There is only one thing certain from the comments of Kieran Tierney’s agent

Kieran Tierney to Arsenal is now a full-blown transfer saga and every statement from anyone closely related to the player, his club or Arsenal is jumped on with gusto and that is exactly what has happened with the comments from his agent Allan Preston.

Having looked through all the headlines today you can be mistaken for being confused to what the agent actually said and the sad thing is that none of them are actually lies.

What they have done is take the odd bit and blown it into a headline but without actual context.

Well, I have my own interpretation of what Preston actually said, but first, read his comments for yourselves.

“It is all down to Celtic, if they get a price that they believe is the correct value for Kieran Tierney he could possibly be on his way,” Preston told BBC Sportsound.

“No one has hit that price yet. I know Kieran really well, I had some food with him the other day, he is such an unassuming young man.

“He is wealthy at the moment but he doesn’t possess a watch, he isn’t into material things like this.

“He still hangs about his pals from when he was a youngster, he sponsors his local pub team where his pals play and he’s not into his designer gear or anything like that.

“As the guys say he loves Celtic, he absolutely loves Celtic. Will there be a time for Kieran Tierney to go?

“I think that there will be, if it’s just now it will be up to the clubs involved.

“Arsenal, Napoli or whoever to then put the money on the table and make Celtic think about this.

“If he is on his way he’s on his way. If there is a time for Kieran to go it will be up to Celtic, Peter Lawwell and the board.

“They have signed a left-back (Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo) but they do need one because Izaguirre is away. The ball is firmly in Celtic’s court.”

So, that is what was said. Now, you can take what you like from that, you can take the part where it says he could be on his way but for me, there was one part that stood out from all the rest.

“No one has hit that price yet”

That is it for me, through all the clouds and smoke the bottom line is that no one and that includes Arsenal has met Celtics asking price.

Celtic have made it clear they do not have to sell and therefore will not be lowballed.

So, despite all the rumours and nonsense being spouted Arsenal have not tabled a bid that is acceptable to Celtic.

Until that changes Tierney will not be a Gunner.


  1. Meanwhile expect lots of Iwobi fans to defend him passionately just because he scored for his country 😉

    1. Iwobi’s finishing was good and he played well as a no 10 tonight, but Ighalo was the star

      1. Iwobinho is the best in that no10 role for Arsenal and Nigeria… Took his chance excellently today and scored a brilliant goal…. only a fool thinks otherwise.

        1. I know my football PAL-Iwobi never will be good enough for Arsenal Football Club all the while they aspire to be considered s top side.
          And with the greatest respect to ALL the African nations,ACON is a third rate football tournament that caters for third rate football nations.
          If he had scored the winner during a game at last years World Cup then that MAY have been something to have been considered.But he did not.He was DROPPED after the first game for another inept and pretty useless performance.
          Hopefully I will not be called racist or a white supremicst for these comments but if that is how the African brothers on this site feel then trust me I do not give a flying fig.You would be better served aiming your remarks at someone who actually gives a toss.

  2. Because of how gullible some fans are and how media spread lies Kike Marin has this to say once again about Vasquez to Arsenal on Twitter:

    Lies and more lies about Lucas Vázquez and @Arsenal.Your new agent has offered him, but nothing more. They want to take advantage of #Arsenal to put it on the market. It is a shame! Do you understand?

    Once again proving how gullible some fans can be and showing how lies are spread through media by agents.Well done to Admin for also believing them

    Oh and btw Kike wasnt first to clear this up though.He’s even late on this but since hes well known so I had to bring him up

    1. Kev-I don’t believe too many on this site are gullible enough to take much notice of what you continue to post.I would have thought you would have learned your lesson after the Tomas Lemar crap a couple of seasons ago.

  3. “Markus Schubert set to sign for Arsenal as confirmed by his girlfriend’s Instagram story” lies!

    “Torreira pushing for Milan move as player admits weather struggles! lies!

    “Napoli to hijack Arsenal move for Tierney” lies!

    “Arsenal second bid rejected for Tierney” lies!

    “Arsenal third bid rejected for Tierney” lies!

