‘There was a chance there’ – Wright claims forward failed to take chance

Ian Wright claims that Eddie Nketiah has failed to take his chance to stake a claim for a regular Arsenal role, adding that he believes he now wants to leave.

The youngster has looked destined for the exit door for the last 12 months, with some believing he was set to be displace in the playing squad by Folarin Balogun, but the latter was sent out on loan in January after failing to make waves when given chances in the first-team.

Nketiah hasn’t convinced the manager that he is deserving of regular playing time spear-heading our attack this term either, although you could argue that his appearances in the cup competitions have been worthy of more of a chance than he has been given thus far.

Ian Wright believes he hasn’t shown enough however, claiming that he should have shown more hunger with the uncertainty surrounding the striker role this term.

“Eddie, I haven’t seen enough with him coming off the bench looking hungry enough to challenge two strikers – Auba, who wasn’t in form, and Laca, who wasn’t scoring at the rate he’s been scoring,” Nketiah stated on his Wrighty’s House podcast.

“Eddie has been out on loan, he’s bridged that gap (compared to Balogun), he knows what it’s like to be away and scoring goals and I don’t know where his head was at in respect of did he see the opening? Did he see that there was an opening at a club of Arsenal’s size to step in and be the guy?

“When I watch Eddie, whether he came off the bench or whether he started, it didn’t look like it. Now, it looks like he wants to leave and he probably will, but there was a chance there!”

I believe there could still be time for Nketiah here actually. We didn’t manage to sign a forward this month, meaning that Nketiah and Lacazette will likely share the CF role in the team for the remainder of the season, and there should be plenty of minutes for the English forward to stake his claim.

The issue however for Nketiah will likely be the understanding that the club will be investing heavily in a new striker come the summer regardless, meaning that unless he can score a bucket-load of goals that he will once again be demoted to back-up option regardless of how well he does in the next months.

He doesn’t seem to be happy just sitting on the bench picking up 10-20 minutes here or there, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to take the opportunity to overthrow Lacazette and earn himself a bigger contract with whichever club he does play for next season.

Would it be much of a shock to see Nketiah forge ahead of Lacazette in the coming months, with both currently in the final months of their respective deals?


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  1. I know that Rafa Nadal plays tennis, but watching him come back from 2 sets down to win the Ozzie Open was peerless. I don’t see that streak in EN. I didn’t see it in Willock. To be the best takes not just extraordinary ability but drive, guts and determination to win and to keep up the pressure for years and years.

  2. I really cannot blame the lads. The culture in which they grew up was toxic, imagine having the likes of Ozil, Mustafi,Kolasinac, Auba (post contract extension) as your mentors/seniors. That could be the reason Mikel banished them even if it takes a momentary financial loss. On the other hand, we have less talented players like Chambers, Laca, Xhaka, Elneny who are not toxic in nature, so what skills can the lads learn from these players? Hence the clear out was required and the ownership knew.it. They are billionaires for a reason, they know how to manage their resources and talent. Those fans with an agenda who put player above club ethos are the ones bashing Mikel each day each hour. “Empty cans make most noise”

    1. You could say those fans who put manager before club also like yourself. If you can honestly say arsenal play good football under Arteta then you obviously support Arteta more than Arsenal because it’s painstakingly not true, the football is abysmal but the magician can do no wrong in the eyes of his followers.

    2. You have no point but just trying to dable around to support Arteta.

      ESR once said, Ozil was is mentor and played with Ozil. I don’t see that affecting ESR’s game or character.

      Saka love Sanchez and does that make him a Sanchez?

      If Nketiah chose Auba as his mentor and score goals like Auba, I believe no one will be criticizing him now.

      So stop with the excuses and and focus on what is on ground cos I believe No Arsenal player will chose Willian, Cedric and Mari as a Mentor too.

    3. Loose Cannon,What a wise and brilliantly correct post. So many who claim to be fans of our club, seem to my mind to always take this that or the eothers players side against the club they CLAIM to support.

      I call that an odd sort of supporter.

      I ALWAYS SUPPORT THE CLUB ABOVE ANY ,EVEN WERE THAT PLAYER Henry, Bergkamp and such brilliant types.

      Not that THOSE dedicated players ever put the club against them.
      No, those warriors spilt their blood willingly for the club they loved and knew they were privileged to play for such a club!

      How very much CERTAIN younger fans have changed these days and not for the better either.

      I could not even imagine a single fan, in the old HIGHBURY STADIUM DAYS of way back when, EVER taking the side of any player against the club they all TRULY supported ,in both word and action.

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