There is one thing that Arsenal need to do this transfer window

Transfer windows are periods of madness, chaos and instability ending with a final day manic rush and Arsenal should do everything in their power to mitigate the distraction that transfer windows become.

To do that they need to move fast, get their business done, make an announcement that no more signings will be done and then get on with their pre-season work.

Of course, if an opportunity too good to miss comes along then they must act but apart from that they really should conclude all their business quickly.

It means that the squad will be more settled, the fans will settle down and all the useless but entertaining transfer gossip can be ignored.

I recall Manchester City doing that a couple of seasons back and they got off to a flyer, players do not like to be unsettled, they want to know whether they will be at the club or not and not sat around listening to speculation over their futures.

No doubt there will be some backlash from the fans, why was this player not sold, why have we not bought this player and so on but after a few days, once the realisation hits home, the fans will settle down as well and instead of debating who should be sold or brought in they will be discussing tactics and formation.

We have enough problems at Arsenal without a ton of transfer sagas dragging on through the summer causing disturbances that we do not need right now.

However, if Arsenal does conclude their transfer business quickly they have to get it right as well because if they do not then the situation could actually be worse.


  1. dotash says:

    Good post

  2. dotash says:

    Good post, early business will definitely make both players and fans settled down for the new season.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal once stated they always want to wait until high profile players become available

    Probably that is why they haven’t approached Bennacer till now, because he is not a big shirt-seller like Ozil, Isco, Dembele and Bale. Perhaps they keep him as the last option in case they fail to get a football celebrity in this transfer window

    Arsenal need to follow Dortmund’s transfer strategy if they want to improve their dull attack. Dortmund still get two good wingers despite already having two excellent ones

  4. ahmad says:

    The thing that Arsenal need to get right this transfer window is to get the right players in areas of deficiency. I would not mind one bit if all our transfer funds were to be used on fixing our dreadful defense!

  5. Sean Williams says:

    We are in a very problematic period. One thing Wenger did was bring in some big names who were exciting and good. He made some bad mistakes, Ozil, is an example. He also created some great players, but with a few player failures too. Cazorla, Aubs, Laca, Alexis, Van Persie, Arshavin at his best, Rosicky, Ramsey, Sagna, Clichy etc.etc were successes. Failures we still have are Xhaka, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, Lichtsteiner, Kolasinac, Jenkinson, Elneny, and Asano. We have these right now, and they define us as acteam. The jury is out on Iwobi, and Chambers. We have so many players below the level necessary to compete consistently, to the degree that is seems almost hopeless. We need to stop taking chances with players. There are some big names who are also big players. Zaha I would say. We had a chance to get Mahrez and bottled it, but we can get Zaha and he is young enough for some years of top football. He would mentor the youngsters brilliantly. My big fear over Emery is that he may bring in lower level players who cannot reach EPL challenging levels. Of course the best players like Zaha, Harry Maguire, James Maddison, Ryan Fraser, Ben Chillwell, Abdoulay Doucoure, Shane Duffy and Fabian Schar. All these guys are proven, buy-able, but will cost money. Either we are a big team, with a big stadium, with big crowds and big ambitions, or we are purely a portfolio team that has no money invested from any owner and works purely to create capital. My grandmother used to say ‘cheap is dear’. So my view is buy some real players and pay the money and bring our own terrific youngsters in regularly to make a new Arsenal.

    Satan Kroenke is the worst owner possible. His MLS team is bottom of the American soccer league, the worst team ever. Are you quietly going to let him take us there or will you make a noise?

    1. jon fox says:

      WHILST ENDORSING YOUR FINE AND TRUE COMMENTS( even though I much disagree that Clichy was a good player- I used to call him CALAMITY CLICHY), simple realism shows that what you propose , about trying to get rid of Satan Kroenke will sadly, never happen. In a cosmopolitan city like London and a huge fan base from the world over, there will always be people prepared to buy any season tickets let go and Kroenke knows this full well. Billionaires are generally morally corrupt and Kroenke certainly is BUT they are also financially astute, to the detriment of doing moral good, almost always. Bill Gates and his wife are notable exceptions. I doubt there is a single Gooner world wide who has not fantasised about how wonderful it would be were Kroenke gone. Some would have had far darker thoughts than that about how they might make it happen, if you take my drift, which I dare not spell out in print!

  6. ozziegunner says:

    “Cheap” should not be equated with low cost and lack of value for money. Over recent years we have seen other clubs scout and contract bargain players, who performed in the EPL and increased their value dramatically
    These are the players that Arsenal needs to identify and sign.

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