There is some financial good news for Arsenal involving Mesut Ozil

Mikel Arteta’s axing of Mesut Ozil from the Arsenal first team has had a positive impact on the club’s finances, it has been revealed.

Ozil has been out of competitive action for the club since March and it has now been revealed that the former Real Madrid man has been losing money since then.

He was initially a regular in the team when Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager, however, he failed to deliver the performance that the Spaniard wanted and he was dropped from the first team.

The club was desperate to offload him in this transfer window, but his huge salary wasn’t encouraging to his suitors and he is also determined not to take a pay cut by leaving for another team.

The Athletic is reporting that Arsenal recently paid him £8m in September in loyalty bonuses as stated on the contract that he signed in 2018.

The report, however, added that the Gunners have been saving money by benching him, this is because his current deal is also laced with payments to be made to him for every appearance he makes for the club.

Ozil has been omitted from the club’s Europa League squad and he might be omitted from the Premier League squad too.

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  1. In one way this is irrelevant but anything that denies this leech even more of our clubs money must be good news to all, apart from his fan club, who clearly LOVE him above the club they profess to support.

    Irrelevant, because nothing has changed, apart from the fact that now it is widely known and previously was only rumoured. This article has done those who are like me in our views of this person, a favour.

    1. So Jon, the word “Leech” again. The player signed a contract with the Club where BOTH parties agreed financial terms. If Ozil had done an RVP and left for more money, what would you have labelled him as then? He didn’t, ( I accept there was not likely too many offers bearing in mind his contract and loss of form and consistency) but he stayed where he was, and still is, legally entitled to every single penny due under the terms of his contract. Or am I missing something here?

      1. Phil, you are right, there is a contract between two parties and only one side is fulfilling that contract to the full. The fact he is a footballer on a footballers contract means he can take us to the cleaners by just turning up for work and going through the motions without too much “real” effort and there is nothing Arsenal can do about it. If he was on a contract like most of us, he would have been sacked long ago. It doesn’t make what he is doing right.

        1. WRONG! Contracts are written with incentives as well as milestones and standards club and players must meet. Otherwise what prevents all players from sitting home and collecting their money without even training. Clubs have the right to fine players if they don’t train up to standards or due to bad behavior of any kind. So far none of it happened to Ozil so naysayers must take a hint.

        2. Well Reggie, it’s interesting the comments Wenger has stated these last few days. AW feels the game has passed players with the style of Ozil by.
          Has Ozil changed his style since joining the Club? No. Yet I don’t recall too many supporters complaint during his first 3-4 seasons, when 3 FA Cups were won. Has Ozil’s style changed since he first came into the world of professional football in Germany before moving to Madrid? Again I don’t believe it has. I recall watching Ozil perform to the very highest standards for nearly a decade with Germany, and his style never really differed in any way. So why would anyone expect him to re-invent himself, which he likely would be unable to anyway, to suit the modern style the EPL now delivers?
          It’s all about opinions Reggie, but let’s at least recognise that AW is most likely correct in what he clearly believes is the changing style of the game itself is partly responsible for Ozils situation.

          1. Phil… don’t you feel like banging your head against a brick wall?! I know I do!! People say how these are click bait articles, yet continuously comment on them, regurgitating the same thing!! 🤪
            Such a shame things have turned out this way… are you going on Saturday?

      2. But he is not doing his part of the reason why he was given that contract. Look its like when you are a good builder but after giving you tender contract you dont deliver what will you expect? So no body should blame Arsenal & Arteta for Orzil saga its him to blame.

  2. Well that’s answers everything… regardless how good or bad his performance is .. he will be left out to save Kroenke’s money.

    Zip zip zip

        1. i doubt it … believe me … he perform fairly well when MA get him involve when he first start …

          he is being sidelined right after he refuses the wage cut requested …

          to me the decision is solely Kroenke’s request … to save his money

  3. This reported news, along with the £8,000,000 bonus we have just heard about, proves that not one single fan has any idea or clue what any players contract involves.

    Of course, we get those who come on telling us this and that, what a player is costing the club, as if they have some wonderful inner knowledge of everything Arsenal.
    There were some of us who did try to bring up such things as clauses, but we were told it wasn’t relevant to the discussion.
    Yet, for all any of us know, the £8,000,000 and performances were both part of the, once again, reported £350,000 a week.

