There may be Arsenal players leaving in January but don’t expect too many

Arsenal expected to offload some players in the January transfer window.

Arsenal is not expected to be busy during the January transfer window but some business should take place. It is more likely players will be sold than signed.

The Arsenal head of football Vinai Venkatesham has already gone public warning the Arsenal fans not to expect too much in the winter transfer window.

One player likely to be offloaded is Mesut Ozil but even that is far from being a guarantee. There are fringe players that could be offloaded but who?

One obvious name is Shkodran Mustafi but would Unai Emery really want to weaken his squad depth with at least three competitions still in play come January?

It is easy to draw up a shortlist of players that the club can sell but unless they are replaced all that happens is that you weaken your own team.

Emery will play fringe and youth players in the Europa League until the later stages. The FA Cup depends on the opponents but again, you can expect a weaker team in the early rounds. The Carabao Cup is slightly different because the next opponents are Liverpool. But, generally speaking, it is the young players and fringe players that will participate in that competition.

So, the chances are that the manager will need his entire squad going forward including the outcasts.

No, I do not expect Emery to sanction any sales unless he has a replacement or feels he has enough backup.


  1. We don’t have any more fat to trim – whilst different people would be glad to see the back of Mustafi, Luiz, Sokratis, Xhaka and Ozil the fact is they all offer us squad depth and experience in an otherwise young squad.
    Ozil is the most likely due to the situation surrounding him but even as someone who isn’t particularly a fan of his I’m still not sure that is the best idea, but think it may be necessary if something doesn’t change.
    If anything comes of the Upamecano rumours then maybe we will move on one of the defenders but without anyone coming in no one will be leaving as the backline is already thin enough (as proved by our current injuries)

  2. AdminMartin, why do you think that Ozil is “likely to be offloaded”?

    It was made perfectly clear that the club want and expect him to stay, because they see him as part of the future.

    What was actually said was that Ozil needs to up his training and fitness…nothing at all about him leaving.

    The ball is in Ozil’s court, that’s how I read the statement from the club yesterday and why I supported the message – why have you read it in such a different way?

    1. We’ve had this conversation before, but you don’t need to take everything said by the hierarchy at a club in regards to their employees, so literally.

      It’s very rare that an owner/chairman/director of football/manager will go public with their future plans for their players, especially if they want to offload a player. It’s counter productive. Often, one will have to read between the lines.

      If someone said “man, I would kill for something to eat right now”. Would you take that has literal fact? That the person would genuinely kill for food?

      1. So then, shouldn’t we take the statement made yesterday by the club about Ozil literally, perhaps read between the lines and believe that a power struggle between UE and Ozil is taking place and if UE doesn’t achieve CL status, out he goes and Ozil wins?
        Does that sound a reasonable assesment of reading between the lines TMJW?

        Or is it only when the statements agrees with your views that we should believe them.

        I smiled when you quoted mertesacker saying that Ozil was lazy as proof of everything you said, but always denied his statement that Wenger told them he resigned after calling a meeting of the players.

        The only time you seem to read between the lines, is when you want to read something else than what is being said.

        1. As per usual, I catch you out, so you have to change the narrative by turning it back on me.

          It’s a familiar theme. I ask a very simple question, and you never answer it. As what were saw recently when I asked you about Liverpool injuries.

          By all means, take everything people ever say as literal fact. Must be a nightmare getting through everyday I imagine hahaha!

          1. TMJW, as this is a football blog, I thought your question on cannabilismwas a joke, but to answer you:

            If it were just me and him/her, I would certainly take it seriously – of course I’m reading between the lines, so let’s take it literally then and no, I wouldn’t take it seriously..that’s your question answered.

            Now let’s see if you will answer mine – here’s something for you to think about as well.
            I take what our club says as face value until or unless, it is proved otherwise.
            If not, I would go around suspecting everyone of not telling the truth, having another agenda or, basically, just a liar…you obviously have that view, so be it.
            Now about those questions TMJW, don’t read between the lines, just answer them as they were asked.

        2. Ken, I agree with you regarding there being no statement of intent to sell or loan Ozil and everything points to him being required to lift his fitness level to his historical standard.
          The fitness requirements for Arsenal players was discussed in detail by Kevin Campbell in discussion with Lee Judges on AFTV. The concerning thing was Campbell alluding to a rumour that Ozil had attempted to offer a bribe to training staff to enable him to miss training sessions.
          If this is true would it be reasonable for Ozil to be in the Arsenal squad?

    2. Because we all read what we want to see, is it not so? The interpretation of what was said is wide open. We can now waste our time disecting it to bits, or carry on with life and exercise some patience. Time will tell.

  3. So, De Gea hobbled off injured… aww those poor Mancs… I bet they’ve all come out in a cold sweat, at the thought of facing Liverpool on Sunday😜

  4. Uruguay play in the early hours of tomorrow morning, then that’s it.. the interlull is over!! Hallelujah!!
    (Please Arsenal/Mike Dean.. don’t make me wish we were still in it! 😆)

  5. Wenger left Arsenal with a horrible squad.
    Aubameyang is our only quality player.
    6th place will be a great achievement.
    It will take another summer transfer window to off load Wenger’s leeches
    (Ozil Mkhitarian Mustafi Kolasinac) and a further summer window to build a new squad.
    2021/2022 is when Arsenal will be competitive again.

    1. Yet another one getting ready to argue that failure is actually a success.

      6th place will be abject failure after a spend of£215,000,000 , a group of young players rivalling the class of 92 and the most potent forward line since the Invincibles.

      Funny how the excuses are already starting, that’s after just eight games as well.

      1. Haha – I’m coming from the opposite side of the fence to you Ken and I have to say I agree bud.

        Regardless of what anyone thinks of what Emery inherited, he now has easily one of the most promising, exciting teams in the league. I may be more patient than others in giving Emery chance to succeed but I will not be so reasonable if he fails to achieve anything this season – this team needs to be top 4 minimum at end of season – no excuses 🤷‍♂️

  6. Agu Emen. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Most times you sound like you’re on some very potent stuff.

    That we have a base to build on is not enough? Lacazette, is rubbish? Willock, Saka,Nketiah and all the host of boys promoted from the academy and youth teams are rubbish? Holding, Bellerin and Chambers are all rubbish?

    Your opinion of rubbish is …rubbish!

  7. Except for Özil, I do not believe anyone in the squad is superfluous at the moment. We will not esccape the seasonn without more injuries, and we need every player.

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