silly summer distraction that Arsenal are now prone to with current Ownership and management … We need to shore up midfield and defence to stand any hope of getting back in to top 4 and so far we have nothing done … I thought wenger was the main problem in last decade but clearly it’s a systemic problem …

  7. Would rather spend 80 million on our defence everyone but Arsenal managers past and present continue to ignore and it will keep costing us our defence is a complete shambles keystone cops comes to mind!!

    1. exactly.. thank you.but why is nobody talking about bennacar, that boy just won the best player in the Africa nations cup ahead of mane and the likes… i was able to watch 3 of his matches, he owned the midfield in all of them. we have a buy back clause for crying out loud!!! activate the damn thing. this has garnby written all over it… no team has won the league conceeding 50 goals a season.

  8. ‘Satan Kroenke’ disease. A disease that sucks the fire, blood and life out of a team using lies, fake news and pretence. Note that with two weeks to go in the window we have bought only a boy. Note how our rivals have put their money where there mouths are and bought well. Note that you are being played by Kroenke. Note the 85,000 petition to ‘Son of Satan’ has just firmed up the Keoenke’s resolve to make you suffer. Zaha anybody.

  9. He doesn’t want to sign for Arsenal – Pure paper talk

    Arsenal haven’t got the money – And Palace arent stupid enough to take their cast off in exchange

    Just give it up – he isnt coming

  10. Also note Nabil Fekir of the high class, quality player, group, would cost about £20-25 mill. He played 39 games last season and scored 12 goals from midfield. The fake newsers say he is injury prone. Some people are not happy unless they are suffering. Is Emery one of those?

  11. If Zaha has being arsenal players right from his academy days I bet my life most of the fans here would have wanted him out ASAP with the way he has developed. Why I think so? Iwobi comes to mind. What does do now that Gervinho didn’t do. Walcott’s did more than he has done in his career so far but fans never rated him and wanted him out. When has been a ball carrier and dribbling bing a Ultimate yardstick to measure an attackers. What happens to goal and assists. Walcott scored tons of goals yet never was he rated by so many fans. Enough of this he played for Crystal Palace bullsh***t, he failed at manu. Fraser played for Bouthermouth has more goals and assists. If we pay a penny more than 40m for him then we have never learned. Two seasons ago Richarlison was a 10m pound unknown player in epl from Brazil today he is way better than Zaha who has played all his football in England. So we should gamble on Sarr, Everton, orChukwueze that will have a sell on value. Under 6 months if we signed he would end up divided opinion like Ozil, Mustafi and Xhaka and will be on huge salary that we won’t be able to ship him out.

    1. How do you arrive at the conclusion that Zaha will have an undivided opinion like Ozil or he will fail at Arsenal for that matter? Do you believe Fraser, Sarr, and Chikwueze are better alternatives? How many seasons have they performed consistently? I watched season after season Zaha singlehandedly winning games for CP including against big teams like Man City, Chelsea, and Liverpool. I am not even going to talk about what he does to us. Again, Zaha was young when he was at Man U so the fact that he failed then does not mean a thing. In my opinion, he is one of the best wingers we have in the EPL

  12. Zaha would significantly improve our attack. He is the complete package and has proven himself that he can perform against the big teams’ something that our current crop of players are lacking. Imagine a front three of Zaha, Auba, and Laca (ZAL). Most defenders would wet their pants before even meeting ZAL.

  13. @Mobella, Gervinio was an awful player, could dribble at times but then his crosses and finishing were woeful. As for Walcott he had ten years and just occasionally had flashes of brilliance, apart from that he too was not consistant enough. At times Walcott wimped out of challenges, ran around like a headless chicken running the ball out beyond the goal line and very often when trying to dribble would forget to take the ball with him.
    Zaha was young when he went to Manure, he has proved how good he is against the top sides whilst playing in a very average Palace side…….. Bring him in!!!!

  14. If the rumours are truw regarding Zaha’s comment about handing in a transfer and quoting The Arsenal as his preferred club, tnen he has burned his bridges at Palace as far as the fans are concerned surely?

    I would think bothe the club and the player would want to get out of that kind of toxic atmoshpere and, again, both parties would jump at being able to solve the situation.

    I see no reason why Zaha wouldn’t want to join BM, large salary increase, CL football, managment that want the club to succeed and a club that has a defined path forward…we will offer only one of those, a larger salary.

    He might love The Arsenal, but it seems they dont love him in return.

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