    I have said many times that, apart from the club, the player, his agent and the Inland Revenue, no one has any idea, but the constant stream of fans who THINK they do, continue to get shown up for, actually, knowing nothing at all regarding contracts.

    By the way, anyone wondered why the bonus that one player has received, seems to have been “leaked?”
    A coincidence? I think not and, once again, it puts our club in a bad light – no wonder this player is digging his heels in – it really is time for kronkie to step in and sort this out by paying the player what he is owed from his contract and let the club /player move on.. it seems both sides have reached a point of no return…. as have the fans, whatever their views.

    1. Ken are you not contradicting yourself? You rightly said no one but the player, his agent, the club and the likes really know the contents of Ozil’s contracts and that the media and fans, to paraphrase you, were assuming. Only for you to assume in your last paragraph yourself, as you’ve always done, that the club leaked the information about the loyalty bonus. Along with all other assumptions you’ve made as to why he wasn’t playing when you’re not the player, his agent, the club or inland revenue to know for certain what goes on behind the four walls of the Emirates (of course, you might catch a glimpse this Saturday, when you go for a private screening of the game, LOL. Happy birthday)

      1. Well Kstix, if you are agreeing that this information could only come from four sources, let’s use a little common sense shall we?
        We can discount the Inland Revenue for obvious reasons, so that leaves Ozil, his agent and the club.
        With the situation as it is, one would reasonable ask why would Ozil and/or his agent release something that would bring even more pressure on the player from a section of the fan base already hostile to him?

        On the other hand, if the club were trying to get Ozil off their books, as it is alleged and also seems the case, their motive would seem entirely sensible. Just turn the screws a little bit tighter in their efforts to force him out of the club.

        To me, that doesn’t seem a coincidence, just as the little titbit about saving appearance money by not playing him in matches, has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
        Of course, the fans knew nothing about these “bonuses” and that was the thrust of my initial post, which, you agree with.
        I’m not even sure if MA knows, or bothers, about MO’s contract, as I believe he selects players on merit, not on salaries anyway.
        But the club, ie the board and certainly kronkie, does and that is where the “leaks” are coming from…in my opinion once again.
        Perhaps you can suggest another source and the reason why?
        Now that would be of great interest to me, as I already know your own personal assumptions and mine differ considerably.

        As to your final thoughts regarding Saturday, it was difficult for anyone to get tickets, but I was lucky and can only hope you persistence paid off as well.
        I look forward to seeing you at the screening on Saturday, as we both put our hard earned money back into and making the effort to support the club financially…and helping those who will be doing the catering at least have a pay day at last.

        What say we meet at the DB statue, what 3.00 (?) and chat about all things Arsenal – no need to bring me a present, just seeing you there, along with other die hard fans will be good enough for me? LOL

        1. Nice she sensible comment.

          I always criticize Ozil’s lazy attitude sometimes, and for the record I am an Arsenal fan even before knowing about a certain German existence, but Arsenal is going about the Ozil saga in a rather immature way. Let’s assume Arsenal didn’t divulge the 8 million add on, how did we get to know that Ozil refused a pay cut? It came to my notice that two players refused pay cut, but the other player was shielded by the club while painting Ozil black just to turn the fans against him, truth be told that’s childish.

          Pay Ozil off if you no longer want him in Arsenal or better still swallow your pride and play him till the end of his contact. He is still a very good player.

    2. Contracts are written by lawyers who specialize in football. To protect the club and the players incentives by the club and deliverables by the players are precisely explained and detailed so there is no mis-understanding between all parties. If the player does not train or does not listen to the coach he/she will be punished by fines and or termination of the contract. Contracts are also insured by the club and the player against injuries, death or any mishap. So those who claim that Ozil is not training hard or not applying himself or not listening the coach are full of malarkey. If Arsenal found a legal way to terminate his contract it would have done so 2 years ago. Imagine signing a winger then the club decides to play him as a Goalkeepers and when he does not perform off he goes? Yah right.

