These are the ONLY players Arsenal are likely to buy

What AFC will ACTUALLY do in the transfer market by Gooner100

I’ve read the comments and suffered the highs and lows. We’re buying Benzema, we’re buying Cavani, we’re buying Schneiderlin blah blah blah. It starts out as exciting, becomes annoying – and finishes as depressing.

It never happens. Wenger never does what is ‘demanded’ and Wenger never, ever, tells anyone what he plans. AFC fans are the worst for getting sucked into press speculation and believing it. Many desperately want another striker or another DM but in my view, it just won’t happen.

Amateurish internet journalists, Twitter users and others who have few if any real connections within the game constantly speculate. Every day for the past two months we’ve been linked with one player or another. ‘Experts’ like Muzzi Ozcan, Emanuele Guilianelli offer scoops about our imminent arrivals but are most likely just seeking publicity and playing on the fire and publicity that it creates within the very vocal AFC fanbase. Usually the comments are so vague that if we did actually buy someone, they’d all say they told you so. It’s utter rubbish.

Take a look at our squad. I don’t think it takes much to see why these rumours of a CF or DM are never going to happen.

In CM roles we have Cazorla (starter in most people’s eyes), and Coquelin (the same). Then there is Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta and Flamini all fighting for one or two places. That excludes both Chambers and even Bielik who could conceivably play in the same role. Whilst few are DM’s, Wenger has never allowed players ‘natural’ positions to constrain his plans, so in Wengers eyes options to ‘provide cover’ for Coquelin or replace Santi are many. My conclusion is unless we lost at least two of these (and Flamini seems like he intends to go nowhere, and Arteta has another year) then Wenger will simply not buy another DM this time around.

Up front we have Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez and Welbeck to fill three positions. Akpom could be brought back if needed. Given that we all know what Walcott wants, that Welbeck also prefers the central role and that Giroud is the established CF, I can’t see any out and out CF solution that Wenger would consider. We still also have Campbell and Silva who don’t seem to cut it for Wenger but are still here.

However even AW must worry about the squad depth in certain positions. In the strikers roles we have several pretty consistent injury problems. Walcott, the Ox, now Welbeck. If Wenger doesn’t buy into Campbell or Silva (and even allowing for the fact that Wenger is prepared to play Ramsey) we have possible issues.

So for me, the only conclusion to draw is that any likely new face at AFC will be a winger-cum-striker.

Wenger likes flexibility, he likes the front three to be able to rotate. He does not want to compromise the squad morale or belief. He must also see the risks with these key players in terms of injury and their history. The only option that ticks a box for us (would strengthen the squad offensively) but doesn’t put a roadblock in front of Theo’s dream, Welbeck’s preference and Giroud’s career, is that we buy someone like Reus, Gotze, Griezmann, Pedro or Draxler. Who would be best, who we are prepared to pay the price for, and whether they would want to come to AFC is another matter.

All of these players (and a few others like them) can play across the front, improve our options in all attacking areas, redress injury worries with any of the front players and would ‘fit in’ without being a direct threat to any one player.

So, in my humble opinion, sometime in the next 10 days, we are most likely to see one (hopefully marquee) arrival, like the names above. Apart from that, I think AW will stick with the squad we have.

What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Benzema is already a gunner! he will wear the number 9 shirt. The deal is done!!

    1. Just tell me what is your source?… or else please let us live with our pain and worry….

      enough of headache…

      1. My source for this news is very very reliable.I believe certain bookies have suspended betting on benzema to arsenal while others have slashed the odds. Karim benzema to arsenal is a done deal. You all will see soon!

    2. Since a lot of people are in the mood of assuring things, I can assure you a few things as well:
      – The reporter that has been assuring Benzema to Arsenal is done, has already back tracked on a few things he’s said … takes away from how assured he was in the first place
      – I can assure you 10 years ago, 0 people thought carragher could be a pundit, let alone be more tolerable than owen
      – I can assure you the Arsenal number 9 jersey is vacant, that keeps the dream alive
      – I can assure you the transfer misery will end in 13 days
      – I can assure you the next 13 days will feel like 13 years …

        1. I’m just losing my mind man … started transfer season in full control, casually checking the news every few days, but I relapsed a few weeks ago when these losers CONFIRMED big deals being wrapped up in a matter of days, and it hasn’t been pretty since !!

    3. yes kb is 100% gooner , but i think we still need world class midfielder /cdm

      sometimes what bother my mind is that walcott insist that he want to play as a cf, when we all knows he is good & helpfull as winger.. that is really surprising and if he insist to be a cf. another example ramsey forced to play wide.
      even another world class is coming to strenghten , in the other side some player in our squad play in the wrong position and ended up can’t contribute well to the team
      that just make me sad

  2. Few days remaining,let remain hopeful of signing. Meanwhile i saw these stats and wanted to share.

    Most chances created so far this season:

    Cazorla 9 Özil 9 Shelvey 9 Tadić 8
    Albrighton 7 Silva 7

    but we have scored only 2 goals.

