There is still a chance that Mesut Ozil will depart Arsenal for USA

Mesut Ozil offered MLS chance, but Gunners would have to subsidize his salary.

Mesut Ozil could be offered a chance to resurrect his career in the MLS next year. However, Arsenal would have to subsidize his wage.

The German has fallen out of favour with Unai Emery and hasn’t made the squad in the last five games. He has some support from fans and pundits alike, but Emery recently revealed that the decision to leave him out has the backing of the club’s owners.

Ozil insists that he wasn’t looking to leave the club until his current deal expires. But he may change his mind after learning everyone at the club wants him gone.

Teams in the MLS have reportedly open talks with his representatives to try and bring the German to the US.

Express Sports claims that DC United want Ozil to replace Wayne Rooney who is set to make a return to English football with Derby County. Also, LA Galaxy wants the German to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic who looks to be on the move.

David Beckham’s Inter Miami is another alternative as the former England midfielder is looking for a marquee signing.

Ozil’s current salary of £350,000-a-week is higher than any MLS team can afford. If the German is finally convinced to make that move, then Arsenal would probably have to contribute up to 60 per cent of his wage.


    1. Sue, I agree with you, though I might have preferred a few more hhhhhhhhhh’s to properly explain the total frustration at YET ANOTHER Ozil article!

  1. In the unlikely happening that this may even happen- and I pray it does- then a potential saving on his wage of possible 40%, equating to £140k pw or approx £7 million a year is to be grabbed, in a heartbeat. If only this rumour has legs, though I doubt it has. Though I have no doubt the club, and that means those above UE, are desperate to get this idle player out ASAP.

  2. Let him leave and let him have his peace of mind. At least every Tom, Dick and Harry will leave him alone as if he’s been the one responsible for the club’s misfortune.
    Also we can all come on here without having ri discuss him every goddn second as of he’s the oxygen we breath.
    At least he deserves to breathe without fans obsessing about his salary

  3. i like the ruthlessness of the new regime! He started it all by underperforming and thought he could walk away with it! I admire Sanchez, could not make it at Utd. he took a move abroad, this chap is stuck with us. Good riddance to a bad attitude.Even Rooney knew when it was time to leave Utd. Every player ages with time, he should gracefully acknowledge that he is no good( as he never was except for the hype) and move.

  4. These guys are just envious of Ozil’s salary period. How dear you tell me Arsenal has improved without him playing.

  5. as an atheist , after reading this post , maybe, just maybe, there may be a god out there , after all !!!. but i very much doubt the truth in ozil leaving us , why would he ?, being payed for not playing.such a sad, for now, i will hold onto my contention that there is no god out there , meaning the best number ten in the world (lol) is not leaving us anytime soon.

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