There is only one positive from Arsenal beating that awful Man United team

It goes to the last day people. That’s the one positive I can take from beating a really poor Man United team 1-0. I don’t know why at OT Arsenal always struggle, no matter what team they put out. City beating Fulham was a gut punch, but still that team United played was awful.

Casemiero and Johny Evans in defence. I watched the Palace v United game, people were calling retirement homes to take the Brazilian in, and it was another howler from him that gifted us the win, but I really thought we should have put more pressure on their backline as a whole.
Olise had a field day, but we actually lack pace. It took Martinelli to come on, for someone to actually take the ball and run with pace, and it immediately caused them problems. Our press was also missing. I thought we played at pedestrian pace, lacked ideas and most worryingly desire. What’s worse is that OT was so quiet. You could mostly hear the Arsenal fans sing, but the players still lacked motivation.
Ironically we bought Mikel Arteta after that 8-2 drubbing, and United were extremely poor and there for the taking. If this was Man City playing them, we’d be looking at numbers like 5-6-7.
I know how certain people will treat me in the comments, but I’m not being negative. Winning a title against City requires you to investigate every single department of the game and improve constantly, so you can be near perfect. And we showed weaknesses that will ultimately cost us the title for a second season in a row.
One is that this team has every now and them an apathic performance like this. Our shape was like a doughnut, one big hole in Midfield. Partey was horrible, failing to control balls, slipping when trying to kick the ball, it was comic at times.
Declan Rice was back to cous-cous settings, getting dribbled past 5 times. On a number of occasions we allowed United players to dribble with the ball for 40-50 yards unchallenged. Amrabat who looked slow and clueless against Palace was dominating the midfield.
I thought Mikel should offer the boys some coffee at half time, because they looked like they’ve just gotten out of bed. Even Odegaard who’s been our best player in this run in was slow, not pressing, poor ball control.
The two players who can hold their heads high after this game we’re Saliba and Raya. They were the only calm heads in defence. The Frenchman made some crucial tackles, and Raya was relatively comfortable with collecting the crosses, had decent kicking, but Havertz wasn’t bothered for a challenge and also our GK wasted time in a perfect fashion.
But apart from the odd apathetic performance, another reason we won’t win the league is we lack match-winners. Players who can win the game on their own. If we had prime Van Persie up front, we’d be lifting the trophy already. If we had prime Alexis Sanchez we’d be doing it.
That’s the difference with City. KDB, Haaland and Foden can decide games on their own. Even their LB Gbardiol can pull out a stunner. When was the last time an Arsenal player scored a wonder goal, or someone took 3 players on and scored a solo goal?
Unfortunately in games where we do not play well, there isn’t this guy who would just say “I will do it, give me the ball” and actually deliver it. Like Vini Jr can do it, like Hazard did it for Chelsea, Robben at Bayern and so on.
It’s definitely not Saka, which begins my final point. Over reliance on players. Bukayo was awful again. He should’ve been licking his lips at their makeshift defence, but instead he was slow, didn’t take on anyone, yet played another set of minutes he didn’t deserve. I think he desperately needs competition and a break.
Lastly I think the interviews from Arsenal public figures were a disgrace. Mikel said we were phenomenal. I think we watched different games, because United put the worst team I’ve ever seen them have against what people lable “the best Arsenal team since the invincibles” and we’re scraping a 1-0 win.
Paul Merson said he’d get a Spurs tattoo if they stop City. Shame on you Merse. Kai saying he’s a Spurs fan on Tuesday. Might as well give him to them then. We shouldn’t be needing a favour from Spurs in the first place of we’d done our job against Villa, but our manager decides to change up the system and we lost.
Even if Liverpool beat Villa which will keep Tottenham’s theoretical chances for a top 4 finish, do you honestly believe they have the quality to beat Man City? Everyone and their mother has exploited Ange’s high line, and you believe Pep, the best manager in this league, a born winner will not? You will see on Tuesday how a team that knows what being a champion is will deal with that situation. They’ll probably win by 3 clear goals, Haaland hat-trick incoming.
When that happens I don’t think I will get an apology from all the people that called me all sort of things in the comments. People will have another excuse from why we ultimately fell short of the title again.
Anyway, one more game and than we can take a break, hopefully reflect in the summer and come back with signings ready to win now.
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  1. This article unlike the earlier ones regarding MU game bares out the truth.
    Arsenal were very poor yesterday.

  2. Onana made 5 splendid saves for Man United and he was the star of the match in my books, that fact earned him the highest numbers of save this season so far. isn’t that telling !!!
    regardless our play , Would it been better if finished 6/0 to arsenal if those saves went in?

  3. Have you already conceded the title based on your closing sentence?

    Its disappointing that we didn’t give United the heavy beating they deserve but we still got 3 points which looked assured from the first minute.

    We won’t play excellently in every game. The season is too long for that. it shows how strong we have become when we manage to get maximum points however badly we play in most of the games.

    1. We don’t always agree on matters HH but well put
      It’s all about the.points at this stage of the season
      We have only lost 1 this tear which is
      Where as city in tbe last 21 games have won 17 and drawn 4 which is super phenomenal.
      Onwards and upwards

    2. Well said HH. The most important fact is that we got 3 points inspite of not playing to our standards and this shows we have come a long way in improving our mental strength and resilience.

