‘There isn’t respect’ – Ranieri slams Arsenal for build-up to goal

Claudio Ranieri has claimed that Arsenal showed a lack of respect in the build-up to the goal, with his Watford side seemingly putting the ball out of play.

The Gunners earned a 1-0 victory over the Hornets at the Emirates on Sunday thanks to a goal from Emile Smith Rowe, but the visitors feel hard done-by.

Danny Rose had put the ball out for the throw in the belief that one of their players was injured, but the game didn’t stop, Alexandre Lacazette ran over and took the throw-in, and we ultimately scored in the actions following this.

Manager Ranieri has made a point of bringing up the action, with our players seemingly playing on and claiming the points through that passage of play, claiming that we didn’t give respect to their side.

“We put out the ball and everybody expected Arsenal to give back the ball,” Ranieri told reporters after the final whistle(via the Standard).

“[Moussa] Sissoko and Rose said, ‘Give the ball to us, we put the ball out, there was an injured player’. After this it was very strange.

“There was a cross, Kiko Femenia hit the ball with the header, [Ismaila] Sarr took the ball, in my opinion there’s a big foul, but nothing happened and then they score the goal. It was very, very strange.

“Our relationship is very good, I told [Arteta] there isn’t respect when we put the ball out. I said there isn’t respect in this action.”

Not one of our players stopped playing, almost as if there was no understanding that they had needed to put the ball out of play. If certain individuals had made the decision on purpose, it could possibly have been to do with the physical way that Watford were trying to play, especially Rose, who got away with many aggressive actions, and I wouldn’t begrudge them having reacted in such a way.

Do you believe the players knowingly opted against gifting the ball back on purpose?


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  1. Wasn’t a case of “ No understanding “ffs.The Watford player went down as if he’d been pole axed only
    to jump up seconds later once he’d seen rose kick the ball out.Who in turn told the said player to stay down.Gamesmanship of the highest order.Somethinh they were at all afternoon ably abetted by a crap Arsenal hating ref.There was an entirely new passage of play that Watford could have prevented & didnt.Strange how it only took 9 fouls from us to get 4 bkngs but Watford to have 19 for the same bookings! Justice done.

  2. When you play you know when someone is genuinely hurt , they knew he wasn’t and they also knew that Rose was using the height of gamesmanship to his advantage . I read Chris Sutton labelled it as unsportsmanlike . he seems to have forgotten his own actions at Highbury

  3. Personally I believe that Ranieri was annoyed because one of his tactics backfired on him and his team, it was clear to me from the off that one of the things he had instructed his players to do was to go down and stay down at every opportunity to break up play, rhythm, get the ref onside, waste time etc, there was a case in the first half when one of his guys was hit by the ball and went down as if shot by a sniper, it’s what they felt they needed to do and amongst other tactics it nearly worked, I think that’s what cheesed him off, not being sanctimonious about it, Laca does it all the time

    It was a minor ratty part of a ratty game that we won, end of

    1. @FingersFurnell
      Got a lotta respect for Ranieri. But him getting peed off cuz he tried to cheat and lost, takes the cake…

  4. Respect has to be earned .There are players who feign injury at the slightest physical contact and it’s up to the Referee to clamp down on such action which is ruining the game.As for Ranieri, he would gain more respect from me if his team desisted from stopping the game by repeatedly fouling whenever an Arsenal player went past them.I believe it’s now called “game management” but in my book its basically a form of cheating.

    1. Ranieri is emphasizing on this point forgotten Saka’s goal that was ruled offside when it was not. This is not the first time where a player will be lying down and goal will be scored. It has happened against Arsenal on several occasions. Thanks

  5. I have always been for sportsmanship but lets be honest in football players abuse it. I would be more than happy should more teams do this, if against us so be it.

    you always play to the whistle.

    If a head injury then thats maybe a different issue but a ref should blow for that immediately.

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