    “Spurs to hijack Arsenal move for Saliba” lies!

    “Roma and Wolves set to hijack Arsenal move for Saliba as interest grows and deal stalls” lies!

    “Arsenal bid £30m for Lucas Vasquez” lies!

    1. Kev, you re very close now to becoming a troll. You are disrupting almost every transfer rumour article and attempting to close down debate. Please take this as a friendly warning.

      1. Martin he does this every transfer window before him there was Leo and remember resource .
        90%of it will be wrong but he will have tons of excuses ready for when that happens .
        I’ve screen shotted it all this time .

        1. What 90%?Were you here when I confirmed Lichtsteiner,Sokratis and Torreira at which time there really wasn’t a certainty about the move.Out of respect I will not com ment on Tierney and Saliba until they sign which I know they will.

      2. I’m only showing you the truth.Why do you post rumours and make it look as fact in your article?Look how Kike Marin has exposed those spreading the false news.I will not speak on Saliba or Tierney until they sign out of respect but when they do I shall come back and post all the relevant links I have prepared

        1. We report the news end of, what you do is call people gullible liars etc on almost every single transfer post, that is the definition of trolling

          1. You’ve been calling my news lies on several occasions and you’ve even taken digs at me I your articles though you do not explicitly make it look so.I have nothing against you but in trying to expose my news as fake you will expose your own self

      3. @AdminMart, I don’t see anything wrong in what Kev is doing, no insults from him, he only made a comment like everyone does here, we are all here to get informations on Arsenal and he is only trying to get us all updated in his own capacity, so let him be.

        1. I do not ask anyone to take me or my comment seriously.Infact many ignore me and even see me as stupid but for the few ones who want to know the truth I know they are reading and can only hope what I say is true.Kudos to the respectful ones who show respect but are in disagreement with me

          1. “Once again proving how gullible some fans can be and showing how lies are spread through media by agents.Well done to Admin for also believing them” and how exactly is that not calling people stupid?? You literally just called the admin stupid in this thinly veiled comment and don’t try to dance around it and say you weren’t it’s obvious, always throwing in your two cents to the contrary of someone else’s information of transfer gossip to make yourself feel superior its plainly obvious, even though you don’t actually provide a single piece of evidence to back it up, by all means post your info but don’t imply that other people information is “media lies” just because it doesn’t coincide with you information, just coming off as sad really.

          2. “I do not intend to prove I’m superior to admin as the info I even post here isn’t mine as I’ve stated several times.” See this is my point exactly, the information you hold as gospel truth over any other information on the internet isn’t even your own its random stuff from Twitter etc… which i have zero problem with you sharing as its entertaining to hear new rumours etc but to blatantly say EVERYONE else’s information is wrong and yours is the infallible truth is just absurd. How can you possibly know that? I’m not asking you to stop as it is your right to post as much as you want but my God man be humble and willing to accept that your information is not concrete as you just come off as a complete try hard with a superiority complex.

          3. Dont mind then kev , we appreciate you and all ur efforts..having haters means u made it

        2. He basically called the author of this article stupid, and has a severe superiority complex with regards to him being right and everyone else wrong with zero proof, coming off like a pompous moron to be honest…

          1. I’ve not called anyone stupid.Admin is the one who keeps on having digs at me in his articles.
            I’m not acting pompous and you should know that every information I post her is found on Twitter so it’s not like I have sources directly from the club.

            I do not gain an award from being superior to admin and I have urged all those mot in support of my posts to ignore them as many do and not to try to misunderstand me.I think you have an attitude problem too and that showed in your reply

      4. @ admin Martin, if I didn’t know better I would almost think you are afraid of keV outsourcing you on relevant transfer news. FYI I do enjoy most of this comment and sometimes even more then some of your post. just let him be as he has also gotten some of his transfer news right.