  4. The win was the most important didn’t matter what the score was but now hearing spud players talking about how there gona give 100% against City I’m not having it of course there gona talk a good game they cannot say anything else but you watch City destroy them and tell me they tried there best its just not happening!

  5. @Admin Pat: Why are so apologetic when all you’re telling is basically makes a lot of sense?

    Wish all our articles nearly read like this.

  6. Konstantin

    It wasn’t a stellar performance by any means. The team looked out of sorts and I think that may have been due to nerves. Losing or only getting a draw would have put the kybosh on taking the excitement to the final day. Now, it’s all to play for next week.

    ManU haven’t had a good season but I honestly didn’t think they were as bad as some pundits have painted them. We won when all is said and done

    Perhaps my sound system was playing up, but I thought the ManU crowd were absolutely behind their team on Sunday.

    1. No SueP, your sound system wasn’t playing up. The Utd fans were loud throughout most of the game.

      I did like the song our fans our fans were singing at the end of the game.

      🎵Old Trafford is falling down.
      Ten Haag is a f***ing clown.
      He is staying ten more years.
      Arsenal boys are on the beers🎵

    2. SueP
      Unfortunately some see and hear only what they want to see d hear.
      MA said he was disappointed how we played and thought we were to caution and played safe due to the importance
      Trossard said the same
      We weren’t our normal free flowing bit if you would have asked every arsenal fan at the start of the season if we could take it to the last game of the season a.d have a chance of winning it. A majority would have taken it.
      I just agreed and commented on
      HH and said we have only lost 1 this year
      City in the last 21 games have won 17 and drawn 4 and we are still in with a shout
      Funny thing is I said a few weeks back i wasn’t counting on the spuds nicking a draw. I had more hope on WHU holding out for a draw as DA setting them up not to lose on his last game in charge
      11 behind the ball from the first minute
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Definitely onwards and upwards Allanball08.
        As I write this, it will take a heroic fight from Villa to get a win tonight so giving Spurs the impetus to have something to fight for.
        I’m off to sunny Ibiza and Formentera for a few nights with my two grown up sons – just the 3 of us. No clubbing (at my age I’d end up needing a new hip) but I’m sooo looking forward to it. Flying back on Sunday so I’ll know soon enough if we make it to the top. If we do, the St Pancras hub will be rocking

  7. United at OT are always a tough proposition.
    We should be praising the players for getting the job done. It was a matter of controlling the game after scoring. Great teams win games even when they don’t play very well

  8. Admin Pat, are you Konstantin in disguise?
    Yes, we didn’t play at all well.
    Yes, some of the team were poor.
    Yes, we got the points.
    Yes, it goes all the way to the last game of the season.

    1. Jax, This piece was written by Konstantin not PAT , although Ad PAT is not telling us that, as he puts no other name on this article, leading SOME to conclude PAT wrote it.
      It plainly IS KONSTANTIN and all the necessary evidence is there in the writing.
      His customary timid pessimism and defeatism are telling clues. Despite not carrying HIS name, it was clearly written by him!

  9. Getting 3 points at this time is most important not minding how poor we were. I don’t want to believe Spurs manager or players. If eventually we lost the title then, we will have Arteta to blame for his unnecessary experiments. Just hope he will learn. Am happy for pushing City to the last day. But would be happier if we won the title. Let’s just hope and pray for a miracle

    1. Spurs manager said that they’re not going to roll over. You don’t want to believe this?
      We have one of the best managers in Europe and he’s only just finishing his 5th season, and you’ll blame him if we don’t finish first.

  10. The manager and players were too careful in that game. They did not want any penalties against them, red card or unnecessary negative impact

    Against Spuds and Manure, we always conceded stupid goals.

    The 3 points was the most important thing to them.

    Somehow, some people still believe something can happen to City against one of Spuds or Hammers.

  11. We won, that’s what matters

    Old Trafford is still Old Trafford. Wenger struggled to get a win there. Arteta has won his second match there in only 4 attempts

    Everton next

    I see City dropping points on Tuesday


    1. Spurs can never beat City

      As long as Ange says he won’t change his tactics and will go all-attacking against Man City

      Man City will fry them unless they sit-deep and only get the opponent on counter-attacks

      Their defense is poor, their attack has dried-up on ideas and even goals but Ange still wants to open-up the game and play toe-to-toe with Man City

      It would be like the Fulham scoreline again, if they do so

  12. OT
    I hope Liverpool wins tonight because Villa dropping points will give Spurs extra incentive to beat City to try to get that 4th place

      1. I know it’s not exactly the same (as Emery didn’t have to pick Arsenal up as he has done with Villa) but in other respects we ran out of puff then and let a European trophy slip away … just sayin😉

  13. What is important is that we got the three points against Manchester United something we failed to do so in many years. If it is mo is in our position they will give them credit that champion always find ways to get three points. please give credit to the young Gunners.

  14. I thought we might be able to pay them back for that 8-0 drubbing they gave us … however at the risk of being called a misery guts, a win is a win. On the upside Liverpool are winning against AV and Ego Martinez scored an own goal!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Of course I’m not bitter …

  15. The main positive is that we are top of the League and have forced City to win their last 2 games. I am sure City will slip up against Spurs and when Arsenal beat Everton on the final day, we are winning the title.

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