There is only one outcome to the season that is best for Arsenal?

The Premier League season has been thrown into chaos due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Premier League is set to meet with clubs later in the week to agree on how the season should be concluded.

Several proposals have been suggested, some have been ridiculous and others have been reasonable, but none of them has been short of controversy and it would be interesting to know what the clubs finally decide to do.

Two proposals stand out among the list of ideas that have been proposed. One of which is that this Premier League season should be declared null and void and the last Premier League table is used to start a new campaign.

The other proposal is that the season is ended as it stands with no team relegated and five teams relegated at the end of the next campaign, although teams fighting for the European places would have to be sorted out.

I believe that the first proposal would be best for Arsenal. The Gunners finished last season fifth on the league table and if this season is declared null and void, we would be back in European competition in the next campaign.

If the second proposal is followed, then there would be problems for us as we may not be playing in any European competition. Even if the teams are asked to a playoff for the European places, there are no guarantees that we would qualify.


  1. Let’s hope and pray for Lady Karren. Even if it’s brutal to Liverpool FC, a 75 % Premiership isn’t much to have. After their season so far – it’s nothing. Champions are those who stands there after 38 full rounds with most points, no matter what other teams think and say about it. Undisputed. No discussion. Poor Pool. We have a pandemonium going on.

  2. So you want Arsenal to finish fifth on the long when they didn’t do well? In life, you reap what you saw. Let Arteta feel the heat of selecting deadwood over performing players.

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