These 3 internationals MUST shine for Arsenal FIRST

There are three Arsenal players, at least, that will return to north London after this international break a little disappointed about their lack of play for their respective countries. And it could work in the Gunners’ favour if it makes Lukas Podolski, Santi Cazorla and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain realise that the best way to remedy the situation is to sparkle regularly at club level.

Cazorla and the Ox should already be back with Arsenal after Spain and England played their second qualifying games yesterday and our Spanish midfielder in particular will not be happy as he was an unused sub in their win over Luxembourg. The little maestro had become a regular for Del Bosque but he only played around 10 minutes at right back during this break and if he wants to feature more, he must make sure that he grabs the headlines at Arsenal, which the injury to Mesut Ozil gives him a great chance to do.

Many TV pundits think that Chamberlain should already be a starter for England and he did his chances no harm in their two games coming on from the bench. But again, if he wants to make that step up, he needs to show Hodgson that he cannot leave him out by starring for Arsenal on a regular basis.

And then there is the German striker, who is just three international goals shy of the magic 50 for Germany. He nearly added to his 47 goals against Poland, hitting the bar, but he only had a short spell as a sub anbd will be hoping for longer against Ireland tomorrow.

With Ozil and Giroud out of action, all three Gunners have a great chance to impress Arsene Wenger during training, force the manager to play them and then it is up to them to send the right message to their national team bosses. And if that helps Arsenal to win games and possibly a trophy or two, then everyone’s a winner.

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  1. Are you joking about the OX, he has been great when he has come on for England. He just needs playing time for Arsenal.

  2. Theo,Ox Bale.All these guys were massive Southampton academy creations..Why did Bale progress so much quicker than them?Some will say luck others will say injuries which is true but Wenger also has a lot to do with the slow development of these 2 players..Players young and old are suffering under this man…

    1. You think we could not have sold Ox and Theo before? And get loads of money? What did the Spuds won with Bale, the one progressing so quickly, these years?

  3. Sanchez Wellbeck
    Wilshere Cazorla Chamberlain
    70min Subs: Podolski Campbell Rosicky.
    Hull will be hammered 🙂

      1. @Andrew. All these
        players are interchangeable.
        The front five can play left, right and centre
        and can create, assist and score. They will all,
        including Wellbeck defend together too 🙂

  4. @goonerretic
    Don’t forget where Bale started of, it took a manager with vision to turn him into the player he is know. I think Wenger has lost that ability and plays players out of position, just to try and make them better. What’s wrong with playing them in their best positions.

  5. This is OT perhaps but no more so that all the silly articles on this site talking about this player and that player reputedly not pulling his weight when the main issue and the only real issue is when is Arsenal going to be properly managed again.
    All the talk in the press is about this ‘baffling selection decision’ or that ‘baffling tactical setup’. Add to that a most ‘baffling decision’ to purchase our most expensive player that every knows needs to operate in the proper setup and then proceed to play him on the wing where he is like a fish out of water while at the same time as doing that our manager comments that it would be ‘tempting to play him’ in his correct position. Go figure!

  6. Its easy. We have got to may midfield players and not enough defenders or a world class striker/ left winger. Sell some players to strengthen the 1st team.

    1. @Andrew AFC
      Sell some players? What about changing the manager first so that we sell the right players and more importantly buy proper reinforcements in DM, CF and CB!

  7. We need to sell Özil in January. He’s been a failure so far, rarely playing well even in the no.10 role. He doesn’t try harder enough or show any fight or desire. We can’t afford to accommodate him in the aide any longer. He’s a great player but hasn’t adapted to the premier league. We have many cams and we should reinvest his sale money into a dm.

  8. Off Topic: I’m officially pissed by Gazidis for disrespecting us (Arsenal fans) but saying we are not patient. We have been very patient and tolerant fans and Wenger and the board have often taken us for granted.


    Ivan, you’re coming up to six years as CEO.
    Would it be fair to say that it’s been an era
    of patience for yourself, your executive
    team and for the fans?

    Gazidis Reply:

    Nobody’s patient in football, so I’m not sure I
    really like the term ‘patience’. I don’t think this
    is a patient club, I don’t think we have patient

    1. @KickAssFan
      There are only two words to say to Ivan and they start with F&O. Ten years with only the FA cup and the shield are you joking mate!!!!!!!!!

      1. @Andrew, damn right. Everybody knows we (Arsenal fans) are not fake or plastic becuz we’ve stood by the club all the years we won’t absolutely nothing.

    2. Compare this clow to Dain. Ivan said 3 years ago that Arsenal this day would be a Bayern a like team and compete against the football world. All i see is that Arsenal competes with the likes of Everton and Spurs.

  9. Pole

    The Emirates thumbs down.
    Highbury and the UCL thumbs up.

      1. Thumbs down are you joking. How many millions has Wenger spent on players that haven’t made the grade.

      2. @Andrew AFC
        Agreed. If we’d taken Dein’s advice and brought in Usmanov we could have had both (and Chelsea put in their place (which is below us) by now).

      1. @Budd
        I mean in resent years since we have moved to the Emirates. Did you not read my last comment, we could have had both of them. Or haven’t you got the IQ to put two comments together.

        1. Very childish with your thumbs down or can’t you have a debate. I think you might be the one with an IQ of Bergkamp’s statue.

          1. I never thumb. I find it silly. I give one thumb a month and that one is up. But I’m glad you look for appreciation that way. I guess you call that debate.

  10. its good to see walcot back. Now am going to sit back and enjoy seeing if wenger can play Ox, Carzolar, Walcot, Wilshere, Ramsey, Sanchez and Welbeck in one team, we shall see who is his favorite. Dont get surrised to see Carzolar out

    1. why do we have to play all our best players all at once: to have them all out on the field at once and then have them play in weird positions and get upset?

      why not alternate? we’re in CL (still) and we’ll have to play FA soon.

      i just don’t understand why wenger feels its a good idea to have ozil/ramsey/wilshire on the field at the same time?
      yes, its good to have lots of creative players (altho it can be bad if we have SOOO many that we dont have any DMs)

  11. Can Arsenal win the leauge with having players like Messi or Ronaldo playing for us? Try to think, even if it is hard for some, try.

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