    2. Kev, until Tierney or Saliba actually sign everything you have said so far is a lie

    3. First off all torreira said he strugglled with the weather and other things but he also said he’ll get used to it,he never asked for a move, his former coach asked about his situation and offered players swap,Napoli said they were interested in Tierney by the way we made 2bids but none of 25 millions!by the way I am French and English is not my first language but let me explain you, his manager didn’t say no clubs have made bids they did but none of them were the asking price,I hope English is not your first language because that’ll make you,…I won’t say it and stay polite,please stop misinterpreting everything may be have a look at your life because to be do bitter, unhappy there must be something wrong with you/life!by the way I don’t get my infos from metro and Co and yes Emery is interested in Vasquez which doesn’t mean we’re going to bid for him, learn to read and the meaning of words,COYG for life!!

  4. Imagine Iwobi and Tierney work together on the left side next season

    Then we have Malcom and Bellerin on the right side

    Lacazette would be perfect in that setup, because he likes to drop deep to fight for the ball and help the CMs

    1. Couldnt think of anything worse ,you have watched Iwobi on the left the last 2 seasons right ?
      Theres a reason Emery wants Zaha ,hopefully he signs and that will be the last we see of Iwobi in an arsenal shirt .

      1. Then I guess you will be disappointed, Iwobi isn’t going anywhere. Plain and simple.

        1. Well we will never challenge for the title with players like iwobi so hope your happy with that .?

        2. Iwobi should feature on the left; left side of subs bench.

          Sub or rotation is his lane, full stop with trying him in midfield.

          Give Nelson and Saka 2 years worth of opportunities Iwobi has received, and then you’ll see how bang average Iwobi is.

          Kudos for supporting a player, but stay in reality please.

          1. The kid is being celebrated, scored the winning goal for his nation and is trending all over SM… the best you could do is troll him on justarsenal smh ??‍♂️

            If this were to be another arsenal player, he would have an article written by now about his performance

          2. Lisa perhaps you missed Giroud being called a lamp post and donkey here, or Walcott headless chicken. Mustafi called garbage, Mhki called garbage, Ozil slagged as well.

            Congrads to Iwobi and his moment, but consider his 2 year production at Arsenal.

            Frankly I don’t care what Iwobi or any other player does for their national squad. I’m an ARSENAL fan; long before Iwobi and long after him too. That goes for other Arsenal players as well.

            Iwobi already had an article written about him few days ago. It was good account and generous toward player.

            Perhaps you should read article, or others about fans getting on players.

            Where is your defense of Lichtsteiner or Mustafi? I’m sure Mhki and Ozil would like your positivity towards them as well.

  5. @Gotanidea, Did iwobi played as a number10 today or as a winger and how did he play, I really tried to look up the match but it’s difficult to do that here In France.

  6. Arsenal have been linked to almost every player in the world including a goalkeeper but does that mean if we do buy a goalkeeper that it will be the end of Leno? Please @Dankit grow up.

  7. @Dan, Neither will we with the Lazy ass Ozil who has now become a virus to the team. Atleast Iwobi works his socks off for the team. same cannot be said of Ozil these days. I advice you don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Iwobi is the least of our problem right now but Ozil.

    1. Attitude yes, but lazy? no. If you watch clips of Ozil, he has that languid style since he was a teenager. It is a drop in performance and every player experience it.
      Our main problem is the defense and attacking-wise we are doing great. You may want to check the facts before blaming Ozil for everthing.

  8. You guys are fighting each other over Iwobi. Meanwhile, the club has not shown any ambition by signing someone who is better in that position than Iwobi. As far as things stands Iwobi is not going anywhere, and there no acquisition of anyone better than him. Personally i am not his fan

    1. Err really!!!The fact we have been linked with Fraser Zaha Perisic Malcolm Carrasco etc etc etc says EVERYTHING about Iwobi not being good enough.

      1. I am a Nigerian. I can’t wait for Arsenal to buy a better winger than Iwobi. Until then, I will continue to support him

  9. I watch aftv and Robbie on there said it was a done deal for Tierney so what Kev said might have some truth

    1. You must admit, the pal calls it right 90% of the time. For all your LEGIT arsenal transfer news and gossips…. ASK KEV!

