“There wasn’t much quality in the game”, Jamie Carragher comments on Arsenal’s loss against Newcastle

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher says that Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Newcastle United this evening was not a match characterised by quality from either side.

The Gunners travelled to St James’ Park to preserve their unbeaten record against Eddie Howe’s team, which had previously defeated Manchester United.

Arsenal encountered considerable difficulty in breaking down a well-organised Newcastle United side that appeared ready for the match.

The Magpies displayed fearlessness but lacked technical proficiency, much like the Gunners, who struggled to gain momentum without Martin Odegaard in their midfield.

After the match, Carragher admitted it was not an exciting win. He said on Sky Sports:

“There wasn’t much quality in the game, but that’s a massive win when you consider the players had missing heading into the game.

“It’s a huge victory. It felt like a throwback to 15-20 years ago when I was playing. It wasn’t as technical, it wasn’t about playing through the lines, it wasn’t as fluid.

“It was a battle, there were challenges there, people arguing for red cards. It felt like a very physical game, and Newcastle came out on top.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It was not a good day for us and our stuttering run of form continues.

If we do not arrest this mini-slump and begin to win games soon, we will be in trouble and may have to settle for a top-four finish instead of competing for the league.

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  1. Why did Carragher skip the VAR Disgrace part, where the Ball went out of the line?🤔
    Wondering if he would have, If the Match was Newcastle vs Liverpool. 😒🤨

  2. If we all agree that referees can’t be trusted with fair decisions, then perhaps it’s best to set up our teams in such a way that their incompetencies don’t determine the outcomes of matches.
    Firstly Nketiah is not a top striker; let’s stop glamourising mediocrity. Secondly let’s admit it, no one knows what Havertz was bought for: In him, Arteta bought £65million worth of coal, and is busy trying to turn it into diamonds. Thirdly Jorghino is nowhere close to filling Partey’s role. If ARTETA’s arrogance is allowed to win the day, it’s going to be an uphill battle making top four this season. We are going to be dumped out of the Champions league, and the players morale is going to drop. Our coach has this grand delusions about himself and has lost touch with reality.

    1. I suspect you’ll be calling for Arteta to be relieved of his job before long. There is barely a comment you post that offers anything positive- regardless of what happened this week.

      Does anyone think EN is a top striker? Unfortunately it’s not possible to accommodate 2 Haalands as just one Haaland is almost as rare as hen’s teeth. We don’t have a top striker
      In the absence of a now frequently unfit Partey the same applies. Jorghino isn’t bad but he isn’t the same. What the likes of city have is a higher percentage of really good players who seamlessly pop in and out of the first 11
      I suspect Arteta is finding this aspect difficult to deal with

      I’m not looking forward to Konstantin posting his review either

      1. He could have solved the quality striker or Partey problem with the Havertz fee, so yes Artea messed up and a big 65mil mess up.

        I have never seen Arteta as the solution and until he wins titles that does not change.

        He has the power, so let’s see if he produces and I firmly believe he will not.

          1. So you think Havertz is the solution and was well worth the 65mil?

            Your question obviously has an agenda to bait me.

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