“There is something about Arsenal right now” critical pundit admits Arsenal is impressing him

Jamie Carragher is one pundit that has been very critical of Arsenal under Mikel Arteta in the past.

However, the former Liverpool man has now admitted that something great is happening at the Emirates.

The Gunners have returned to form after losing their first three Premier League matches and Carragher admits players and working hard for Mikel Arteta and it is showing in the results.

“Since I’ve come into punditry, I’m probably not the most popular guy with Arsenal supporters because it’s been a time where Arsenal have been really poor. This is the first time I feel almost excited by [them],” he told Ian Wright on the Wrighty’s House podcast.

“There is something about Arsenal right now. It feels like there’s a coming together.”

Carragher continued: “I think these lads [Arsenal] over the next two or three years will need more to win a league or a Champions League but could they win a couple of FA Cups or [League] Cups?

“I know what Arsenal have done in the past and you want more – but it could be some team with Ben White coming in and you just think there’s something to get behind.

“It feels like Arsenal fans like the team.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is great to see Arsenal’s doubters turn to believers so early on and it is a clear sign the club is truly doing well.

It has taken some time, but Arteta is now proving most of us wrong.

Credit to Arsenal’s board who didn’t react to protests from some fans at the start of the season.

If they had bowed to the pressure from the unsatisfied fans, Arteta would probably have been sacked by now.

Arsenal’s next match is against Liverpool and it will be a very tough fixture.

If they can come away from Anfield with all the points, their confidence would shoot up even further and they can fearlessly attack their remaining fixtures.

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  1. I cant believe its Carragher saying this. That said, we have to be brave but at the same time cautious against Liverpool. I want Arsenal to win but I would be happy with a draw considering the match is at the monstrous Anfield. Also, Liverpool would want to arrest their slump so Arsenal will have to be on their toes.

  2. how can anyone take this muppet seriously? last week he and Scholes were saying everyone laughs at Arsenal. Muppets lol sssshhhhhhhh Silence is great !!

  3. I will be happy with a draw… over the moon if we win. Liverpool won’t want to lose back to back after the defeat to West ham last time out. Even if we lose, I want to see a decent performance and not the usual mauling..

  4. The best time to be playing Liverpool, we are in form they are out of form. We now have legs in the team that certain players lacked. Yes we are at Anfield and yes it wont be easy but since the injuries to Tierney, xhaka and Odergaard we have stumbled on a system and style that works. We should go out and play the same way, 442 and quick press. Not sit back and wait for the goals to go in.

  5. We’re in good form, so let’s stay in the present and not get ahead of ourselves.

    Happy to see a run of positive results and gaining points, but We’re not even halfway through the season.

    I’ll wait until the season ends before making any claims.

    Top 4 would be a success, top 6 would be progress. Anything less is continued failure for me.

  6. Carragher is, for the sake of his punditry career is being his usual disingenuous self by spouting a few conciliatory words but say nothing. All he’s doing is mimicking what we already know as arsenal fans (of which he definitely isn’t).

    We know there’s good things happening with the team and the team is coming together. You don’t have to be ‘Nostrodamus Carragher’ to figure that out. But in the same breath he’s still being snide by remarking about our past and still, albeit not so subtly, saying that we are still not really capable of winning anything with our ‘great lads’ over the next three years.

    All he’s done is left an open door for him and his ilk to continue to be critical and mock us. If or when we falter, the sly bark’s opinion’s will turn quickly on a sixpence and he’ll be back to the real Nostradamus, predicting gloom and doom and enjoying it!

    Talking about turning on a sixpence. He couldn’t do that as a football player lol

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