  10. Like most fans I read the reports/rumours hoping to discover that we are certainly about to sign a first team player. For whatever reason Arsenal seem to get involved every close season in a protracted will he/won’t he saga.
    I try not to immerse myself in what I know is mainly cynical spin by agents and second rate journalists, but having first stepped onto the North Bank in 1962 I can’t help myself.
    It doesn’t stop it all becoming very boring and I get to the point where I couldn’t care less if we sign Tierney, Saliba or their grandmothers. I just want it to end so I can start watching Arsenal play.

  11. The bickering on this blog is becoming a pain to those of us who are only interested on factual info concerning the recruitment of new players to improve our team.Tierney is a fine young player who will improve our defence significantly, and as such the sooner he is signed for us the better.It’s only a matter of time before others, with deeper pockets than Arsenal come calling on Celtic, so time is of the essence.

    1. Grandad from what Kev says (and much can be taken with a pinch of salt of course) Tierney is already an Arsenal player.
      However, to make Celtic look good Kev maintains that Arsenal and Celtic are keeping it quiet for the moment to make it look as though Celtic are putting up a fight to keep Tierney to keep their fans happy. After a suitable ‘fight period’ Celtic will then ‘reluctantly give in’ and ‘will do what’s best for the player’ and ‘allow’ Tierney to sign for Arsenal.
      That’s my interpretation of what Kev said anyway – hope it’s true and Tierney has been signed, if only to keep Kolasinac on the bench.

  12. Even when Iwobi does something nice some people think he shouldn’t be applauded. He was not too involved in the game today but he did the most important thing scoring the winning goal. Meanwhile, where is Justarsenal correspondent on Iwobi performance at AFCON, Phil

    1. I never saw the game and cannot comment but by all means, send in an article about his performance and I will publish it.

    2. Was at Wembley Stadium today watching The Who.To be fair I would sooner have been creosoting my mother in laws garden fence with a tooth brush than watch a third rate footballer (Iwobi) playing for a Third rate football nation (Nigeria) in a third rate football tournament (ACON).But from what I understand he started and finished the game ( big surprise) played absolute crap ( not a surprise) and scored a goal that won the game ( VERY BIG SURPRISE).
      But I will congratulate Iwobi and Nigeria for the win.The whole football world are now Shitting themselves about this result.

  13. On iwobi.
    I saw the goal, and the last 15mins of the first half. For me it was a day for cricket. But the 15mins in all games, the 15 before halF time is the most important part of any game. It determines what the second will either be.

    Nigeria were 1-0 up and Cameroon were attacking and controlling the game after Nigeria didn’t take their chances after being 1-0 up..they settled, Cameroon attacked. With seedorf as you manager and eto in the stands, Cameron are still decent and they lapped up having seedorf and eto in their corner.

    This is where iwobi and co from attack didn’t get involved. I appreciate they got a goal but the team got the goal, and the team need to defend. It’s like arsenal at times. In this case, my only opinion is he didn’t get involved. In the end the game is coming down to energy!!!!

    On tierney. The longer this saga continues before If we sign him, it will just make this all seem like a big signing. Yet it is not a big signing.
    It will take him a year to get use to uprooting from Glasgow to London. If it was Edinburgh then it would be easier for him. His humble type is good for arsenal, but they like us take time to settle.

    He is a very typical arsenal hype signing, like If saliba comes. But Zaha is unusual yet I am intrigued by this situation. 26yr old British African player who once went to United. But like De Bruyne Salah Lukaku, he could come to another top team and do something.

    I must admit, I am interested to see zaha laca auba as our top 3. If saha runs through the middle, he will find laca and auba as narrower 2 centre forwards. This could be fascinating as normally it would be zaha and auba out wide. But I think all 3 could move either position.

    Saying all that, I am of cause dreaming of footballing possibilities as I don’t think zaha will come to arsenal. Maybe if not we come back in jan. go back with the same offer and say the value is the fact they have had him until jan.

    Either now or in jan I still give it 3% chance of happening. For now, arsenal have set me to only accept 2 more signings.

  14. As someone born in Scotland (Dundee) it will be cool to have a Scotsman on the team and possible starter. Not many Arsenal Scottish starters during my lifetime LOL

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