  4. By showing up for training and going through the motions, Ozil is fulfilling his part of the contract.
    Ken is right, every single penny Ozil makes is a part of the 350K.
    It is unknown to us but he probably has multiple match day clauses in his contract like all players from being in the squad, and/or the first 11 to performance based ones. Most if not all of these clauses are included in the “weekly” wage we are being told.
    Thus Arsenal is saving some money by freezing him out.
    Ozil has no interest in playing football, he could have left at any moment and Arsenal would have paid a portion of his wages for the year.
    His options were play football and get paid, or sit at home and get paid, he chose the later.
    I dont blame him, its his choice. I think he is making a mistake by not playing and devaluing his future earnings but who knows.
    All I know is that I am sick and tired of fans defending him. He is not interested in football, he doesnt love the club and he is in it only for the money. None of which is in itself a blame worthy but he is also duplicitous, continually playing a PR game against the club.
    I only blame Wenger and Ivan for signing him to such a contract and Ozil for being such a duplicitous pos trying to carry favor with a part of the fanbase.

    1. Ozil has no interest in playing football,”
      Incorrect! Ozil annouced time and again that he is training, fit and ready to play.

      “His options were play football and get paid, or sit at home and get paid, he chose the later.”
      Incorrect! Ozil trains hard with the team and the decision to sit home is Arsenal’s.

      “he doesnt love the club”
      Incorrect! Arsenal on many occasions said that he loves Arsenal.

      “he is also duplicitous, continually playing a PR game against the club.”
      He learned from the best. The club.

      “trying to carry favor with a part of the fanbase.”
      His fan base is larger than that of Arsenal (the club). He must be doing something right.

      1. You really need to put a sock in it lcw if you think that it’s important that Ozil has a bigger fan base than the team you purport to support

        1. SueP : Your sock expression lost its luster already so better find something else.
          You introduce words out of thin air to prove a point like “important” which does not have anything to do with the conversation.
          It’s ok not to answer a post if you don’t have an answer and being combative on a blog is just silly.

          1. Up until you introduced the last paragraph I had respect for your first post There seemed to be a sense of glee and quite frankly it was just anti Arsenal in my opinion. You know where my words came from and for what reason. How often have you responded to my posts just to be combative?

            1. As for the use of the word important – it was relevant to me and I used it in proper context.

              As for engaging with you in the past I have until a couple of days ago adopted a friendly, let’s agree to differ approach, but I felt that you have not trying to be clever at my expense Hence put a sock in it and go and pick on someone else. Using the expression again was a bit silly but I had every right to respond because I wanted to comment on it

              1. Roll on next June is all I can say! I like MO.. but then at least all this crap will be a thing of the past! Hallebloodylujah!

            2. SueP: If you want to respect someone, don’t misquote them and don’t twist their word in order to justify yours. If you want to say something, come out and say it. Honesty commands respect. I don’t hold grudges, don’t dislike people I never met and don’t take these postings seriously. In other words nothing personal.

              1. I admitted it was a silly remark and beyond that I stand by what I wrote. To me it came across as though it was a better thing that Ozil is more popular than the club. That bugged me so I responded to you
                You need to explain the respect and honesty bit because you lost me there
                Everything else I accept.

          2. I have a feeling you’re going to need a lot of socks, Icw… especially on every Ozil article!! Considering your comment was to JimBeam..I think that was a bloody cheek!!

            1. Sue: You are wise indeed. I like Ozil the player but I like Arsenal even better. It pains me to see Arsenal behaving the same way clubs behave in the US. That’s not good for the players and fans.

    2. @Jim Beam
      When, where and to whom Ozil said that – he is not interest in football, does not love club? Any witness, please.

  5. Without confirmation concerning the exact terms of the contract awarded to Ozil,I regard the incentivised clauses suggested as pure speculation .

    1. Guys MA must stop worrying about ozil wages and do his job bcuz at arsenal the love of the game is dying. It’s all about money and no about the players anymore, we Need guys like ozil them to guide our young players. There is no leaders like Patrick Vierra in our team anymore

  6. Guys MA must stop worrying about ozil wages and do his job bcuz at arsenal the love of the game is dying. It’s all about money and no about the players anymore, we Need guys like ozil them to guide our young players. There is no leaders like Patrick Vierra in our team anymore

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