      1. Ozil, Cazorla and Alexis are all WC in my opinion.
        So happy we have them

        Ozil will prove that he is worth his price tag, this season

        GK: Cech, Ospina
        RB: Debuchy, Bellerin, Chambers
        LB: Monreal, Gibbs
        CB: Kos, Mert, Gabs, Chambs
        DM: Coquelin, Arteta, Flamini 🙁
        B2B: Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere 🙂
        CAM: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky 🙂
        LW: Alexis, Welbeck 🙁
        RW: Walcott, Oxlade 🙂
        CF: Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck 🙁

        Ideally, we could use
        1. Another good LW
        2. Another good DM
        3. A Top CF
        4. A backup LB

        But I would settle for CF and DM

      1. Well, it’s not as if other strikers are entirely firing mate 🙂

        Rooney – 0 goal
        Falcao – 0 goal
        Costa – 0 goal
        Bony – 0 goal
        Benteke – 1 goal
        Aguero – 1 goal
        Giroud – 1 goal

  3. I would not mind getting any of those that you listed: Reus, Greizmann, Gotze, Pedro, Draxler

    Right now just two weeks left until the window closes.

    Others I would Not mind are Benzema, Lewandowski, Cavani, Krychowiak, Carvalho, Busquets, Bender,Aubmeyang, Ibrahimovic or Dr Eva Carniero

    Not interested in Cheryshev

    1. Who’s Cheryshev ? Gotze, Draxler, Cavani, Benzema and Aubameyang are the only realistic options imo

    1. 45m pound deal. Benzema to earn around 7.3m pounds p.a on a 5 year deal keeping him at arsenal until 2020 similar wage structure to that of mesut ozil. Will wear the number 9 shirt.

      1. Love that “will wear the number 9” claim, took a genius to make that bold prediction 🙂

        Anybody can make that claim … here, I will give it a try:

        CONFIRMED: Arsenal agree to sign Cavani in 35m pound deal, HE WILL WEAR THE NUMBER 9 shirt !!!!

        Damn, that sounds good !!! and damn, I’m losing my mind !!!

        1. What number did you think arsenal would give benzema? the deal is done. I cannot wait to read all of your comments once it is announced.

          1. Look behind you … there is the sarcasm in the distance!!

            I would love for Benz to be a gunner, but until it’s on BBC, Sky, ESPN … I will doubt all the CONFIRMED and DONE DEAL comments

  4. Campbell and Silva are on the way out too,
    Silva loaned out to Bolton and Campbell’s off to Italy.

  5. Not to
    Pedro- is going to United, today sky sport said Pedro had agreed personal term with United.
    Grizman- he signed for Athletico Madrid last season. He is one of their best player, why would they sell him after one season. He even said that he rejected offers from Arsenal because he prefers to play in Spain.
    Reus- he just signed a contract with Dortmund and recently he said that he is flattered by big club interest but he is happy at Dortmund.
    Gotze-Gotze,his agent and officials at the club said repeatedly that he is staying at Bayern. And according to medias the only club that seems to be interested in Gotze is Juventus.
    Drxaler- it seems like the club wants to sell him and the only club that bid offer for him is Juventus, an offer which is rejected.

    This is the condition of the players mentioned on the article.Expect Draxler I don’t think Wenger has much choice regarding the other players.

  6. Based on past experiences concerning our transfer activities, I think we will not get a DM. I also think we may not buy any CF.
    The excuse that would be given is that Welbeck is back and he’s like a new signing. Also, Walcot and Sanchez can both play as CF. This would probably be the case at the end of the window. I guess I’m wrong because it would shatter us fans badly.

          1. Agreed that was an excellent strike but I do gotta say Brugge’s defense for those 2 goals were a sh*t show

            1. Memphis is class, United is better this year, not perfect but better. Add Pedro and they have a chance to challenge.

              1. I mean they bought another 5 players and spent an exorbitant amount of money so I hope for there sake they are better.

                But why are they gonna challenge cause some 20 yr old? Or because pedro whose 28, played in 1 league all his life on the most dominate team is gonna come in and score 20 goals after not playing much for 3 years?

  7. Yes i agree with you completely my brother i believe Benzema deal is just a matter of time he’ ll be @ the Emirates very soon than you expect I have a friend of my that lives in Spain capital his a Real Madrid fans also he called & told me that Real Madrid making reluctance over Benzema deal in other for Arsenal to pay huge amount of money as they were that Arsenal needs him so much but he said to me that the Benzema deal will soon over.

  8. I saw benzema in pound land at walthamstow today and he was wearing a red baseball cap with a big question mark on it.

    So excited I almost forgot to take my medication!!

  9. Here are the minimum that needs to happen in order for Arsenal to challenge this season:
    1) Benzema or Cavani or Lewandowski in.
    2) Get lucky for a change with injuries.
    3) When playing at home or away against weaker teams play with two wingers to stretch the field
    4) Rotate, rotate rotate. Keep the team charged and healthy.
    5) Use Gabriel or Chambers instead of Per

  10. We will get lavezzi or someone else from PSG(if wenger chooses to buy a player. They already bought Di maria, so they gonna sell one there strikes or wingers…

    No club will sell a top striker or winger right before the windows closing, without have a bought a replacement.

    Gotze may be a options, but that wouldn’t make sense since we already have a billion CM/AM/Winger.

    AND FORGET THE DM POSITION, wenger haven’t bought one years(since Denilson),

  11. The sources for “all guns blazing (benzema done deal)” belief are these twitter handle:
    @Jeinny Lizarazo
    @Ema Giulianelli

    they all seemed agreed that KB is a done deal for Arsenal.
    Deal to be announced last week of transfer mart.
    KB to wear shirt no 9 and Flamini to leave Arsenal.
    Arsenal to buy another player apart from KB.

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